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Taiwan Cares about Citizens, China Doesn’t!

Posted by feww on September 30, 2008

Taiwan demands apology, compensation from China over tainted milk

Taipei – Taiwan Premier Liu Chao-hsuan told parliament on Tuesday that he demanded an apology and compensation as appropriate from China over tainted milk import.

“Hereby, I make a formal request to demand China apologize to Taiwan … Departments concerned will have calculate the damages caused within a week. Once the damages are confirmed, we will help seek compensation from China,” he said.

A 6x8mm Kidney Stone. Credit: Robert R. Wal

Five Taiwanese children have reportedly developed kidney stones after drinking tainted Chinese milk powder, and the food industry has incurred substantial losses due to product recalls.

A Taiwanese delegation that visited China last weekend to probe the tainted milk scandal, expressed concerns about the safety of imported food from China.

Beijing and Taipei subsequently agreed to cooperate closely on food safety issues. (Source)

Will China Prosecute Sanlu-Fonterra Directors and Executives for Corporate Manslaughter?

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Belgium buys Hungarian rights to pollute environment!

Posted by msrb on September 30, 2008

submitted by a reader

Trading the Rights [sic] to Pollute the Environment!

Belgium has bought the Hungarian “rights” to emit 2 million tons of greenhouse gas, spokeswomen for  the anti-environment ministries of both countries confirmed. The credits and funds have already been transferred.

Come again?

But, but … wasn’t the Kyoto Protocol a sophisticated joke designed to bring shame to the world’s … you are serious aren’t you?

Actually, and no it’s not a joke, the Kyoto Protocol allows industrialized countries to meet GHG emission targets by buying other countries emissions “rights.”

What’s the trading value of all other rights to rape the environment?

What about the rights to pollute the oceans, how much do they cost?

The rights to create more dead zones and their trading value?

And the rights to acidify your ocean, what’s their trading value?

How much must a country pay to bleach, say, 30 percent of the world’s coral reefs and, by the way, who owns those rights?

What about the right to pump raw sewage into your lakes or coastal waters, and its trading value?

The price of GHG emission rights is confidential!

“The (transaction) price is confidential as this was a private agreement between the two parties,” a spokewoman for Belgium’s Ministry of Climate and Energy told Reuters.

No way. secrecy is unacceptable! Its our air they are polluting and we want to know how many pieces of silver they are paying for it. Out with it now, you ugly beasts!

Et tu, Hungary?

Hungary’s Ministry of Environment and Water said it did not want to jeopardize Hungary’s ability to drive a hard bargain with other countries by revealing price details of the Belgian deal.

Under Kyoto Protocol, Hungary can sell about 100 million AAUs, or “surplus rights to emit CO2” by 2012. Each AAU allows the buyer to release one ton of carbon dioxide to the environment.

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Magnitude 7 Earthquake Hits Kermadec Islands

Posted by feww on September 30, 2008


10-degree Map Centered at 30°S,180°E – 2 Earthquakes on the Map. USGS

Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands, Global Reference Map. USGS

Magnitude:    7.0
Date-Time: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 03:19:31 AM at epicenter
Location: 29.872°S, 177.684°W
Depth: 35 km  set by location program

  • 70 km  SSE of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
  • 210 km  NE of L’Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands
  • 1050 km  NE of Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1440 km  NNE of WELLINGTON, New Zealand

Location Uncertainty: horizontal +/- 6.8 km ; depth fixed by location program

Aftershocks: Magnitude 5.2 [Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 04:10:38 AM at epicenter at T+ 51 min.]

FEWW Comments:

  • Another 6.8+ quake in the area within 200km radius of Raoul Island, as well as more aftershocks of magnitude 4+ can be expected in the next 18-24 days.
  • The mean center of earthquake cluster incidence along the Tonga – Kermadec subduction zone that has produced about 50 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger [USGS data] and includes the epicenter of the September 30 quakes detailed above, is shifting in a southerly direction, along the interaction line between the Pacific and Australia plates, toward New Zealand.

Implication for New Zealand Islands:

  • A substantial increase in the frequency of earthquake striking the twin islands.
  • More earthquakes with magnitude 6 or larger.
  • A marked increased in large explosive volcanic eruptions, especially in the following zones [also include ‘extinct’ volcanoes]
    • Taupo Volcanic Zone
    • Bombay Hills
    • Auckland volcanic field
    • Mount Taranaki
    • Mt Horrible volcano
    • Mount Taranaki
    • Mount Cargill

Worst Case Condition for New Zealand Islands:

  • Large earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions could potentially destroy much of New Zealand structures and claim many lives.
  • Earthquake and volcano-triggered waves could also give rise to 40 to 50-meter tsunami that would engulf the coastal areas and low-lying lands throughout New Zealand [could also affect parts of Australia’s eastern seaboard,] compounding the damage.
  • A super/mega colossal Plinian/Ultra-Plinian eruption occurring in New Zealand’s North Island simultaneously [or within a short period of time] with a magnitude 9.8 earthquake off the eastern coast of New Zealand could claim many lives.
  • Probability of occurrence:
    1. Event 1.  A magnitude 9.8 earthquake striking off the eastern coast of New Zealand with (i) the foreshocks ripping through Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo areas, (ii) the mainshock leveling Wellington, Palmerstone North, Marlborough, Nelson and Christchurch, and (iii) the aftershock causing substantial damage as far south as Invercargill: 85%
    2. Event 2. A super/ mega colossal Plinian/Ultra-Plinian eruption in the North Island: 72%  [South Island: 57%]
    3. Event 1 and Event 2 occurring simultaneously, or within a short period of time: 64 %

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Seismicity in 2008. USGS

Magnitude 7 and higher since 1900. USGS

All Images Credit: USGS

PDF version ; Image


The September 29, 2008, M7.0 earthquake occurred in the Tonga – Kermadec subduction zone. The subduction zone extends north-northeast from the North Island of New Zealand for over 2500 km through Tonga to within 100 km of Western Samoa. At a broad scale, tectonics of the subduction zone reflect the motion of the Pacific plate westward with respect to the interior of the Australia plate at a velocity of about 60 mm/y in the epicentral region of the earthquake. The Pacific plate subducts beneath the Australia plate at the Tonga and Kermadec trenches, and dips to the west. In detail, the eastern edge of the broad Australia plate may itself be viewed as a collection of small plates or microplates that move with respect to each other and with respect to the Pacific plate and the Australia plate interior. The location and focal-mechanism of the earthquake are consistent with it occurring as thrust faulting on the interface between the subducting Pacific plate and the overriding Australia plate (in detail, the overriding Kermadec microplate).

