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Stop New Zealand Committing Eco-Terrorism!

Posted by feww on January 9, 2008

A Definition of Eco-terrorism:

“An act that terrorizes other species and threatens the ecological systems of the planet.” ~ Paul Watson

“After warfare, tourism [euphemistically eco-tourism,] is the most destructive human activity.” ~ EDRO

“Eco-tourism, like plague, destroys everything in its path.” ~ a concerned reader

Say ‘NO’ to Eco-Terrorism! Don’t Fly to New Zealand!

The Baby Dolphins Death Row

Deep Cut: photos courtesy of Care For The Wild International

Hector’s Dolphin: More marine mammals are being injured and killed in collisions with boats carrying Eco-tourists in New Zealand. Photo courtesy of CDNN

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29 Responses to “Stop New Zealand Committing Eco-Terrorism!”

  1. Alex said

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Annmarie said

    [Perfectly put! Moderator]

  3. mojo said

    [thanks for the heads up! Moderator]

  4. Jim said

  5. howard said

    Howdy! Do you use Twitter?

  6. PN said

  7. Denise said

    I am going through problems with your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t join it.

    [You may want to contact WordPress for hacking and related issues. Moderator]

  8. vp said

  9. charis said

    [Thanks! Moderator]

  10. deeply affected said

    i started to cry when i saw these photos how could they do that to such beautiful creatures

  11. mario said


  12. Cetacean Lover said

    I was having a pretty good day until I saw these pictures… […] Never stand down to those who don’t appreciate the world they live in. Make sure they know that our responsibility as humans is to put down the destroyers of innocent life and lift up those who want to improve the lives of the animals we share the earth with!

  13. Tim the Kiwi said

    [Comment disallowed. See Editorial Policy. Moderator]

  14. jenny the lover of animals said

    hey you guys there is no reason to be killing animals they are important to me maybe not to the ones who are killing them. they came to the world for one reason and that reason is to always be. so please stop killing these beautiful creatures in the world. just stop please. stop!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ashley said

    this is sad for me; I really love animals.
    what have dolphins done to deserve this sort of treatment?
    STOP! Please stop killing dolphins and all other animals, just stop!

  16. Brandy55677 said

    That is just cruelty to animals. If there was an ASPCA (the people that have the authority to put abusers in jail) wouldn’t they put them in jail?

  17. Person said

    How about I start killing the people who kill Dolphins, and see how they like it. Wait, I would not know since they would be dead, just like how dolphins feel about humans killing them. There is no reason for killing dolphins, do you think its fun? Dolphins have never harmed anyone in extreme. Dolphins are more harmless than humans, I would say.

    • feww said

      Let’s hope you are NOT serious!
      How could anyone with a sane mind, who condemns the killing of dolphins, condone killing people (even the ones who kill dolphins?)

      People need to be educated that killing is bad, regardless of who the victims are: Dolphins, polar bears, tens of thousands of other species that face extinction, as well as humans–Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, Americans…

      • Animal Lover said

        Some people [cannot] learn to stop killing. Once their malice is acquired, it is seldom for it to be untaught. Education most likely will not help, they will not believe that killing them is wrong. It is the way of many animal murderers, and just simple murderers…But killing the killers won’t solve anything either, there will always be more…

  18. sara said

    i love dolphins i cant believe people would do something to harmless cute little creatures

  19. dolphin lover said


  20. heavenlee levy said

    I agree with all!

  21. kelly said

    How come they are killing all the dolphins that is so cruel!! who ever done that just stop touching them!!! They came to life so they can have fun, have a life you know, just stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    especially baby dolphins!!

    STOP 😦

  22. Claire said

    OmG I love dolphins and I will not just stay here and take this GOSH im so gonna LOSE IT!!!

  23. bria said

    that is really sad.

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