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American tourist killed in New Zealand

Posted by feww on February 10, 2008

[Submitted by a guest writer]

Wrongful Death: Failure of the Government in its Duty to Warn of Fatal Dangers!

Another Avoidable Killing!

This time an American tourist was killed in New Zealand. Alan Paul Leger, a 57-year-old from Boston, just a name to the readers, but a real person to his family, alive and well just a few days ago, is now dead. Was he murdered, or did he die because the authorities failed to warn him of the dangers? Either way, one or more people are directly responsible for his death and they should be brought to account.

To add insult to injury because the victim was an American, and the New Zealanders don’t like “septic tanks” (Yanks) in their neck of the woods, New Zealand police declared: “The American tourist who fell to his death in the Mt Cook National Park yesterday was inexperienced in the alpine environment.”

Mountain Safety Council chair Ross Meder added: “Tourists often fail to realise weather conditions can change extremely quickly in New Zealand, much more so than in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Well, thanks for letting the deceased know. He would be sure to be careful next time!

Links to the death report:

Links to recent tourist fatalities in NZ:
New Zealand: A Tourist Deathtrap
Canadian Tourist Murdered?
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12 Responses to “American tourist killed in New Zealand”

  1. terres said

    BNZ — for reaffirmation please visit my friend’s blog at

  2. BNZ said

    Of course his death would be ‘his fault’, this is a typical kiwi response to anything that smacks of responsibility for something happening on home turf for which they may be blamed.

    The message here is clear: DO NOT visit New Zealand, and DO NOT emigrate to New Zealand IGNORE New Zealand and let them rot if you live abroad and if you are unfortunate enough to be stuck here do whatever you can to get out.

    These people are vicious, anti-american, anti-foreigner, anti-colour, anti-anything-but-whitebread-illiterates. If you meet one on your own turf, DO NOT hire them; they all need re-training and re-educating so that the civilised world might find them more acceptable, however, the last is questionable, particularly if they’re past the age of five. After that, they are beyond redemption.

    After my experiences in NZ I won’t allow them, or anyone who has absorbed ‘the kiwi way’ into my home.

  3. edro said

    The post concerns the life of a human being that was ended abruptly in New Zealand. Mr. Leger became a victim of New Zealand’s aggressive and unscrupulous tourism industry, like so many other unsuspecting foreign visitors who are murdered, killed, raped, seriously injured or robbed at gunpoint every year in your country.

    There are two links to the original report of the victim’s tragic death. There is no room for trivial arguments by an uninformed third party. If you are a witness, however, or have any additional information that could help family of the victim, the moderators would publish your comment. Otherwise, see below for our editorial policy.

    FEWW Editorial Policy

    1. FEWW moderators have no obligation to publish unsolicited comments.
    2. Comments may be edited or rejected.
    3. Moderators strongly discourage comments that are considered to be

    – Puerile (silly), nebulous (fuzzy), or uncivil
    – Jingoistic, chauvinistic, racist or xenophobic (or promoting a religious, or other extreme agendas)
    – Fallacious arguments (Ignoratio Elenchi, argumentum ad verecundiam, Petitio Principii, Circulus in Probando, Non Sequitur, Plurium Interrogationum, argumentum verbosium…)
    – Uninformed

    If FEWW editorial policy is not to your liking, consider starting your own blog (try and have your say, unedited!

    Good Luck!

  4. rosathemad said

    […] why do you not dispute what we say with your own arguments? [comment edited. EDRO]

  5. feww said

    alan henderson:
    If you clarify what it is that you think the police has (or has not) said, the moderators would consider publishing your comment.

  6. feww said

    Based on what little information the New Zealand police has released, the Moderators believe Mr Leger’s sad demise was a case of Wrongful Death that occurred because the various authorities [that profited from his visit to NZ] failed to warn him of the dangers!

  7. alan henderson said

    [content edited by moderator. FEWW]

  8. encva said

    [this section was edited by moderator. FEWW] Doesn’t the climber bear some responsibility for not thoroughly investigating the terrain and climate when undertaking such an extreme venture? Why are the police and other authorities being held accountable? Unless there is other information not being posted here, surely the climber must be accountable for an accidental death. [this section was edited by moderator. FEWW]

  9. terres said

    If you have something sensible to say, the moderators would consider publishing your comment.

  10. terres said

    If it can be established that you work for the NZ police, the NZ govt., or the “Mountain Safety Council,” and that your knowledge of this tragic incident is based on facts rather than hearsay, the moderators would reconsider publishing your comment.

  11. horey said

    [Poor content. Comment was edited by moderator. TERRES]

  12. rosathemad said

    [comment was edited by moderator. TERRES]

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