The interaction between the Pacific and Australia plate creates one of the most active tectonic environments in the world, with a high level of associated earthquake activity. Since 1976, a 200-km long section of the Tonga – Kermadec subduction zone that includes the epicenter of the September 29 earthquake has produced over 50 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger, with the largest having magnitude 7.9.

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Tainted Milk Sickens Lion Cub and Baby Orangutans

Posted by feww on September 30, 2008

Lion cub, baby orangutans sick from tainted Sanlu-Fonterra powdered milk

A lion cub and two baby orangutans nursed with tainted milkpowder for about a year have developed kidney stones at Hangzhou Safari Park near Shanghai.

A young orangutan is checked for kidney stones at an animal hospital in Hangzhou, in east China’s Zhejiang province, Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008. A lion cub and two baby orangutans from the Hangzhou Safari Park were found to have kidney stones after zoo workers fed them Sanlu brand milk powder for more than a year. Tainted dairy products have sickened thousands of infants and killed four in China. (AP Photo/EyePress). Image may be subject to copyright.

The tainted milk powder was made by the Sanlu-Fonterra joint venture operation, which has sickend at least 54,000 infants in China killing four. [The exact number of the dead infants appears to be a state secret.]

“The milk powder crisis made us very worried about the health situation of baby animals,” Ju Lijia, the animal park’s spokeperson reportedly said. “We stopped feeding with Sanlu after it was found to be tainted.”

So far, the three animals are the only ones diagnosed with kidney stones, Ju said. (Source)

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Hurricane Kyle Pounds Nova Scotia

Posted by feww on September 29, 2008

Kyle Brings More Rain to Maine

Kyle is about to become extratropical, satellite imagery show little or no deep convection remaining (NHC)

Hurricane Kyle: Water Vapor satellite image – Frame frozen at 23:45UTC September 28, 2008. Source: SSD/NOAA

Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities – 120 Hours

Source: NWS/NHC

  • Source: NHC
  • Forecaster: Franklin
  • Date and Time: Sept 29, 2008 at 00:00UTC
  • Hurricane Watch Area: Counties of Digby, Yarmouth,  and Shelburne in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Tropical Storm Warning Area: From Stonington Maine eastward to Eastport Maine, southern New Brunswick Canada,  and the remainder of southwestern Nova Scotia.
  • Tropical Storm Watch: The remainder of Nova Scotia.
  • Current Location: At 00:00 UTC, the center of hurricane kyle was located near latitude 44.0 north, longitude 66.2 west, near the western tip of Nova Scotia just north of Yarmouth, about 150 km south of Saint John.
  • Category and Wind Speed: Maximum sustained winds are about 120 km/hr with higher
    Gusts.  Kyle is a category 1A  hurricane on the FEWW Hurricane Scale (cat. one on the Saffir-Simpson)
    Scale.  Gradual weakening is forecast over the next 24 hours.  Kyle Is losing tropical characteristics and is expected to become extratropical later this evening.
  • Direction: Kyle is moving toward the north at 48 km/hr. A motion toward the north or north-northeast is expected over the next day or so with some decrease in forward speed.  The center of Kyle is expected to pass over New Brunswick tonight.
  • Extent: Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 140 km from the center, tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 370 km.
  • Estimated minimum central pressure: 985 mb (29.09 inches).
  • Storm surge: Tides of 30 to 60 centimeters (1 to 2 feet) above normal, with locally higher levels in the Bay of Fundy, accompanied by large and dangerous battering waves are likely along portions of the coasts of Nova Scotia.
  • Rainfall: Rainfall totals of 5 to 10 centimeter (2 to 4 inches) with maximum amounts of 15 cm (6 inches) are possible over the extreme eastern portions of Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island through Monday morning.

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Calif : Heading Toward a Major Crash

Posted by feww on September 28, 2008

submitted by a CASF Member

Why is Schwarzenegger running around like a headless chicken?

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning a conference on how to limit greenhouse gas emissions. He is inviting Australia, Canada, China, EU countries, India and Mexico to a meeting prior to international climate talks scheduled for December in Poland.

Schwarzenegger wants to follow the example of other world regions that have taken steps on limiting emissions independent of their slow-acting federal governments.

“We know that Washington is asleep at the wheel. We cannot look for leadership there … We are not waiting for the federal government.”  He told San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club marking the second anniversary of California’s state legislation to cap emissions and venture in carbon credits. Reuters reported.

Schwarzenegger also reiterated his opposition to offshore drilling in the coast of California, shortly after the Congress passed legislation that allows a national ban on offshore drilling to expire in October.

What are the problems?

1. Exponential Growth Economy. California, a subset of planet Earth [really!] is a finite entity with finite resources. The blind, brainless monster of exponential growth economy, a creature of the US political economy and Calif politics, demands infinite resources, especially energy, and services, especially carbon sinks, to continue its malignant growth. Whether Calif is governed by Arnold Schwarzenegger or a super-intelligent android back from the future, it makes very little difference in the ultimate outcome—a major crash.

2. Centralization. As the rate of increase in the complexity of Calif socioeconomic “model” [therefore its governance and decision-making processes] accelerates, the region becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to violent oscillations against even the slightest of changes in its “equilibrium state.” [Visualize the chaos that would occur on a crowded, fast-moving 8-lane highway, when even one vehicle goes out of control.]

3. Complexity. The disastrous impact of hurricane Ike on the power grid earlier this month,  which left up to 5 million people without power, was a stark remainder and yet another a wake-up call to how complex systems, the centralized power grid, could collapse “suddenly” and  with disastrous consequences. There will be many more instances of systems collapses, some more paralyzing than the others, in the country, especially in those states that are burdened with higher levels of socioeconomic complexity, in the coming weeks, months and years.

