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Ice and Snow, Here, There, Everywhere!

Posted by feww on January 28, 2009

Ice and Snow Have Covered a Vast Area of the United States, from the Plains to the East Coast

A powerful storm spread ice and snow from the southern Plains to the East Coast of the United States. It blocked road, closed schools and government offices, cut power and killed at least 13 people in weather-related incidents since the storm began on Monday.

A disabled auto sits stranded along I-71 near Glencoe, Ky., Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009. Gov. Steve Beshear declared a statewide emergency as a powerful winter storm barrels through Kentucky. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke). Image may be subject to copyright. (Source).

At least ¼ of a million customers were left without power throughout Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma and southeastern Missouri.

Up to a thousand schools, colleges and universities called off classes Tuesday in hard-hit areas of  Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana,  Kentucky,  Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and W.Virginia.

Enhanced Radar Image – Base Reflectivity. Image updated at intervals.  Source: National Weather Service

About 15 inches of snow was forecast in New Hampshire, as the storm threatened to spread the spell into New England, prompting the New Hampshire Legislature to cancel Wednesday’s sessions.

Snow and Fog in Pacific Northwest

The top image is a natural-color view that covers parts of British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. This photo-like view is made from MODIS’ observations of visible light. NASA EO Image: Acquired January 18, 2009

The false-color version of the scene  reveals that not all the white is snow, however. This picture is made from a combination of red light and shortwave infrared light, which our eyes cannot see. Snow and ice are red, while clouds and fog are white or pale peach. Liquid water on the ground is dark red, nearly black, and vegetation is green. NASA EO Image: Acquired January 18, 2009.

Read more about these image here.

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