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The Swiss Solution

Posted by feww on January 12, 2008

Out of the Italian Mafia Frying Pan, Into the Swiss Mafia Fire!

No, not the $250,000 diamond studded, self-winding watch that could tell you the time only if you waved your arms 864 times yesterday. This one is a real GEM!

The Geneva canton is ready to accept the quarter of a million tons of rotting garbage that have infested the streets of Naples, Italy, for its “under-used” incinerator in Cheneviers, some 1200 km away (road/rail distance).

Geneva is already importing waste from France and Germany!

While the Cheneviers Incinerator [designed probably by the NeoNasty professors at ETH Zurich] works below optimal capacity, it makes little sense trying to educate the “barbarians” in France, Germany and Italy that it would be crazy to export their waste 1200km away, especially when the problem could be eliminated by practicing the ‘6Rs’: Removing (ZERO waste), reducing, repairing, recycling (locally), reusing, recirculating.

Isn’t it ironic that although only a few percent of Naples citizens have the financial “privilege” of ever visiting Switzerland, their household garbage receives “VIP” treatment all the way to Geneva?

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