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Swine Flu Mystery Deepens

Posted by feww on April 27, 2009

Is New Zealand’s Biowarfare Industry the Missing Link in Swine Flu Outbreak?

Latest Update –

  • President Obama said the swine flu cases in the US were a cause for concern but not alarm.
  • World Health Organization experts are meeting to discuss the virus outbreak.
  • The UN warns that the virus has the potential to become a pandemic.
  • EU Health Commissioner has advised people to avoid traveling to Mexico and the US, except in an emergency.
  • Mexican Health Secretary said suspected swine flu cases in his country had risen to 1,614 on Sunday.
  • A senior US health official warned about the possibility of  “more severe cases” to follow.
  • Airlines shares fell sharply on fears concerning the economic fallout of the outbreak.
  • Oil futures fell 5% in early trading Monday because of concerns over global economic recovery.
  • Most countries are introducing measures to prevent the spread the virus.
  • In New Zealand the authorities are preparing for the worst as swine flu toll rises. Dozens of people have been quarantined, or asked to stay at home for seven days.

In Mexico City:

  • Schools and public buildings remained closed, and people were advised to stay indoors.
  • Soldiers handed out six million masks throughout the capital.

Swine flu outbreak map. Source WHO via BBC

  • Mexico: 103 dead; 20 confirmed deaths from swine flu; 18 confirmed infected with swine flu
  • United States: 20 confirmed cases
  • Canada: 6 confirmed cases
  • Spain: 1 confirmed case
  • New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Spain and UK :  Dozens of suspected cases being tested

NewZeelend Blog Moderator, TEAA, is advising her readers who are flying Air New Zealand to demand their plane be fumigated immediately before takeoff!

TEAA asks

1. Why are so many New Zealanders sickened by swine flu virus, compared with only a few cases in the United States?

2. Did the virus really originate from Mexico?

TEAA wrote:

  • Total number of New Zealanders visiting Mexico City since March 2009:  Not very many, possibly a few hundred.
  • Reported number of New Zealanders sickened by Swine flu virus: More than 20 percent of the visitors [FEWW estimate is about 5% of the visitors]
  • Total number of US citizens visiting Mexico City or coming into contact with people traveling from MC since March: Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of citizens [FEWW estimates the number at 1,000,000]
  • Total number of US citizens hit by Swine flu: Less than two dozens

Based on the figures provided by TEAA, the Moderators  estimate that the ratio of the rate of New Zealanders with suspected infection to those in the United States is  about 250,000 : 1

In other words, New Zealanders have shown to be 250,000 more likely to catch the suspected swine flu virus than the US citizen.

FEWW also estimate that

  • The ratio of the rate of New Zealanders who traveled to Mexico City and are now suspected to have swine flu to the infected people in Mexico is about 275,000 : 1


  • Rate ratio of New Zealanders to the infected people in Mexico City is about 45,000 : 1

All of the data available are of course preliminary and subject to speculation. However, the readers would agree that the numbers are too significant to disregard as statistical anomaly.

Where did the swine flu virus originate from? Mexico, New Zealand or some place else?

FEWW is informed that ESR (a Crown Research Institute wholly owned by the New Zealand Government) is heavily involved in germ warfare experiments.  For additional information see: Dr Adu-Bobie, 31, an expert on meningococcal vaccines, contracted meningococcal septicaemia within days of working at New Zealand’s ESR labs.

Is it possible that the new strain of swine flu was developed in New Zealand and flown to Mexico for experiments?

Has New Zealand ever committed any major crimes such as  genocide, mass murder, crimes against humanity and nature, large-scale environmental destruction, eco-terrorism … to warrant any such insinuation?

Genocide of Maori. Maori owned 66,400,000 acres of land in 1840. Maori population stood at about 250,000. Two generations later, by 1891, the Maori Land was reduced to one sixth of the original holding (11,079,486 Acres) and so was Maori population, decimated by Pakeha (white Europeans) to 42,000.

