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Belgium buys Hungarian rights to pollute environment!

Posted by msrb on September 30, 2008

submitted by a reader

Trading the Rights [sic] to Pollute the Environment!

Belgium has bought the Hungarian “rights” to emit 2 million tons of greenhouse gas, spokeswomen for  the anti-environment ministries of both countries confirmed. The credits and funds have already been transferred.

Come again?

But, but … wasn’t the Kyoto Protocol a sophisticated joke designed to bring shame to the world’s … you are serious aren’t you?

Actually, and no it’s not a joke, the Kyoto Protocol allows industrialized countries to meet GHG emission targets by buying other countries emissions “rights.”

What’s the trading value of all other rights to rape the environment?

What about the rights to pollute the oceans, how much do they cost?

The rights to create more dead zones and their trading value?

And the rights to acidify your ocean, what’s their trading value?

How much must a country pay to bleach, say, 30 percent of the world’s coral reefs and, by the way, who owns those rights?

What about the right to pump raw sewage into your lakes or coastal waters, and its trading value?

The price of GHG emission rights is confidential!

“The (transaction) price is confidential as this was a private agreement between the two parties,” a spokewoman for Belgium’s Ministry of Climate and Energy told Reuters.

No way. secrecy is unacceptable! Its our air they are polluting and we want to know how many pieces of silver they are paying for it. Out with it now, you ugly beasts!

Et tu, Hungary?

Hungary’s Ministry of Environment and Water said it did not want to jeopardize Hungary’s ability to drive a hard bargain with other countries by revealing price details of the Belgian deal.

Under Kyoto Protocol, Hungary can sell about 100 million AAUs, or “surplus rights to emit CO2” by 2012. Each AAU allows the buyer to release one ton of carbon dioxide to the environment.

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