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Norbert Strengthens to a Cat 4 Hurricane

Posted by feww on October 9, 2008

UPDATE: October 12, 2008 – 06:00UTC  >> Norbert Makes Landfall in Mainland Mexico

October 10, 2008 – 03:00UTC – Norbert weakens to a category 1 hurricane.

Norbert has strengthened to a category 4A hurricane on the FEWW Hurricane Scale (Cat four on the Saffir-Simpson scale), additional strengthening possible.

Hurricane NORBERT – October 8, 2008 – 22:00UTC

Infrared Satellite image frozen. Source: NOAA.

RGB Satellite image frozen. Source: NOAA.

Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone


Hurricane Details:

Norbert becomes an extremely dangerous category four hurricane

  • Source: NHC
  • Forecaster: Brown
  • Date and Time: October 8, 2008 at 21:00UTC
  • Current Location: The center of hurricane Norbert was located near latitude 16.6 north, longitude 111.2 west or about 715 km south of the southern tip of Baja California.
  • Category and Wind Speed: Maximum sustained winds have increased to 215 km/hr with higher gusts.  Norbert is a Category 4A on FEWW Hurricane Scale (cat. four on the Saffir-Simpson scale). Some fluctuations in intensity are possible during the next 24 hours, followed by gradual weakening on Friday.
  • Direction: Norbert is moving toward the west-northwest at 15 km/hr. A northwestward motion is expected to begin later today or tonight, followed by a turn toward the north on Thursday night or Friday.
  • Wind Force Extent: Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 55 km from the center and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 230 km.
  • Estimated minimum central pressure: 948 mb (27.99 inches).
  • Additional Notes: The wind radii have increased.

Image Source: NASA/NOAA

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3 Responses to “Norbert Strengthens to a Cat 4 Hurricane”

  1. […] Norbert Strengthens to a Cat 4 Hurricane […]

  2. feww said

    Juan – it looks like you need lots of rain out there in your area. And what coincidence! Your farm seems to be almost exactly in the center of Norbert’s projected path. See Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone diagram above or at

    Unfortunately, there are too many variables at play to forecast with any degree of certainty what might happen when Norbert reaches your farm, if indeed it gets there at all.

    If everything stayed the same, and they won’t, you should expect lots of wind and about 6 inches of rain, together with coastal flooding which could, theoretically, reach as far as Navojoa depending on the terrain and elevation.[Your farm seems to be about 40km away from the coast.]

    As far as the Baja’s coastal areas are concerned, the most bothersome aspect of Norbert is its slow movement speed, which could make a longer lasting impression along its path across Baja California Sur.

    Best of luck!

    Ps. You may also want to contact NHC for a general opinion. Contact details

  3. Juan Pablo Cuevas said

    Any comments on this coordinates, I have a farm there and I want to know what to expect.

    Latitude 27°10’2.33″N
    Longitude 109°31’18.19″W

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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