Ecocide in Vietnam and genocide of North Vietnamese. New Zealand has been producing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction since at least the end of WWII. One of the well-documented cases is the manufacture of substantial quantities of the deadly defoliant Agent Orange between 1960 and 1987, which was subsequently used for the destruction of Vietnamese forests and mass murder of the North Vietnamese.

The Case of Dr Adu-Bobie. Dr Adu-Bobie, 31, an expert on meningococcal vaccines, contracted meningococcal septicaemia within days of working at New Zealand’s ESR labs. The virus didn’t affect her white colleagues.

[Note: Patients with swine flu outside Mexico are said to be making a full recovery, so far.]

Ecocide in New Zealand and Antarctica

The Secret Dumping of Agent Orange. Indiscriminate dumping of Agent Orange in secret sites.

Intensive Agriculture. The pressure in New Zealand to produce food for export has turned the country into a giant sewage dump. “Hundreds of millions of tons of agricultural waste and farm runoffs are discharged into the lakes and coastal waters, and millions of tons of methane gas are released to the environment each year.” Extensive dead zones regularly appear off the coasts of New Zealand. Both  NZ and Australia are major sources of industrial agriculture as well as sheep and cattle factory farming. “New Zealand cattle and sheep also produce methane emissions equivalent to 33 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.”

Large-scale environmental pollution. New Zealand is the size of Colorado yet it hosts up to 94 million farm animals (livestock excluding poultry), which discharge an estimated 300 million tons of effluent to the environment each year. New Zealand’s intensive animal industries produce about 4 times more manure than they could safely use as fertilizer. [The leftover is discharged or washed off into NZ coastal waters.]

New Zealand Tourism Industry. New Zealand government is committing eco-terrorism by luring 2.5 million uninformed persons to New Zealand each year. On a return flight from the United States to New Zealand, each visitor produces about 7.4 metric tons of CO2e pollution [11.1 metric tons of CO2e if flying from the US Atlantic coast]; a UK visitor produces about 17.64 metric tons of CO2.

World’s largest 1080 user. NZ government agencies are increasingly using large scale indiscriminate aerial applications to cut costs. New Zealand releases about two and a half tons of compound 1080 into its environment each year, about 90% of the global use. [Enough poison to kill the entire population of New Zealand 15 times over, if administered orally!]

Negligent homicide of at least 1,522 foreigners, with another 450 visitors permanently missing. Between January 1, 2000 and January 30, 2009 at least 1,475 foreigners were killed in New Zealand. That is as many as 35 percent of all US troops killed in Iraq during a comparable period. [Between March 2003 and January 30, 2009 at least 4,237 US military personnel were killed in Iraq —officially acknowledged.] Number of foreigners who are permanently missing in New Zealand is estimated at more than 450.

Mass murder of dozens of Chinese babies and sickening of another half of a million. Chinese Sanlu chairwoman Tian Wenhau last week said she allowed melamine to be added to its infant milk formula on the advice of its New Zealand shareholder. Fonterra has confirmed it gave her a document about Europe’s safe limits of melamine in food, but said it made it clear zero was the only acceptable melamine level.

Conspiracy to topple foreign governments.

  • A key government official in Fiji claims she has email written by Michael green, a senior New Zealand “diplomat,” showing secret interference in Fiji’s internal affairs. A report by Fiji Human Rights Commission head and Ombudsman Shaista Shameem states New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy secretary, Michael Green, is involved in a “conspiracy to cripple the administration of justice in Fiji”.  Michael Green was New Zealand’s High Commissioner in Fiji until he was declared persona non grata and kicked out of the country in June 2007. Dr Shameem says he “was still interfering in Fiji’s internal affairs”. (Source:
  • A suspected New Zealand SIS agent arrested in the Philippines in connection with  a 2003 mutiny. Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials say they are doing what they can to help the suspect, NZPA said. … “The man, identified only by his surname Newman, and six retired Philippine Navy soldiers have been detained by the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration and Organised Crime Task Force, The Dominion Post reported.”… “The man had appointed a lawyer and did not want any other information released.”

