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The H*ll with PayPal

Posted by feww on October 15, 2008

Enough is Enough! NO PayPal!

Time to Stop the Ripoff Merchants!

The moderators are collecting information about customer abuses by PayPal and would like to hear from users with horror stories.  All messages will be treated in strictest confidence, unless you specifically ask for your comment to be published for public viewing.

The following is from [Not affiliated with FEWW]

Top 3 PayPal Questions

1. Can PayPal hold my money with no explanation?  
The answer is YES.

2. Can PayPal freeze my account for no reason?  
The answer is YES.

3. Can PayPal take money out of my account without my knowledge?  The answer is YES.

For a selection of PayPall horror stories see: PayPal Warning

To take part in the PayPal Poll, please click: PayPal Poll

2 Responses to “The H*ll with PayPal”

  1. feww said

    The world would be a better place without the corporate parasites like PayPal…
    You might like to visit ‘PayPal Warning’ at
    [Not affiliated with FEWW] if you haven’t already and check out their horror stories, and messages about a class action suit against PayPal.

  2. Shaurica Clark said

    I’ve been had by PayPal not once, not twice, but three times a scammer! (At least that I can recall offhand from 4 years as a customer!) They have refunded 2 buyers without properly investigating the situation. The first buyer claimed that I sent him “empty dvd cases” instead of the movies he bought. Total lie. But did PayPal care? NO! They immediately debited the money from my account to cover this moron’s “losses.”

    Second occasion, PayPal holds 10/15 incoming payments in my account due to “new precautionary measures.” Never mind the fact that I’ve been a faithful, HONEST customer for 4 years!!! Have you ever tried calling their customer service??? You’d wanna kill yourself too.

    Third instance, Paypal is holding over $400 because the buyer that sent it to me is unverified. First of all, PayPal claims in many of its advertisements, that you don’t have to have an account to send OR receive money (which, by the way, is a LIE.) So why the heck should it matter if the person is verified or not?? Second of all, it’s not my business if they’re verified or not. My duty is to ship the product. Give me my d%$* money!!

    Ebay and PayPal take every opportunity they can to control you and everything you do. Sort of like a technological version of Hitler. Or Fidel Castro. What they don’t like, they will purge. And dump your remains by the wayside without a second thought. I’ve heard horror stories of them closing people’s accounts and giving them the boot, well why the hell can’t I voluntarily close mine??

    After this last bout with PayPal (lady claims purse I sent her wasn’t new, when it was BRAND new.. and of course, PayPal gave her the money back and now the account is in the negatives) I refuse to give much more than a damn about PayPal. That account will stay negative. And if they want to send it to the collection agency, I’ll fight it. But I’ll be damned if I pay.

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