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Tell Schwarzenegger Damage from Fires Is Preventable!

Posted by feww on November 17, 2008

Image of the Day: Mounting Costs of SoCal Fires Blaze the Coffers

Major damage from SoCal fires can be prevented for just a fraction of what it costs to ‘fight’ the fires

A firefighter removes a scorched American flag as he works to contain a wildfire fuelled by strong winds in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles November 15, 2008. A fast-moving wildfire in suburban Los Angeles is a threat to the city’s power supply, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said on Saturday. REUTERS/Phil McCarten. Image may be subject to copyright.

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3 Responses to “Tell Schwarzenegger Damage from Fires Is Preventable!”

  1. msrb said

    A rough guesstimate: $250 to $500 million.

  2. […] Comments Joseph C on Tell Schwarzenegger Damage fro…Santa Barbara Fires … on Shock and Awe Southland Fires …scienceguy288 on Santa Barbara […]

  3. Joseph C said

    it’s such a shame, isn’t it? How much is the cost of damages up to so far?

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