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Naples: The Triangle of Death

Posted by terres on January 18, 2008

Naples Waste-linked Deaths: Ominous Warnings to the World

Naples and parts of Campania region were dubbed “the triangle of death” by British medical journal Lancet Oncology because of the high levels of waste-related carcinogens (cancer-causing toxins) that have polluted air, soil and water. The researchers found that the mortality rate was 12 percent greater than the norm for women and 9 percent for men who lived closest to the garbage dumps.

Alarming increases in congenital malformations of the nervous and urinary systems are highlighted in the report. Fatal liver cancers were up 29 percent among women and 19 percent for men.

“Political ineptitude, corruption and crime have conspired to stop the creation of a modern, safe disposal system. People despair of their politicians and are suspicious of government schemes — like a new incinerator — aimed at ending the crisis.” Read full report.

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