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Pump, Pump, Pump Up the Volume!

Posted by feww on September 27, 2008

All CO2 Stats are Shooting Up!

Up goes the annual mean growth rate of atmospheric CO2 to 2.2 ppm for 2007.

  • Growth rate for 2006 : 1.8 ppm
  • Average rate for the period 2000-2007 : 2.0 ppm per year
  • Annual mean growth rate average for 1977-2007 :  1.5 ppm per year
  • Atmospheric CO2 concentration (2007) : 383 ppm  (37% higher than the preindustrial revolution levels of about 280 ppm (1750)
  • Current concentration of atmospheric CO2 is the highest level probably in the last 20 million years
  • Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have been growing about four times faster since 2000 than during the previous decade
  • Emissions from the combustion of fossil fuel and land use change almost reached the mark of 10 billion tons of carbon in 2007
  • Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are growing x4 faster since 2000 than during the previous decade, exceeding the worst case emission scenario of IPCC
  • These changes imply a more critical impact on climate and sooner than expected

[ppm: parts per million]

Note: Based on FEWW calculations, the anthropogenic CO2 Emissions for 2007 almost reached 10.38 PgC.

Emissions increased from 6.2 PgC per year in 1990 to 8.5 PgC in 2007, a 38% increase from the Kyoto reference year 1990. The growth rate of emissions was 3.5% per year for the period of 2000-2007, an almost four fold increase from 0.9% per year in 1990-1999. (Source: Carbon Budget 2007 – Global Carbon Project).

[PgC: Petagrams of carbon. To convert to CO2 million metric tons, MMT, divide C figure by 12 and multiply by 44; e.g., 1PgC  is the equivalent of 3,666.67 MMT of CO2.]

(calculations based on the period 2000-2006) – Canadell et al. 2007, PNAS –
(Source: Carbon Budget 2007 – Global Carbon Project).

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One Good Thing Out of Britain?

Posted by feww on September 27, 2008

From the country that gave the world package holiday tours, the worst Rock bands of all time, kinky F1 CEOs and poodle politicians, finally comes a good (?) thing: Visual warnings on cigarette packs!

Britain’s 10 million smokers will find gruesome images of rotting teeth, tarred up lungs and throat cancer tumors appearing on their cigarette packs from next months, in a new phase of government’s anti-smoking campaign.

Drill, baby, drill!

The stomach-turning images will supplement written health warnings which the UK Department of Health introduced 5 years ago. Up to 90,000 premature deaths are caused by smoking in England alone each year.

To influence the ‘macho’ instincts of British male smokers, the photos also depict male impotence by way of a flaccid cigarette. “These new stark picture warnings emphasize the harsh realities of continuing to smoke,” the government’s chief medical officer said.

The rules of a 2001 European Union directive on tobacco health warnings, clearly influenced by the powerful tobacco industry, dictates what type of images can be displayed on cigarette packs.

Smoking in enclosed public spaces was banned in Britain only in July 2007. Reuters reported.

The Captions read: (Top) – Smoking causes fatal lung cancer; (above) – Smoke contains benzene, nitrosarnines, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.

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