Advance knowledge of virus manipulation. ESR’s influenza experts have been heavily experimenting with the flu virus for nearly two decades. “ESR undertakes New Zealand’s ‘flu surveillance and operates the WHO National Influenza Centre. A national surveillance system was set up in 1991 as part of the WHO global programme for influenza surveillance.” … “ESR’s influenza team move[d] into new purpose-built laboratories at the National Centre for Biosecurity and Infectious Disease – Wallaceville, early in 2008.” [Update added May 8, 2009 ]

New Zealand government debts are UNMANAGEABLE. They would take any measure to avoid bankruptcy and stay in control. The flu vaccine business is an extremely lucrative market, and NZ govt as the owners of ESR labs. would stop short of nothing to exploit that market. They currently have in place various arrangements with vaccine manufacturers, including a contract with Australia’s CSL Ltd— a flu vaccine manufacturer. The following are excerpts from Will NZ become Iceland?

Quote [from

  • The [New Zealand] economy is in its worst recession on record, and the government faces a sea of red ink – will New Zealand end up like Iceland?
  • [T]he economy  is shrinking as the once-hot housing market has stalled, skyrocketing fuel and food prices have turned consumers cautious and the credit crunch has hit.
  • New Zealand “is one of the most heavily indebted developed economies, as measured by the net international investment position as a percentage of GDP,” Trinh [a currency analyst at RBC Capital Markets in Sydney] said in a note to investors.
  • New Zealand “is one of the most heavily indebted developed economies, as measured by the net international investment position as a percentage of GDP,” Trinh said in a note to investors.[Sue Trinh is a currency analyst at RBC Capital Markets in Sydney]
  • At the end of March last year, New Zealand’s national debt, as measured by a negative net international investment position, was 86 percent of GDP, second to Iceland in the group of countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

End Quote

See also NZ government’s own debt forecast: New Zealand Parliament – 2. Government Debt—Forecasts

Moderators have demonstrated New Zealand government’s ability to commit the crime (means), the reason why they committed the crime (motive), and the opportunity to commit the crime (opportunity). The readers can make up their own mind.

[Updated May 8, 2009 ]

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  1. YBC said

    [please see editorial policy. Editor]

  2. Michiko Galassini said

    Influenza activity is declining nationally, but remains high in parts of the country and may continue for some time. This season has been severe for people 65 and older with key indicators showing many hospitalizations and deaths in that age group.”

    Our webpage

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  4. […] is a ‘phandemic’; it’s a ‘pandemic’ created by pharmaceuticals. See background, and scam notes […]

  5. Stu said

    Great post! I’m loving your website!

  6. feww said

    ‘Swine Flu’ Double Psychology

    Pharmaceuticals Brand of Viral ‘Bait and Switch’ Courtesy of WHO

    If what you are saying is even remotely true, and the threat of a new [more powerful than the seasonal] flu pandemic is imminent, then governments must discharge their responsibility to the people by taking at least the following two steps:

    1. Dismantle WHO and replace it with an honest, professional and competent organization.

    2. Nationalize pharmaceuticals to eliminate the threat of flu and other disease pandemics caused by designer viral mutations, which are laboratory-engineered for commercial exploitation.

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  10. feww said

    FACTBOX: Measures in North, South America against flu
    (Reuters) – Governments across North and South America took measures to avert a pandemic as the new swine flu virus spread from Mexico.


    * In Mexico, the center of the outbreak where 149 people were reported to have died, schools throughout the country have been closed until May 6.

    * The Mexican government issued an emergency decree that gives it the power to isolate sick people, enter homes or workplaces and regulate air, sea and land transportation to try and stop further infection.

    * Congress was to meet in a closed-door session on Tuesday to consider measures.

    * Mexico City authorities shut bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and even churches and made soccer teams play in empty stadiums to prevent the disease’s spread. Many offices told workers to stay home but traffic remained heavy.