4. Information flow. To identify the exact nature of problems that beset a complex system, build an accurate picture of interconnectivity that exists between those issues, and create long term [syn: sustainable] applicable solutions, the decision-makers require:

  • Accurate, detailed, up-to-date information – currently NOT supplied!
  • Thorough knowledge of how each component of the system works – presently NOT available!
  • Deep understanding of how those components operate [or don’t operate] in interconnection [syn: unison] – NOT on the menu, right now!

5. Personal stake, 2nd-home mentality. The decision-makers must understand the consequences of a major crash [societal or ecological.] When a major crash occurs in any country, or large geopolitical region, there would absolutely be no guarantee of containment. The knock-on effect of any major crash [or multiple smaller crashes] would render most “survival insurance plans,” for example, 2nd homes, or hideaway cabins in less populated states, or in “safer” countries futile.

6. Radical Changes. Desperate problems require “radical” solutions. California suffers from socioeconomic gangrene. Cosmetic dressing only hides symptoms of the disease temporarily, but delaying the cure may kill the patient. Unfortunately, deep-seated fundamental changes to save the community of life at the expense of GDP growth are not allowed.

The authors can see what’s coming, how come the other guys are so blind?

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Pump, Pump, Pump Up the Volume!

Posted by feww on September 27, 2008

All CO2 Stats are Shooting Up!

Up goes the annual mean growth rate of atmospheric CO2 to 2.2 ppm for 2007.

  • Growth rate for 2006 : 1.8 ppm
  • Average rate for the period 2000-2007 : 2.0 ppm per year
  • Annual mean growth rate average for 1977-2007 :  1.5 ppm per year
  • Atmospheric CO2 concentration (2007) : 383 ppm  (37% higher than the preindustrial revolution levels of about 280 ppm (1750)
  • Current concentration of atmospheric CO2 is the highest level probably in the last 20 million years
  • Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have been growing about four times faster since 2000 than during the previous decade
  • Emissions from the combustion of fossil fuel and land use change almost reached the mark of 10 billion tons of carbon in 2007
  • Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are growing x4 faster since 2000 than during the previous decade, exceeding the worst case emission scenario of IPCC
  • These changes imply a more critical impact on climate and sooner than expected

[ppm: parts per million]

Note: Based on FEWW calculations, the anthropogenic CO2 Emissions for 2007 almost reached 10.38 PgC.

Emissions increased from 6.2 PgC per year in 1990 to 8.5 PgC in 2007, a 38% increase from the Kyoto reference year 1990. The growth rate of emissions was 3.5% per year for the period of 2000-2007, an almost four fold increase from 0.9% per year in 1990-1999. (Source: Carbon Budget 2007 – Global Carbon Project).

[PgC: Petagrams of carbon. To convert to CO2 million metric tons, MMT, divide C figure by 12 and multiply by 44; e.g., 1PgC  is the equivalent of 3,666.67 MMT of CO2.]

(calculations based on the period 2000-2006) – Canadell et al. 2007, PNAS –
(Source: Carbon Budget 2007 – Global Carbon Project).

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One Good Thing Out of Britain?

Posted by feww on September 27, 2008

From the country that gave the world package holiday tours, the worst Rock bands of all time, kinky F1 CEOs and poodle politicians, finally comes a good (?) thing: Visual warnings on cigarette packs!

Britain’s 10 million smokers will find gruesome images of rotting teeth, tarred up lungs and throat cancer tumors appearing on their cigarette packs from next months, in a new phase of government’s anti-smoking campaign.

Drill, baby, drill!

The stomach-turning images will supplement written health warnings which the UK Department of Health introduced 5 years ago. Up to 90,000 premature deaths are caused by smoking in England alone each year.

To influence the ‘macho’ instincts of British male smokers, the photos also depict male impotence by way of a flaccid cigarette. “These new stark picture warnings emphasize the harsh realities of continuing to smoke,” the government’s chief medical officer said.

The rules of a 2001 European Union directive on tobacco health warnings, clearly influenced by the powerful tobacco industry, dictates what type of images can be displayed on cigarette packs.

Smoking in enclosed public spaces was banned in Britain only in July 2007. Reuters reported.

The Captions read: (Top) – Smoking causes fatal lung cancer; (above) – Smoke contains benzene, nitrosarnines, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.

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A New Era of Intense Volcanic Unrest May Have Begun

Posted by feww on September 26, 2008

2008/9 May be the Start of a New Period of Intense Global Volcanic Unrest

[SHIVELUCH: Central Kamchatka (Russia) 56.653°N, 161.360°E; summit elev. 3,283 m]

Shiveluch Volcano in Kamchatka peninsula erupted at 08:00 local time on Friday (23:00 Moscow time, September 25) discharging a column of ash to an altitude of about 4.5km above sea level, Kamchatka office of the Geophysics Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences told Itar-Tass.  Shiveluch is one of the most active volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula.

KVERT had previously reported above background levels seismic activity at Shiveluch during 12-19 September. Seismic data analysis, video camera and visual observations indicated that “a small hot avalanche descended the SE side of the lava dome, producing an ash plume that rose to an altitude of 6.5 km, and drifted 100 km NE”, GVP reported.

Holocene Volcanoes in Kamchatka

Source of map:Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Kamchatka, Russia

[KARYMSKY Eastern Kamchatka 54.05°N, 159.45°E; summit elev. 1,536 m]

Karymsky, another of Kamchatka’s volcanoes, also discharged ash to an altitude of about 3km Friday, possibly due to an explosion. This followed KVERT report for enhanced seismic activity at Karymsky during 12-19 September.


Klyuchevskaya Sopka [Kliuchevskoi,] Eurasia’s highest volcano (elevation of 4,700 m a.s.l.) was also reported as showing seismic activity that “considerably exceeded” the background level, with a total of 196 local quakes recorded during the previous 24 hours. Despite heightened thermal anomaly, no eruption was reported.

