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If You Thought Antarctica, Too, Must Be Warming

Posted by feww on January 22, 2009

If you thought Antarctica, too, must be warming, not cooling [as some big oil mercenary ‘experts’ might have wanted you to believe,] you would be right, of course!

When massive ice shelves the size of Wilkins are rapidly calving, and there is no mechanism other than global warming to explain the events, you have to start asking questions about the validity of research that tells you the opposite!

Antarctica is warming [NOT cooling,] according to a new study led by Eric Steig of the University of Washington in Seattle. The findings of the study are consistent with the  overall global trend of warming.

Antarctica is warming like the rest of the globe! West Antarctica seems to be warming faster than the Antarctic Peninsula (the warmest regions shown in dark red), researchers said. Image Credit: NASA; Eric. J. Steig

The scientists review of satellite and weather records for Antarctica revealed that the icy  continent’s temperatures had risen by about  0.5 Celsius (0.8 Fahrenheit) in the last 50 years. Their study will be published in Thursday’s edition of the Nature.

“The thing you hear all the time is that Antarctica is cooling and that’s not the case,” said Eric Steig, confirming that the Antarctic average temperature rise was “very comparable to the global average.”

The study, based on a combination of temperature measurement by satellite over the past 25 years and data collected from more than 40 weather stations since the 1950s, contradicts previous “research” that most of the continent had cooled.

The “cooling” of Antarctica ruse has been used as a convenient tactic by big oil to argue that warming is a myth, and obfuscate other evidence of global warming.

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