    * The government said it had $450,000 available to fight the flu, and the World Bank offered $205 million in loans.


    * In the United States, where all 52 cases reported have been mild, the government declared a public health emergency. President Barack Obama said it was a “precautionary tool” that would give health officials the resources needed to respond quickly and effectively.

    * U.S. health officials advised Americans to avoid “non-essential” trips to Mexico and announced steps to release some of the U.S. stockpiles of the anti-flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza.

    * Local authorities were told to plan for possible school closures and anyone with symptoms was urged to stay at home.

    * Officials said they were not testing air travelers from Mexico for the virus but the CDC was preparing a “yellow card” for travelers explaining flu symptoms and precautions to take.

    * The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City said it would suspend visa and nonemergency services for U.S. citizens in the city.

    * Several major U.S. airlines were allowing customers to change travel plans to Mexico without any fee or penalty.


    * After six cases were confirmed in Canada, all involving only mild illness, the government said it was increasing its surveillance for possible new cases and urged people to take precautions like frequent hand washing.

    * Canada advised against non-essential travel to Mexico.

    * Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the government would provide extra health funding if needed, but for the time being it was a question of monitoring the situation.


    * Officials are screening passengers on flights from the United States, Mexico and Canada for flu symptoms and placed an order for 100,000 surgical masks to be distributed at airports.


    * Officials installed a fever scanner in the airport to screen passengers from Mexico and the United States and called on citizens to avoid travel to countries with a flu risk.


    * The government declared a disaster situation as a preventive measure, providing funds for increased monitoring of possible cases and clearing the way for purchases of medicines and gear such as surgical masks.

    * The government recommended people suspend trips to Mexico, California and Texas.


    * Venezuela recommended people avoid travel to Mexico and the United States and stepped up sanitary control at airports.


    * Cubana Airlines canceled its Havana to Mexico City flight and officials were monitoring passengers arriving from Mexico.


    Ecuador banned imports of pigs and pork products from the United States and Mexico as a precaution. No cases reported.


    * Officials checked for people with flu symptoms arriving from Mexico and other countries including the United States where cases have been confirmed.

    (Compiled by World Desk Americas and Fiona Ortiz in Buenos Aires; Editing Anthony Boadle)


    FACTBOX-Measures against swine flu in Europe and Africa

    April 29 (Reuters) – Here is a guide to precautionary steps being taken around Europe and Africa to combat a possible flu pandemic:

    * Star denotes new or updated entry


    AUSTRIA — Has stocks of antiviral drugs sufficient to treat 4 million people (half the population), and has secured production capacity for prophylactic vaccines for the entire population. It has also stockpiled 8 million protective masks.

    * BRITAIN — Leaflets giving advice about the new H1N1 swine flu virus are to be sent to every home in Britain.

    — Advises nationals against non-vital travel to Mexico. Routine consular and all visa services at its embassy in Mexico City have been suspended. Has antiviral stockpiles for treatment of 50 percent of the population.

    — Travel firms Thomson Holidays and First Choice have decided to repatriate their customers from Mexico and to cancel flights bound for Cancun. Thomas Cook is cancelling all flights to Mexico until May 5.

    BULGARIA — Advises nationals against non-vital travel to Mexico. Sofia airport boosts checks of passengers arriving from countries affected. Two thermal scanners have been installed at the airport. Customs officers are also checking the luggage of passengers arriving from Mexico, the United States, Canada and Japan to ensure they are not importing pork products.

    CZECH REPUBLIC — Circulates general information on the viral strain to hospitals, doctors and general practitioners. Has stocks of 2 million doses of Tamiflu, enough to treat one fifth of the population. At Prague Airport, information boards on swine flu have been put up and medical tests are available.

    DENMARK — A general pandemic plan is in place since bird flu scare. Denmark has stockpiled Tamiflu.

    FRANCE — Is strongly advising against travelling to Mexico. Has reinforced checks at airports, especially for people returning from Mexico. France has a stock of more than 30 million antiviral treatments, composed of 24 million doses of Tamiflu and 9 million doses of Relenza.