Kliuchevskoi is Kamchatka’s highest and most active volcano. Since its origin about 6000 years ago, the beautifully symmetrical, 4835-m-high basaltic stratovolcano has produced frequent moderate-volume explosive and effusive eruptions without major periods of inactivity. More than 100 flank eruptions have occurred during the past roughly 3000 years, with most lateral craters and cones occurring on the NE (seen here) and SE flanks of the conical volcano at altitudes of 500-3600 m. Photo by E.Y. Zhdanova (courtesy of Oleg Volynets, Institute of Volcanology, Petropavlovsk). Source and Caption: GVP)

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Misogynist Finland: How did our colleague know?

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

Eight of the ten Finnish massacre victims were female!

A 9th woman was seriously wounded in the shooting

Soon after our colleague TERRES posted Misogynist [coldhearted, sad] Finland: Torn Apart by Violence [and Vodka,] we received a few private emails asking whether we knew the sex of the victims. We didn’t. But we knew how the fiendish mind of the misogynist Finn worked.

The following day, September 24, 2008, we read in the CNN report Finnish police identify massacre victims that 8 of the 10  victims were in fact female students whose bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

The other two victims were a male student and a male teacher, the report said.

The gunman—identified by authorities as Matti Juhani Saari—reportedly shot himself in the head.

Had he been slightly more intelligent, he could have saved a lot of pain and heartache for the victims families by pulling the trigger in the correct sequence, i.e., shooting himself in the brain first!

Matti Juhani Saari – He could have earned himself a posthumous medal by shooting himself first!

Original  entry by TERRES:

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Volcano Watch [No. 38]

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

17 September-23 September 2008

New Activity/Unrest:

An ash plume ejected from Bagana (right), just south of the dark-colored caldera lake of Billy Mitchell, rises into the atmosphere.

Steam clouds rise from an andesitic lava flow descending the NW flank of Bagana on April 26, 1988. The massive symmetrical lava cone, one of the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea, was largely constructed by an accumulation of viscous andesitic lava flows. – Photo by Wally Johnson, 1988 (Australia Bureau of Mineral Resources). Source: GVP

Elevation:        1,750 metres (5,741 feet)
Location:          Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
Range:              Emperor Range
Coordinates:    6.140° S 155.195° E
Type:                Lava cone
Last eruption:  2008 (continuing)

Ongoing Activity:

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report is a cooperative project between the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program.

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Gore the revolutionary; Gore the exclusionary

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

Submitted by a CASF Member

‘Yes!’: To Al Gore’s call for civil disobedience to protect Earth.

‘No!’: To superficial measures that barely scratch surface of terminal socioeconomic ills responsible for looming ecocide!

Al Gore the environmental champion and proud winner of Nobel Peace Prize [It was an unfortunate Freudian slip that Henry A. Kissinger won it in 1973] is urging young people to stop the construction of coal plants that lack carbon storage facility by engaging in civil disobedience.

[The Two Crusaders.] Former Vice President Al Gore (R) leans in to speak with Bono during the Clinton Global Initiative, in New York, September 24, 2008. REUTERS/Chip East. Image may be subject to copright.

“If you’re a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration,” Gore reportedly told the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.

“I believe for a carbon company to spend money convincing the stock-buying public that the risk from the global climate crisis is not that great represents a form of stock fraud because they are misrepresenting a material fact,” he said. “I hope these state attorney generals around the country will take some action on that.”
The Moderators hail the former Vice President and the elected President that was rubbed of his presidency.

So what’s the problem with the Gore Campaign?

The problem is being economical with the inconvenient truth: Failing to advise the same young people on the vital need for a ‘radical’ change in the system of economy.  If the young people are advised to engage in civil disobedience, they should do it for the fundamental reasons that go beyond just scratching the surface. You can’t cure a terminal case of cancer by treating the symptoms.

What are the world problems?

The Exponential Growth Economy: We live on a finite planet. However the system of political economy that condemns our future, thrives on exponential growth, which means infinite growth. We have reached the collision point.

Overconsumption: Humanoids are overusing earth’s ecosystems services, and depleting her finite natural capital, including the polluting fossil fuels, and eroding its capacity to renew its services by at least 177.43% [as of April 2008.] As a result the planet’s ecosystems face eminent collapse.

Centralization: Centralization, a process fueled by globalization and fired by militarization, is resource-intensive, wasteful and destructive to the planet’s ecosystems. The United States and ROW must opt for decentralization to avoid collapse.

So, there are the naked facts—”An Inconvenient Truth.”

Yes: To Al Gore’s call for civil disobedience to protect the planet.
No: To superficial measures that barely scratch the surface of the terminal socioeconomic ills responsible for looming ecocide!

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NO Big Bang, not even a little one, for 6 months!

Posted by terres on September 24, 2008

LHC Update:
Our good Professor Peter Higgs will have to find another way of communicating with the “Almighty!”

As the Moderators previously anticipated, there won’t be a big bang, not even a tiny one, for at least another 6 months at CERN’s “Champaign Science Center” the LHC.

It is highly probable that LHC may not be fully operational before 2010.

One of 1,746 helium-cooled superconducting magnets is lowered into the LHC tunnel via a specially constructed hatch in April 2007. The 17-meter long dipole magnet, one of 1,232 dipoles positioned around the LHC, is designed to produce a magnetic field that bends the particle beams around the circular path of the accelerator. [About 100 of these magnet overheated to more than 100ºC —possibly to several hundred degrees—frying the wiring, when liquid helium leaked out of the vacuum cooling system.] Photo by Maximilien Brice for CERN. Source: CNET

And who knows what surprises might be lurking around the LHC’s 27-km tunnel in 2009!

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Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

Posted by feww on September 23, 2008

Why Both Fonterra & NZ Govt Must Have Known About Tainted Baby Formula Long Before Their  Corporate Manslaughter Case

The following article, which is reprinted in full in view of public interest, is another damning testimony why both Fonterra and New Zealand Government must have known about Sanlu tainted milk practice by as early as December 2004.

