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Cruel Wool from Barbaric New Zealand

Posted by terres on November 13, 2007

Will you feel warm this winter?

Mulesing . . . hillside butchery

“If you’ve never heard of the word ‘mulesing’ (pronounced mule-zing) you can be forgiven. Most New Zealanders are blissfully unaware [sic] of what can only be described as the most barbaric and vicious practice carried out in the New Zealand farm industry today.” Read more…

“Mulesing is the partial skinning alive of lambs, especially in Australia and New Zealand, where millions of lambs are treated this way. Stock hands cut away the skin and wool from the lambs’ backsides with shears. They may amputate the lambs’ tails at the same time and peal the skin from around the lambs’ tail stumps. Stock hands carry out the operation with no demand for competence and no anaesthetic for the sheep. Million of lambs are mulesed every year.” Read more…

Photos were too gruesome to reprint! But if you must…

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A Fascist Nation of Human Rights Violations

4 Responses to “Cruel Wool from Barbaric New Zealand”

  1. Avi said

    Some governments specialise in telling lies. This is really criminal […]

    [Is this related to something else you had on mind? Moderator]

  2. tod said

    [Expletive edited by Moderator: FEWW] RACIST AUSSIES!

  3. john said

    [Impertinent comment. Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  4. Abbey said

    Actually Australia takes first prize in sheer bastardry and cruelty to animals. Their bullshit spins on the act of mulesing in which they deny the pain and sufffering the animals feel, that there are alternatives available but are too mean and miserable to spend the money is unsurpassed.

    Australia is extremely good at telling whoppers about live export as well. At the end of the day- what counts to Australia is the MONEY- animal welfare is irrelevant. Both Federal and State govts do their very best at creating laws which at surface value look like they offer protection to animals whereas in reality they dont.

    Interesting that the name of the legislation protecting animals has changed from PREVENTION OD CRUELTY ACT to Animal Welfare Act..

    This sends a signal that there is no PREVENTION. Prevention implies policing of the legislation and there isnt any. The industry does whatever it wants- driven by greed for money as they have with mulesing regardless of any laws.

    Animal welfare in Australia – ha its a joke!

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