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NASA’s Ozone Hole Data Doctored?

Posted by feww on September 10, 2007

What’s Wrong With NASA’s Antarctic Ozone Hole Data?

Current entries: Ozone Hole Watch!

Previous data:  July 1979 – Present

NASA’s Antarctic Ozone Hole Data

5 Responses to “NASA’s Ozone Hole Data Doctored?”

  1. feww said

    Herb – How did you guess, you rascal?

  2. herb said

    As a ex-employee of NASA humm! No Comment.

  3. […] NASA Rejected request by Associate Press made under the Freedom of Information Act explaining that it did not want to undermine public confidence in the airlines or hurt airline fortunes. Full Report Related Links: Why NASA Doctors Ozone Hole Data? NASA: The Conjuring Continues NASA: Not Another Shameful Admission NASA Practices Extreme Voodoo Google Blocks Damaging Info on NASA NASA’s Re-Doctored Data: More “Acceptable!” NASA’s Ozone Hole Data Doctored? […]

  4. […] NASA’s Ozone Hole Data Doctored? […]

  5. msrb said

    Caution: All technical information and scientific data provided by US Government agencies (e.g., NASA, EPA…) are subject to sudden variation due to political expediency.

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