Tainted Milk Powder Banned Four Years Ago – But back on shelf with authorities’ backup

Sep 21, 2008 (Last Updated: Sep 22, 2008) –

By Xin Fei
Epoch Times Staff

Turn Crisis into Turning Point ((Screenshot))

The reprint of communist regime’s mouthpiece Xinhua News by China Pharmaceutical News on December 7, 2004, 'Sanlu Powdered Milk: Turn Crisis into Turning Point' ((Screenshot))

Deception that began four years ago continues, as the furore of tainted powdered milk causing kidney stones in babies spreads throughout China.

The public learned, earlier this month, that milk powder tainted with melamine has been found to be the cause of kidney stones in infants across China. At least four babies have died as a result.

In an incident four years ago, following the “Big Head Baby” media report in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, Sanlu’s powdered milk had been blacklisted as inferior.

Shortly after, Sanlu was removed from the blacklist, by the communist regime’s food administration, and reinstated.

Many people in Fuyang, knowing that Sanlu powdered milk had quality problems, suspected the company of manipulating the local and central government officials and using the Chinese state media in efforts to restore its reputation.

Media Reports Indicated No Crisis

A December 7, 2004 reprint of state-run Xinhua news by China Pharmaceutical News headline reading: ‘Sanlu Powdered Milk: Turn Crisis into an Advantage’ provided a clue that the group was aware the powdered milk had been tainted.

On January 16, 2004, Zhang Guangkui of Yongzhuang Village, Luzhai Town, Linquan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province complained that the Sanlu infant powdered milk formula that he bought was tainted.

On April 22, the front page of local Fuyang newpaper Yingzhou Evening News printed a list of tainted powdered milk brands resulting from the spot check. Sanlu infant milk formula was 32nd on the list.

On the same day, Sanlu Group deputy general manager Zhang Zhenling and other high level staff members hurried to Fuyang City to negotiate with the local government. A statement said:  “ … a mistake was made by related workers” and Fuyang City apologized.

A few days after April 22, 2004, markets all over the country were compelled to remove and seal Sanlu’s powdered milk.

Sanlu’s sales fell, its losses exceeded tens of millions RMB (around US$10 million).

On April 26, the Ministry of Public Health, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) issued an emergency notice requesting local law-enforcing departments to allow normal sales of Sanlu powdered milk.

On the first working day after the “May 1” seven-day-long holidays that year, AQSIQ announced that as a result of a spot check, 30 companies producing powdered milk had been declared as safe.

Sanlu was the first one on the list.

Public Relations Crisis Management Efforts

According to a Xinhua News report in 2004, on April 27, Sanlu and several dozen dairy enterprises conducted good faith symposiums in several cities. The theme was  ‘Resisting Killer Powdered Milk’.

They jointly released the first ‘Dairy Business Good Faith Pledge’ in the country, firmly promising not to produce or sell inferior quality dairy products.

Within one day, Sanlu had notified 93 media nationwide, and 19 media removed Sanlu powdered milk from their blacklist reports.

On April 28, 2004, organized by Specific Association for Child Food, Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, Sanlu and nine food security trusts donated 4,985 boxes of infant powdered milk to Fuyang City in an experimental bid for commercial enterprises.

After these events, in many business strategy documents and articles, Sanlu was used as model for managing crisis successfully.

In September 2008, when poisonous Sanlu powdered milk was first exposed, Sanlu vigorously denied any contamination in the powdered milk and attempted to redeem itself by citing conclusions given by the authoritative quality examination departments.

According to Tencent QQ financial channel report on September 11, Sanlu Group media department indicated;

“Sanlu is a brand product of powdered milk, the production is strictly in accordance with national standards and the product is qualified. Currently, there is no evidence indicating illness caused by Sanlu powdered milk.”

Since the incident came to light last week, the Sanlu Group has continued to gloss over it and deny involvement, while passing the blame onto dairy farmers.

As pressure increases domestically and internationally, the communist regime’s officials, at all levels, have ducked for cover saying that Sanlu knew the facts all along but failed to file a report.  Copyright the author or respective news agency. [Emphasis are added by FEWW]

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LHC Champaign Science & Three-Legged Chickens!

Posted by feww on September 22, 2008

Will they ever catch the ‘wretched’ smashed particles?

For anyone following the fate of LHC, here’s a quick update.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is shut down indefinitely for all intents and purposes. At least no particle smashing is likely to occur before the official inauguration on October 21, 2008.

In fact, the collider may not be fully operational before May 2009 due to huge power requirement.

The machine went out on September 19 with a [little] big bang when a “massive” magnet quench caused over 100 of its solenoid magnets to overheat from 1.9 Kelvin to at least 373K, or 100ºC (boiling point of water) and toasted the wiring. [Note: (K) = (°C) + 273.15]

And yes, the fire brigade were called to the rescue when the system vacuum failed and tons of liquid helium escaped into the 100-meter deep LHC tunnel.

[Note: The LHC tunnel has a 27-km circumference and is built underground at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 meters.]

LHC (Large Hen Carrier) crashes, crate magnets break up, chickens escape into vacuum (near the city of Glasgow, Scotland). Photo: MEN. Image may be subject to copyright.

CERN’s director of communications, James Gillies, wants the public to look at the latest spate of failures philosophically: It’s taken us 20 years to build the machine, and we were behind the 2006 completion date by errr… 2 years. Would a few more months or another year, even two, change the “big picture?” He asks.

[No worries, Mr Gillies, so long as you can tell us in this lifetime what the smashed particles looked like. Oh, and go easy on the bubbly stuff!]

To repair the machine, they’ll have to warm it up very slowly to the ambient temperature. After fixing, it has to be slowly cooled down again to its operating temperature of 1.9 Kelvin (about -271ºC).

A litany of “difficulties” and “serious difficulties” delayed both the construction of the tunnel and the collider machine. Like the three-legged chickens, the wretched smashed particles are proving too difficult to catch!

The Three-Legged Chickens!

On the lighter side of things, it’s been said that an Australian scientist held the patent to the three-legged chicken. The idea for genetically modified monster chickens came to her because everyone in her family (she, her spouse and son) liked to eat fried chicken legs. A curious scientist visiting the ranch downunder where the tripodal creatures lived wanted to know what they tasted like. The inventor replied: “I wish we knew. The wretched things run so fast we haven’t been able to catch one yet!”

