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Orchids from ‘Hell’ for Obama Inauguration

Posted by feww on December 15, 2008

news submitted by Te2Ataria

Green President, green jobs, green energy; orange, pink and red orchids from 14,400 km (9,000 mi) away

A few orchids too far: The compassionate, environmentally conscious President-elect Obama will have orchids flown in from half away across the world for his inauguration

Barely days after President-elect Obama met with the former Vice-president Gore [the man who would have been a president,] to discuss the environmental imperatives of green jobs, energy and economy, it has been revealed that he will have orchids flown in from New Zealand for his inauguration on January 20, 2009.

Importing orchids from New Zealand: Flying in the face of environmental commonsense!

Thousands of stems of Disa orchids in a mixture of oranges, pinks and reds will be flown in to Washington DC within 24 hours of being cut in Taranaki, New Zealand.

The total weight of the consignment remains undisclosed, so we haven’t been able  to calculate the carbon footprint for the “orchid orgy.”

However,  each kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of goods flown from Taranaki (Wellington), New Zealand, to Washington DC, a total distance of about 14,400km  (9,000 miles), produces about 100kg (220 lbs.) of greenhouse gases (CO2e).  [The total amount of emission (kg) is equal to the gross weight of the orchids consignment (kg) multiplied by 100.]

The orchid grower, Mrs Coils, said if she lived in the US she would have voted for Obama. Bet you would, Mrs Coils!

President-elect Obama’s inauguration carbon footprint, Disa orchids, exotic chow, cocktails, security and all,  estimated at $100million, may exceed 58,400 metric tons of CO2.

On the eve of a major ecological collapse, and at a time when so many Americans live on the precipice of abject poverty, would a caring President-elect indulge in such unbridled extravagance?

Orchids from New Zealand? Yes, sure, why not? Go ahead! No one is looking, Mr President-elect.

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