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Global Food Safety Warning: Major Outbreak of Salmonella in New Zealand

Posted by feww on December 23, 2008

Do not consume or import New Zealand food products

Contaminated flour may have caused the national salmonella outbreak that has affected 50 people, according to the New Zealand “Food Safety” Authority

Salmonella symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting and headache. So far five of the victims have been hospitalized.  A woman infected with salmonella mbandaka died in Nelson, in April. Source

Champion, Edmonds, Homelife and Pam’s brand flours with best-before dates between June and July 2009 are likely to be infected and should not be eaten raw. 

Salmonella Bacteria

Safety Precautions

“NZFSA compliance and investigation director Geoff Allen said investigations had found the relatively rare salmonella phage type 42 strain in bags of flour. The same strain had infected people across the country.” Source

  • Do NOT lick the spoon during baking, especially if the source of flour is unknown!
  • Do NOT Eat raw batter or other mixes (such as cake or muffin), especially if the source of flour is unknown!
  • Avoid coming into contact with people traveling from New Zealand
  • Do not import or consume food products imported from New Zealand

[Note: Health officials are warning bakers against licking their bowls!!]

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