Police officer orders the escaped chicken to freeze!  Photo: Center Press Agency. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Scale of Sanlu-Fonterra Corporate Manslaughter Widens

Posted by feww on September 21, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

The number of babies hospitalized with kidney stones rises above 13,000, news of dead infants appears suppressed.

53,000 babies sickened, 13,000 of them hospitalized and at least 4 dead in Sanlu-Fonterra corporate manslaughter

Australian news outlet LiveNews reported that about 13,000 Chinese children have been hospitalized after consuming contaminated Sanlu-Fonterra baby formula. However, the reported number of babies who lost their lives appears to have been suppressed by the authorities and remains at 4 dead infants.

Security staff keep order as families with children who are undergoing medical checks for possible kidney stones wait their turn at a hospital in Chongqing municipality, September 19, 2008. REUTERS/Stringer. Image may be subject to copyright.

In a new development, a Hong Kong toddler was diagnosed with a kidney stone after consuming melamine-tainted baby formula,  the first reported casualty outside mainland China. [Source]

The Chinese PM, Wen Jiabao appeared on state television promising to prevent further incidents. [More likely to prevent the news of further incidents from spreading!]

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World Disaster Update

Posted by feww on September 21, 2008

Situation report on diarrhea and cholera in Iraq, September 19, 2008

Diarrhea and laboratory confirmed Cholera 07/08- 19/09/08

1. Summary

Total cholera cases up to 19/09 reached 171 an increase of nine cases over yesterday’s total.

  • One case in each of Missan and Diala
  • 2 cases in each of Anbar, Najaf and Baghdad Resafa.
  • 5 cases in Basra 3 of them confirmed by the (CPHL) and 2 provisionally diagnosed as cholera by the local lab.
  • 17 cases in Karbala. o 39 cases in Baghdad-Kerkh.
  • 104 cases in Babil province all confirmed at the CPHL

Cases under investigation

  • Babil (13) cases diagnosed by provincial Lab. o Basrah (2) cases diagnosed by provincial Lab. o Kerbala (1) case diagnosed by provincial Lab.

Total laboratory confirmed cholera deaths:

  • Babil (2) deaths. o Basra (1) death. o Missan (1) death.
  • Baghdad Kerkh (1) death

There are another 7 death due to Acute Watery diarrhea; however, either stool specimens were not collected (3 deaths) or stool on examination turned negative for cholera organism (4 deaths)

Tomorrow the Central Public Health Laboratory will forward cholera positive and negative isolates to WHO for confirmation, serotyping, antimicrobial sensitivity pattern and relation to last year or this year out break in Iran. – Full Report by WHO

Haiti: UN hurricane relief appeal grossly under-funded

The United Nations today appealed to donors to make up an enormous shortfall in emergency funding for relief work in Haiti, where hundreds of thousands of people are still suffering from the devastation caused by four hurricanes over the past month.

Only 2 per cent of the $108 million flash appeal has so far been donated, nine days after it was launched, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported.

OCHA stressed that the situation remains very serious in the impoverished Caribbean country, where over 320 people were killed by the storms and flooding, and 160,000 others are still living in the open, exposed to disease and malnutrition.

Some $54 million are needed for emergency food aid. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has already helped feed some 298,000 people since the start of the crisis.

OCHA is also concerned over access to those who have not yet received aid, including people in the Artibonne and Nippes regions, where continued rains might complicate relief efforts.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative for Haiti, Hédi Annabi, yesterday visited hurricane victims in Hinche, central Haiti, evaluating their needs and assuring them of the commitment of the UN and the international community to help them.

Meanwhile, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow began a five-day tour today to take stock of the devastation which has affected more than 300,000 children, according to Government figures.

Ms. Farrow and UNICEF Canada head Nigel Fisher will meet with children and women victims and visit Gonaïves, the worst-hit town, where some 70,000 people are in temporary shelters.

UN appeals for $10 million to relieve flood-hit communities in Laos

The United Nations has appealed for nearly $10 million in urgent humanitarian aid to assist communities hit by recent floods in Laos that have damaged farmland, infrastructure and the homes of over 200,000 people.

“The floods of August 2008 pose a serious mid- to long-term threat to the health, food security, welfare and livelihoods, especially of the poorest communities affected by them,” said UN Resident Coordinator Sonam Yangchen Rana.

Disease, malnutrition and loss of livelihoods are among the threats facing 11 provinces hit by some of the worst flooding in a century in the South-East Asian country.

“Families who were already close to the poverty borderline risk being pushed under due to the loss of rice paddy, food stocks and other assets,” the UN representative stated. “Caregivers who already struggled to ensure their children received a sufficiently nutritious diet will find the task even harder.”

Ms. Rana noted that while flooding is a regular incident in the region, the calamity of this year’s mid-August inundations was a severe setback to development progress in large parts of the country.

A rapid needs assessment conducted by the Government, UN and other parties has identified the immediate priorities to be addressed: clean drinking water and sanitation, food supplies, essential medicines and primary health care, emergency replacement seeds, immunization and surveillance for disease outbreaks and nutrition status.

Kick-starting the relief activities, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has already contributed $2.024 million towards the joint appeal that proposes 15 projects in eight sectors. The appeal is requesting a total amount of $9,945,998 to address the humanitarian and essential early recovery needs.

Thailand: 16 dead in Thailand floods: interior ministry

BANGKOK, Sept 21, 2008 (AFP) – Severe flooding across Thailand has left at least 16 people dead and more than half a million people struggling to cope with damaged property and disease, officials and news reports said Sunday.

Floods caused by heavy rain have deluged 21 of Thailand’s 76 provinces in the north, east and centre of the kingdom, affecting 693,550 people, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said in a statement.

Nearly 1,900 houses, 659 roads and 188,835 rai (75,500 acres) of farmland have been destroyed in the floods, which began earlier this month, they said. The cost of the damage is estimated at 28.55 million baht (840,000 dollars).

The department said that two people remained missing. It did not say how the 16 people were killed, but local media reports said most had been swept away in flood waters.