    GERMANY — Advises nationals against non-vital travel to Mexico.

    GREECE — Has “strategic stocks” of Tamiflu and other antivirus medicine. Leaflets are being handed out at the airport. Passengers coming from countries where swine flu has occurred are being tracked and doctors at the airport will carry out checks.

    ITALY – Pamphlets are being handed out to passengers at Rome’s international airport. Italy has 10 million doses of Zanamivir (Relenza) and 60,000 doses of Tamiflu as well as enough Tamiflu powder to make 30 million doses.

    NORWAY — A “pandemic committee” will meet this week. Authorities have stored flu medicine covering one-third of the 4.7 million population.

    * PORTUGAL — Has stocks of 2.5 million doses of Tamiflu, sufficient to treat a quarter of the population. Airport authority is providing information to passengers going to or returning to Mexico City on prevention/detection measures.

    RUSSIA — Health ministry recommends Russian citizens avoid trips to Mexico.

    — Aircraft personnel arriving from the Americas have been instructed to look out for passengers with flu-like symptoms. Planes, on which cases are suspected, will be taxied to special zones, and passengers and crews examined by medics.

    — Has extended its ban on raw meat imports to the U.S. states of New York and Ohio. The ban will also apply to all raw and cooked meat products which could be carried in the luggage of passengers and crew, as well as to food served on board airplanes and ships which had stopped in those states.

    — Had imposed bans on meat from Mexico and the states of Texas, California and Kansas, and to raw pork from Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Florida, countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

    SLOVAKIA – With population of 5.4 million, it has around 700,000 doses of Tamiflu in state reserves.

    * SLOVENIA – Has 500,000 units of Tamiflu, enough to treat a quarter of Slovenia’s population.

    SPAIN — Distributes leaflets to passengers arriving from Mexico. Flights to Mexico are being equipped with face masks and gloves. Spain has a stockpile of 10 million doses of Tamiflu.

    UKRAINE — Bans imports of live pigs and pork meat from countries where cases of swine flu have been recorded. This applies to Mexico, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. All shipments received after April 21 will be subject to the ban.


    EGYPT — Increases medical staff at Cairo airport to check passengers arriving from Mexico and will monitor them during their stay.

    GHANA — Bans the import of pork and pork products. It has drugs available and a quarantine system in place should any cases be identified.

    SOUTH AFRICA — Outbreak response teams are operational in all provinces.

    ZAMBIA — Has formed an emergency task force to deal with a possible outbreak of swine flu.


    FACTBOX: Measures in Asia against swine flu
    (Reuters) – Asia, a continent that has battled deadly viruses such as the H5N1 bird flu and SARS in recent years, has been taking steps to ward off the new swine flu virus.

    Current totals of swine flu cases in Asia:


    NEW ZEALAND 0 3 11

    AUSTRALIA 0 0 91

    SOUTH KOREA 0 0 6

    Following are some details of how Asian countries are responding to the crisis (* denotes new contribution):


    * – Govt approves tough new powers to detain and disinfect people suspected of carrying swine flu. All incoming flights to Australia have to declare any suspected flu cases on arrival.

    Thermal scanners and extra medical staff are also being sent to airports for future screening of incoming passengers

    – Enough anti-viral drugs stockpiled to cover around 41 percent of 21 million population. Australia has stockpiled 8.7 million doses of Tamiflu and Relenza drugs. Large stores of surgical masks.


    – Recommends nationals staying in Mexico to leave unless on urgent business. Agriculture Ministry suspends imports of live pigs from North America.

    – Tamiflu stockpile for 2.5 million people and is working to increase that to 10 percent of population of about 49 million.


    – Will shut schools if one or more confirmed cases found at schools and if there is a sign disease is spreading.

