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Our Forecast for 2009 California Fires

Posted by feww on August 14, 2008

Wildfires: The Golden Fleecing of America

The Raw Facts

  • Cost of fighting wildfire in California since July 1: $285 million [And it’s just the beginning!]
  • Daily cost of fighting the fire [which should be allowed to burn out] : up to $13 million
  • Cost of fighting California fires a decade ago: $44million a year
  • Why aren’t the fires allowed to burn naturally? Need the unburnt fuel for next year’s fires!
  • There is no more fire season as we know itthe fire season is now all year-round,” said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in July while touring wildfires in N. California. “That means that we don’t have enough resources.

Burn Baby, Burn!

In this July 5, 2008, file photo, firefighters watch as a brush fire burns out of control in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Goleta, Calif. (AP Photo/Phil Klein, File). Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice.

  • California’s budget deficit: $15.2 billion [Are you surprised? They don’t call us the Golden State for nothing. Our forests are paved with the precious stuff!]
  • Calif. Sen. Feinstein is seeking $910 million in emergency funding [for now anyway.]
  • Forest Service has already spent about $900million, or 75 percent of its fire-suppression budget, and the season hasn’t even peaked yet.
  • Last year Forest Service spent more than 50 percent of its entire budget on fires, compared with only 13 percent in 1991.
  • Allstate Corp., as if it had already smelled a rat, stopped selling new homeowner policies in California in 2007. They have 50,000 fewer homeowner policies in the state this year than in 2006. (WSJ)

Our forecast for 2009 California fires?

They’d cost more to “fight” than the 2008 Fires. Guaranteed!

Get the message?

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