The English-language Bangkok Post and Nation newspapers also reported Sunday that more than 50,000 people were suffering from water-borne diseases, and authorities are delivering food, drinking water and medicine to those affected.

Copyright (c) 2008 Agence France-Presse

Thousands of villages still flooded, millions still homeless one month after deluge in India’s poorest state

Source: Save the Children Alliance

Children who were forced to flee their villages to escape flooding in Bihar, northern India, are still homeless and living in appalling conditions.

Much of the floodwater has yet to recede and in some areas, flooding has created new inland ‘seas’ up to 20km wide, according to reports from Save the Children staff in the region.

Save the Children’s Lydia Baker, who has just returned from the affected region, said: “The size of the area affected by flooding is immense. If you stand at one edge of the floodwaters, you can’t see where it ends, it feels just like you are at a coast looking out over the sea. It’s horrendous to think that under all that water are people’s homes and farmland.”

It’s been one month since the Kosi river breached its banks causing massive flooding in India’s northern Bihar province. The two districts of Madhepura and Sharsa are totally cut off with the increase in the water level. Approximately five million people, over half of them children, have been affected in 16 districts, and some villages are still completely under water.

More than 350 relief camps have been set up to house around 340,000 people but there are still thousands who haven’t made it to the camps and are living in basic shelters made from rags that they have built along highways and roads.

Save the Children is calling for more funding for this emergency to provide food and shelter to the thousands of homeless people. So far the amount that has been donated by world governments this year is less than last year, even though this year’s floods are more severe.

Save the Children is responding to the flooding and working in the relief camps of Araria, Saharsa and Khagaria. As well as giving out basic supplies of food, water and shelter equipment they are also working to protect children who may have been separated from their families by the flooding, which puts them at risk of trafficking.

“During disasters there is a severe risk of children being separated form their parents and families. This is not only extremely frightening for children, but also leaves them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and trafficking” said Shireen Vakil Miller, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children in India.

Save the Children, in partnership with the government of Bihar, UNICEF and the Indian Red Cross have launched a family tracing programme to re-unite families separated by the floods. It will be used in all 357 relief camps to identify separated families and children, create a database of their profiles, match them and eventually reunite them.

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Large Hadron Collider Crashes

Posted by feww on September 20, 2008

LHC Crashes, Fire Engines Called

Engineers hoping to smash particles at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) were forced to stop work, after about 100 of the LHC’s super-cooled magnets heated up to more than 100°C.

The failure, called a quench, in this case a “massive” quench, occurred  in sector 3-4 of the accelerator, at a point between Alice and CMS detectors, at about 09:30UTC/GMT on September 19, 2008.

The CMS “superconducting” magnet is meant to create a powerful magnetic field [when it works!] Source: CMS magnet, CERN. Image may be subject to copyright.

Tons of liquid helium leaked into the Collider’s 27-km tutunnel at Cern, near Geneva, Switzerland. Some 20 years after the construction began, and about $10 billion later, this was the second reported incident since last week which stopped work on the giant white elephant.

Photo of the Alice Detector in early 2008. Source: Alice website. Imaga may be subject to copyright.

The quench occurred when liquid helium leaked out of the LHC’s cooling system which keeps the super-cooled magnets at 1.9ºK above absolute zero ( 0ºK is -273.15ºC). LHC engineers also reported a loss of vacuum condition in the cooling system.

A faulty transformer delayed work at LHC throughout last week, and was replaced only a day before the quench occurred.

Will Be Back in November, Possibly December!

CERN spokesperson,  James Gillies said the repairs would be expensive.

“A full investigation is still under way but the most likely cause seems to be a faulty electrical connection between two of the magnets which probably melted, leading to a mechanical failure.

“We’re investigating and we can’t really say more than that now.

“But we do know that we will have to warm the machine up, make the repair, cool it down, and that’s what brings you to two months of downtime for the LHC.”

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[Note: No photos of the fire engines called to LHC were available at the time of publishing!]


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Breaking News: China Deadly Milk Scandal Deepens

Posted by terres on September 19, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

China Finds Liquid Milk Also Tainted

First melamine-tainted milk powder, now melamine-tainted ‘fresh’ milk, too!

Chinese inspectors said they found 10% of the milk from the country’s two largest dairies, Mengniu Dairy Group and Yili Industrial Group, contained up to 8.4 milligrams of melamine per kg.

This news came amid deepening tainted powdered milk scandal which has already killed 4 babies and claimed up to 7,000 infant victims with kidney stones, including at least 150 babies with acute kidney failures.  Sources:      VideoBBC; AP

Parents and their infants queue for medical treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province, Sept. 17, 2008.  4 Infants have already died and up to 7,000 developed kidney stones, 150 of them with actue kidney failures, drinking Sanlu-Fonterra tainted baby milk powder. The chemical melamine was added to the milk as it was believed to have helped to increase protein content. (Xinhua/Zhao Peng)

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Week 37 Volcano Watch

Posted by feww on September 18, 2008

10 September-16 September 2008

New Activity/Unrest:

Bagana, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea

(September 16, 2008 ) Darwin VAAC analysis of satellite imagery revealed low-level ash plume from Bagana rising to an altitude of 2.4 km a.s.l., drifting SW.

More information and a Geologic Summary of Bagana


Latitude: 6°8’24″S, Longitude: 155°11’42″E

Bagana volcano, occupying a remote portion of central Bougainville Island, is one of Melanesia’s youngest and most active volcanoes. Bagana is a massive symmetrical, roughly 1750-m-high lava cone largely constructed by an accumulation of viscous andesitic lava flows. The entire lava cone could have been constructed in about 300 years at its present rate of lava production. Eruptive activity at Bagana is frequent and is characterized by non-explosive effusion of viscous lava that maintains a small lava dome in the summit crater, although explosive activity occasionally producing pyroclastic flows also occurs. Lava flows form dramatic, freshly preserved tongue-shaped lobes up to 50-m-thick with prominent levees that descend the volcano’s flanks on all sides. (Image and caption: Global Volcanic Program. Image may be subject to copyright.)

Map of the Region. Credit: USGS

Ongoing Activity:

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report is a cooperative project between the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program.

