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Day Birds Fell From Sky

Posted by feww on February 21, 2009

Residents of New Plymouth, New Zealand discovered their streets littered with hundreds of dead sparrows …

The following was sent by TEAA in Wellington, New Zealand

NZ Terminal Toxic Syndrome

New Zealand: Toxic Waters, Poisoned Land

Raw sewage on streets, in rivers and coastal waters; toxic algae in every nook and cranny, soil contaminated with heavy metals, 1080, dioxins … ; flocks of dead birds falling from the sky …

Hundreds of dead sparrows littered New Plymouth yesterday in what looked like a mass poisoning.

“A former top official at New Plymouth’s lvon Watkins Dow chemical factory has confirmed the worst fears of residents – part of the town may be sitting on a secret toxic waste dump containing the deadly Vietnam War defoliant Agent Orange.” An earlier report said.

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One Response to “Day Birds Fell From Sky”

  1. jenni said

    I know that most of the birds disappeared from my garden after the initial Foray 48B aerial sprays (2002). The tuis stayed, but they grazed on the ground – which was a first. We still have Section 114A of the 1993 Biosecurity Act ready to spray us with poison at 24 hours notice. The 100% pure NZ advertisements were 100% BS.

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