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Papua Quakes Damge Report

Posted by feww on January 5, 2009

At least 4 fatalities were reported after the quake cluster hit Papua

Residents inspect a collapsed hotel after an earthquake struck in Manokwari, Papua province, Indonesia, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009. A series of powerful earthquakes at dawn killed at least three people and injured dozens more in remote eastern Indonesia on Sunday, cutting power lines and badly damaging buildings. (AP Photo/Budi Setiawan). Image may be subject to copyright.

Reported Death Toll: Of the 4 fatalities reported, at least one was caused by the quake.

Other casualties: About fifty people were admitted to hospitals with broken bones and head injuries and another 300 were treated for minor injuries.

Property damage: Up to 150 homes and other structures collapsed or were badly damaged throughout the province.

Other damage:

  • Blackout after power lines were damaged.
  • Runway of Manokwari’s Rendani airport was damaged and commercial flights were subsequently canceled.

The authorities issued a tsunami warning, which was lifted after it was confirmed that the epicenter was on land, not water.

“Quakes centered onshore pose little tsunami threat to Indonesia itself, but those close to the coast can churn up large waves that sometimes reach the coastlines of other countries such as Japan.” AP reported.

Small tsunamis measuring between 10 and 40 centimeters high reached the southern coasts of Japan.

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