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Four times more babies sickened by Sanlu-Fonterra formula

Posted by feww on December 2, 2008

Nearly 300,000 babies [four times more than previously admitted] sickened by Sanlu-Fonterra infant formula

The state-owned news agency, Xinhua, reported the Chinese Ministry of Health as saying that up to 300,000 children suffered from urinary tract abnormalities including kidney stones after consuming melamine-tainted baby formula  produced by Sanlu-Fonterra joint venture and other brands.

According to government statistics, a total of over 51,900 children were hospitalized, with 861 of them still in hospital. Some 154 cases have been classified as ‘severe,’ and [at least] six babies have died.

Xinhua also said that China dairy exports fell 92% year-on-year in October 2008 [down from 12,000 to only about 1,000 tons per month.]

In October the U.S. Food and Drug Administration imposed an import alert on Chinese import food making it hard for the Chinese to export food products to the US.

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