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Posted by feww on December 29, 2007


The Emerging Infectious Diseases of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered a new strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is responsible to more than 20 percent of all human MRSA infections in the Netherlands.

“Persons working or living in close contact with pigs or cows are at increased risk of becoming colonized and infected with MRSA. Infections can be severe, as is indicated by the hospital admission rate.”

According to other research MRSA was also prevalent in Canadian pigs and pig farmers. Full report

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Species Extinction

Posted by feww on December 29, 2007

Human activity has caused a sharp decline in the number of large mammals on about 80% of Earth’s terrestrial surface!

“By examining records dating back to AD1500, US researchers found that at least 35% of mammals over 20kg had seen their range cut by more than half. ”

Chris Muiden at the Dutch language Wikipedia, the copyright holder of this work, has published this photo under the GNU Free Documentation License“.

The researchers state: “Large carnivores frequently shape the number, distribution and behavior of their prey… Large herbivores function as ecological engineers by changing the structure and species composition of surrounding vegetation.

“Furthermore, both sets of mammals profoundly influence the environment beyond direct species interactions, such as through [the food chain.]”

The “habitat generalists” including tigers, leopards, lions, American bison, elk and wolves suffered the greatest losses.

Full story…

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