    – Media say authorities have 20 million doses of Tamiflu and other anti-flu drugs. Steps up screening at all entry points. VIETNAM

    – Visitors arriving from the swine flu infected countries to be isolated. Nationals advised not to visit zones reported with the disease.

    – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city of more than 8 million people, has stocks of Tamiflu enough for 1 million people.


    – Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew quoted in Straits Times as saying nationals returning from Mexico will be quarantined. “We’re taking no chances. We learnt from Sars,” he said.

    – Thermal scanners at airport and isolation units at hospitals, where staff at some emergency departments are wearing full protective clothing.


    – Central government has Tamiflu stockpile for about 22.5 million, and Relenza stockpile for about 2.68 million people, for combined stock which would cover nearly 20 percent of population. Local governments have own stockpiles but figures not available.

    – Checking passengers from Mexico, Canada and the United States at international airports.


    – Public health officials say “ample stocks” of anti-flu drugs. NZ built up stockpile after bird flu scare sufficient to cover between 25-30 percent of the 4.3 million population. New Zealand has raised the level of its national pandemic plan and is screening all flights from North America.


    – Current supplies of swine flu treatment to cover 10 percent of Taiwan’s 23 million population. More than one million facemasks for emergency use.


    – Tamiflu stockpile covering more than 2 million of the 27-million strong population.


    – Government has 320,000 sets of Tamiflu stockpiled. GPO, state-owned drug maker, can produce one million capsules of generic Tamiflu if needed. Thailand has a population of about 65 million.

    – Temperature screening checkpoints at international airports in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket.


    * – Govt says has Tamiflu stockpile of 600,000 for 60,000 possible cases and is buying 10 million pesos worth of additional Tamiflu. This covers a small fraction of the Philippine population of 90 million.

    * – Airports equipped with thermal scanners, hired additional medical staff to handle swine-flu related cases.


    * – China’s national tourism administration orders travel agencies to suspend tours to Mexico, according to state media. The commerce ministry is donating $5 million to Mexico to help tackle the swine flu outbreak. Chinese authorities tell hospitals to swiftly report any suspected cases of swine flu, and the official press is vowing fast public disclosure of any cases.


    – Travellers, particularly those coming from countries already hit by recent outbreak, to be screened.


    – Temperature scanners installed at 10 airports and ports with immediate effect.

    – At least 3 million Tamiflu capsules in stock.


    – Has stockpiled one million Tamiflu doses which cover more than 142,000 people. Government has requested another one million doses which it expects to receive within 7-10 days.

    – Surveillance stepped up at international airports and ports.


    – Has 500,000 courses of antivirals stockpiled in Singapore and another 500,000 distributed among ASEAN member states. ASEAN also has stockpile of personal protective equipment but it did not give details.

    * * * *


    The following countries have issued advisories against non-essential travel to Mexico:

    Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam.


    Japan advised nationals currently in Mexico to consider returning home soon and has suspended visa waivers for Mexicans.

    Vietnamese Health Ministry advised against travel “to the zones reported with the disease.”

    (Reporting by Asian bureaux; Editing Valerie Lee)
    © Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved

  11. feww said

    Texan baby is first flu death outside Mexico
    Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:00am EDT

    By Maggie Fox

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A baby in Texas has died of the H1N1 flu strain, the first confirmed death outside Mexico from the virus, which health officials fear could cause a pandemic as it spread to two more countries.

    Nearly a week after the threat emerged in Mexico, where up to 159 people have died, U.S. officials said on Wednesday a 23-month-old child died from the virus in the state that borders Mexico.

    They gave no other details on the first death in a country with 65 confirmed cases of swine flu, most of them mild.

    Germany reported its first three cases and Austria one, taking to nine the number of countries known to be affected.

    France said it would seek on Thursday a European Union ban on all flights to Mexico because of the flu.

    The EU, like the United States and Canada, has already advised against nonessential travel to the popular tourist destination.

    A Bavarian couple in their 30s, a 22-year-old woman in Hamburg and a 28-year-old Austrian, who was now recovering, had all recently returned from Mexico — as had all five Britons taken ill with mild symptoms.

