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Death from serious birth defects!

Posted by feww on July 18, 2008

Young People: Causes of Deaths [in New Zealand]

Young people in the 10 to 14-year age group were more likely to die of cancer and a range of diseases which afflict various sites and systems of the body (nervous system, sense organs and endocrine system). In 1994, 62.7 percent of deaths of 10 to 14-year-olds were the result of chronic illnesses or diseases, while 77.9 percent of 15 to 24-year-olds died from external causes, particularly due to accidents, suicide and self-inflicted injury, and non-motor vehicle accidents.

(Source: Statistics New Zealand: Young people: causes of deaths, URL:; accessed 27 March 2008 ).

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Why do New Zealand children suffer serious birth defects?

One Response to “Death from serious birth defects!”

  1. J. Peaches said

    [Disclaimer: The original commenter is responsible for any claims that she may have made in the following submission. FEWW Moderators do NOT directly or indirectly imply agreement with her claims, assertions, and remedies, in any shape or form, whatever. FEWW]

    If the birth defects diagnosed are on the rise, and continue, in some nations, not others, I think the rises in such things are about 2 major factors:
    1. The oil our nation uses as petrol etc. in our cars, is contaminated with radioactivity due to the nuclear wars etc. in the Middle East, the split atom, the radioactivity did go into the earth as well as the air, and land, and seas, and bought by whomever, exported from the middle east, and someone bought that contaminated oil.
    This means: more people with cancers, more people with other serious diseases such as Lymphocytosis, and more babies with birth defects, and, this also applies to the animals. If a person were to go to a sheep farm, if the farmer has not already disposed of the mutated offspring of the animals, there would be some sort of evidence there. And, inspecting fruits for misshapeness, its’ not always hormone sprays that does that, it’s worse. DON’T ADVISE ABORTION, DON’T ADVICE ALL ANIMALS TO BE SLAUGHTERED: there is new technology that can re-balance the genomes, it needs helpers, volunteers etc. Of course, as with people and also the animals, some few might now be able to be cured, healed. IN the meantime, humankind, give up sex so avoid mutations of the baby. Farmers, keep the males and females in different paddocks awhile, until the new technology has taken effect. It might only take 1 year, or two for the genomes to be harmlessly healed.
    There ARE ways to deal with the situation, I don’t know it all, but I have relevant information here using NEW TECHNOLOGY, that can and does re-balance the atom, safely, etc.
    Contact ourselves for FREE INFORMATION about these things. We don’t sell the machines, but can help with information. WE are healers, not hurters, the work here is voluntary.
    PRAY over your meals, as usual, the toxins can often be removed with God’s power.
    Administer to many animals and people: Bach Flower Therapies, thats a wonderful soother of the emotions, a few drops of BACH FLOWER THERAPY RESCUE THERAPY is a cure for fear, as well as other things, please reply to this: [Address removed by Modertor.]

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