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Transition Movement

Posted by msrb on September 18, 2008

Moving Toward Low-Energy Communities

Transition areas (towns districts, or islands) are designate places where local grass-roots strive to form a low-energy economy.

In its birth place, the UK, the Transition movement has created 70 Transition Towns. Here in the US, Ketchum, Idaho, is the latest Transition Town, joining Boulder County, Colo., and Sandpoint, Idaho. CSM reported.

Volunteers from Transition Forest Row in East Sussex cut grass and weed around gooseberry bushes in a field loaned to them by a nearby college. (Courtesy of Mike Grenville)Source: CS Monitor.

Transition Movement appears to be a variation of Intelligent Communities: 286W which was first conceived as solar Clusters by MSRB/CASF in 2004.

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Breaking News: House Passes Enery Bill 236-189, Pelosi Ecstatic

Posted by feww on September 17, 2008

Kill, Baby, Kill Our Oceans!

House lifts ban on offshore drilling!

“The energy bill, passed with the support of most Democrats, would let states decide whether to drill between 50 and 100 miles off their coasts while allowing the federal government to open areas beyond 100 miles. ”

Support vessel activities around an offshore oil rig. Photo: Shell UK Exploration & Production. Image may be subject to copyright.

Any Excuse Would Do!

“The vote marked a tactical retreat by Democrats, who have fought each year since 1982 to renew the ban. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fearing a backlash for her party in November with polls showing growing support for new drilling, agreed to lift the moratorium as part of a broader energy bill.” More …

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The Largest Antarctic Ozone Hole

Posted by terres on September 17, 2008

Antarctic Ozone Hole Reaches Record High!

September 12, 2008

The area covered by the Antarctic Ozone Hole grew to 27 million km² on September 12, 2008

A Deserving Dedication

The Moderators would like to dedicate this year’s Antarctic ozone hole to the outgoing [hopefully] US president [sic] Mr GW Bush. Furthermore we invite all parties concerned to consider renaming the Antarctic Ozone Hole after GW Bush for his contribution to the worsening state of the world. During his 8-year occupation of White House, Mr Bush caused more damage to the world (environment, climate, humanity, security … ) than anyone else before him.

[It’s hoped that NASA employees responsible for Ozone Hole Watch retain the integrity of all data, and blow the whistle if they find any anomaly in the data sets, this year.]

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Images of the Day: Ike has left!

Posted by feww on September 15, 2008

Almost Nothing Left!

A home is left standing among debris from Hurricane Ike September 14, 2008 in Gilchrist, Texas. Floodwaters from Hurricane Ike are reportedly as high as eight feet in some areas causing widespread damage across the coast of Texas. (Photo credit: Smiley N. Pool/AFP/Getty Images). Image may be subject to copyright.

A Private Island in Texas!

Ike leaves devastation in its wake: A house near Winnie, Texas, is cut off by flooding caused by Hurricane Ike. September 14, 2008  (Smiley N. Pool/AFP/Getty Images). Image may be subject to copyright.

End of The Road!

Floodwaters from Hurricane Ike surround houses near Winnie, Texas.
September 14, 2008  (Smiley N. Pool/AFP/Getty Images). Image may be subject to copyright.

The Day the Dead ‘Rose’ from their Graves!

Floodwaters brought by Hurricane Ike cover a cemetery in Orange, Texas. September 14, 2008. (Smiley N. Pool/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images). Image may be subject to copyright.

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Global Food Alert: Deadly Baby Milk From China, New Zealand

Posted by feww on September 13, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

Contaminated milk powder co-produced by New Zealand’s Fonterra severely affects 432 1,253 babies, killing one two

Original entry posted on September 15, 2008 09:06UTC

Breaking News & Latest Analysis: Chinese, New Zealand contaminated milk powder kills two

New Zealand dairy co. Fonterra, part-owner of Sanlu, ordered a belated recall of about 700 tonnes of milk powder contaminated with melamine

11:36 GMT, Saturday, 13 September 2008 12:36 UK – COPYRIGHT BBC

Chinese baby milk scare ‘severe’

Babies suffering kidney stones possibly related to defective baby formula in hospital in Lanzhou, Gansu province, on 9 September

Babies have been suffering kidney stones – rare in young children

The number of Chinese babies known to have fallen ill with kidney stones as a result of contaminated milk powder has risen to 432, officials have announced.

“This is a severe food safety accident,” health ministry official Gao Qiang, said. Those responsible would be “severely” punished, he added.

Later, it was announced that 19 people had been arrested.

Tests showed the milk powder contained the industrial chemical melamine. One infant has died.

The new scare revived memories of a fake baby milk formula scandal four years ago in which at least 13 babies died.

Vow to punish

“As of 12 September, there are 432 cases of kidney stones in the urinary systems of infants according to reports from health departments nationwide,” Gao Qiang said.

“None of the milk powder was exported to other countries or regions,” Mr Gao said.

“Only a fraction of the milk powder was sold to Taiwan for food processing,” he added.

Gao Qiang said the Sanlu Group had been ordered to halt production after its products were found to be responsible.

“We will severely punish and discipline those people and workers who have acted illegally,” Mr Gao said.

Melamine is a toxic chemical used in plastics, fertilisers and cleaning products.

A Chinese woman checks out the Sanlu brand milk powder on sale at a supermarket in Shenyang, north-east China's Liaoning province.

Sanlu ordered a recall of 700 tonnes of contaminated milk on Thursday

New Zealand-based dairy product company Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd, a part-owner of Sanlu, ordered a recall of about 700 tonnes of powder contaminated with melamine believed to be in circulation.

[Note: Fonterra reportedly owns 43% of Sanlu.]

Melamine has been used by Chinese suppliers of animal feed components to make them appear to have more protein.

It was linked to the formation of kidney stones and kidney failure in pets in the United States last year, leading to thousands of deaths and illnesses.

A fake milk powder scandal in 2004 killed at least 13 babies in the eastern province of Anhui.

Investigators found that the milk given to these babies had no nutritional value, and the resulting scandal triggered widespread investigations into food safety. [Image credit: AP and AFP – Images may be subject to copyright.]

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