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Misogynist Finland: How did our colleague know?

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

Eight of the ten Finnish massacre victims were female!

A 9th woman was seriously wounded in the shooting

Soon after our colleague TERRES posted Misogynist [coldhearted, sad] Finland: Torn Apart by Violence [and Vodka,] we received a few private emails asking whether we knew the sex of the victims. We didn’t. But we knew how the fiendish mind of the misogynist Finn worked.

The following day, September 24, 2008, we read in the CNN report Finnish police identify massacre victims that 8 of the 10  victims were in fact female students whose bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

The other two victims were a male student and a male teacher, the report said.

The gunman—identified by authorities as Matti Juhani Saari—reportedly shot himself in the head.

Had he been slightly more intelligent, he could have saved a lot of pain and heartache for the victims families by pulling the trigger in the correct sequence, i.e., shooting himself in the brain first!

Matti Juhani Saari – He could have earned himself a posthumous medal by shooting himself first!

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Volcano Watch [No. 38]

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

17 September-23 September 2008

New Activity/Unrest:

An ash plume ejected from Bagana (right), just south of the dark-colored caldera lake of Billy Mitchell, rises into the atmosphere.

Steam clouds rise from an andesitic lava flow descending the NW flank of Bagana on April 26, 1988. The massive symmetrical lava cone, one of the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea, was largely constructed by an accumulation of viscous andesitic lava flows. – Photo by Wally Johnson, 1988 (Australia Bureau of Mineral Resources). Source: GVP

Elevation:        1,750 metres (5,741 feet)
Location:          Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
Range:              Emperor Range
Coordinates:    6.140° S 155.195° E
Type:                Lava cone
Last eruption:  2008 (continuing)

Ongoing Activity:

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report is a cooperative project between the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program.

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Gore the revolutionary; Gore the exclusionary

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

Submitted by a CASF Member

‘Yes!’: To Al Gore’s call for civil disobedience to protect Earth.

‘No!’: To superficial measures that barely scratch surface of terminal socioeconomic ills responsible for looming ecocide!

Al Gore the environmental champion and proud winner of Nobel Peace Prize [It was an unfortunate Freudian slip that Henry A. Kissinger won it in 1973] is urging young people to stop the construction of coal plants that lack carbon storage facility by engaging in civil disobedience.

[The Two Crusaders.] Former Vice President Al Gore (R) leans in to speak with Bono during the Clinton Global Initiative, in New York, September 24, 2008. REUTERS/Chip East. Image may be subject to copright.

“If you’re a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration,” Gore reportedly told the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.

“I believe for a carbon company to spend money convincing the stock-buying public that the risk from the global climate crisis is not that great represents a form of stock fraud because they are misrepresenting a material fact,” he said. “I hope these state attorney generals around the country will take some action on that.”
The Moderators hail the former Vice President and the elected President that was rubbed of his presidency.

So what’s the problem with the Gore Campaign?

The problem is being economical with the inconvenient truth: Failing to advise the same young people on the vital need for a ‘radical’ change in the system of economy.  If the young people are advised to engage in civil disobedience, they should do it for the fundamental reasons that go beyond just scratching the surface. You can’t cure a terminal case of cancer by treating the symptoms.

What are the world problems?

The Exponential Growth Economy: We live on a finite planet. However the system of political economy that condemns our future, thrives on exponential growth, which means infinite growth. We have reached the collision point.

Overconsumption: Humanoids are overusing earth’s ecosystems services, and depleting her finite natural capital, including the polluting fossil fuels, and eroding its capacity to renew its services by at least 177.43% [as of April 2008.] As a result the planet’s ecosystems face eminent collapse.

Centralization: Centralization, a process fueled by globalization and fired by militarization, is resource-intensive, wasteful and destructive to the planet’s ecosystems. The United States and ROW must opt for decentralization to avoid collapse.

So, there are the naked facts—”An Inconvenient Truth.”

Yes: To Al Gore’s call for civil disobedience to protect the planet.
No: To superficial measures that barely scratch the surface of the terminal socioeconomic ills responsible for looming ecocide!

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