    The Britons include three new cases confirmed on Wednesday, adults in London and Birmingham and a 12-year-old girl in southwest England.

    Cases have also been confirmed in Canada, New Zealand, Israel and Spain.

    The World Health Organization said it may raise its pandemic alert level to phase five — the second highest — if it were confirmed that infected people in at least two countries were spreading the new disease to other people in a sustained way.

    Before the U.S. death was reported, Keiji Fukuda, acting WHO assistant director for health security and environment, said it could be a “very mild pandemic,” adding, however, that influenza “moves in ways we cannot predict.”

    Stock markets in Asia and Europe rose on Wednesday, partly on optimism the world could be spared a major deadly pandemic.

    Considerable market uncertainty remained.

    “The sentiment is not one of panic but that of caution,” said Alex Wong, director with Ample Finance Group in Hong Kong.

    “There is no indication on how bad the situation may get, so investors are guarded about taking new positions.”


    The new strain contains DNA from avian, swine and human viruses and appears to have evolved the ability to pass easily from one person to another, unlike most swine H1N1 viruses. It is not caught from eating pig meat products but several countries, led by Russia and China, have banned U.S. pork imports. The EU said it has no plans to follow suit.

    Mexican Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said more than 1,300 people were in hospitals, some of them seriously ill, out of a total of around 2,500 suspected cases.

    “In the last few days there has been a decline (in cases),” he said. “The death figures have remained more or less stable.”

    Victims ranged from children and young adults to middle-aged people and the old, a different pattern to common seasonal flu that mainly kills the elderly and infirm.

    “The distribution doesn’t follow a fixed pattern,” Cordova said.

    In a sign of how mild many cases outside Mexico have been, New Zealand gave the all-clear on Wednesday for a group of students and a teacher who caught the virus to return to school.

    “(They) will be able to come out of isolation again,” said Deputy Director of Public Health Fran McGrath.

    Australia approved tough new powers to detain and disinfect people suspected of carrying swine flu, as authorities awaited test results from 91 suspected cases.


    Argentina became the second country to ban flights to and from Mexico. Cuba imposed a similar measure earlier in the week.

    Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd said they were temporarily suspending port calls in Mexico. Land-based tour groups were also calling off trips to the area’s beaches.

    All Mayan ruins and Aztec pyramids, dotted through central and southern Mexico, were closed until further notice.

    Mexico City was unusually quiet with schools closed. Many took their children in to work, including a ruling party lawmaker whose children spent the day in Congress.

    As suspected cases began to crop up across Central America, El Salvador began sending nurses to check buses of Salvadoran migrants being deported from Mexico for flu-like symptoms.

    U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said pork, soybean and corn prices had fallen in the last two days and criticized what he said were illogical restrictions on pork.

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk praised the Japanese government for publicly stating it would not ban U.S. pork.

    “We want to make sure that a handful of our trading partners don’t take advantage of this legitimate concern over public health and engage in behavior that could also damage the world’s economy,” Kirk said at a news conference.

    (Reporting by Maggie Fox in Washington, Jason Lange, Catherine Bremer Alistair Bell and Helen Popper in Mexico City, and Eric Burroughs in Hong Kong; Writing by Richard Meares, editing by Myra MacDonald)
    © Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved

  12. feww said

    Breaking News
    Swine Flu Death in Texas

  13. terres said

    Swine flu in New Zealand – cases confirmed
    BREAKING The Director of Public Health tonight announced that three of the Rangitoto College party have tested positive for swine flu H1N1.

    Results from three of the samples were received earlier this evening by World Health Organisation’s Melbourne laboratory and all tested positive for the same swine flu strain.

    Testing continues on a fourth sample.

    “Unfortunately tonight we can confirm New Zealanders have tested positive to swine flu,” Health Minister Tony Ryall said.

    On the basis of these results the Ministry is assuming all of the people in the group who tested positive for influenza A have swine flu.
    © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited

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