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‘Swine Flu’ Double Psychology

Posted by feww on May 13, 2009

Pharmaceuticals Brand of Viral ‘Bait and Switch’ Courtesy of WHO

The ‘swine flu’ headlines are once again stoking fear not only in the hearts and minds of governments, but ordinary peoples’, too.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, the UK news agency [paid for by the public but controlled by the elite] trumpeted:

“Swine flu could hit one in three”

Does one in three mean a third?

“A third of the world’s population could be infected with swine flu, expert projections suggest.”

[Note: GlaxoSmithKline Plc, a major pharmaceutical company, is coincidentally based in Britain]

Who is this ‘expert?’

“Although one in three who come in contact will likely become infected, the Imperial College London team declined to estimate the death toll.” BBC said.

We dare you! Out with the estimate you fear mongers!

Where did the researchers get their data from?

“Working in collaboration with the WHO and public health agencies in Mexico, the researchers assessed the Mexico epidemic using data to the end of April and taking into account factors like international spread and viral genetic diversity.” BBC murmured.

“Lead researcher Professor Neil Ferguson said it was too early to say whether the virus will cause deaths on a massive scale, or prove little more lethal than normal seasonal flu.

Worse than 1957 [for sure,]  but not quite as bad as 1918

“His ‘fast and dirty’ analysis of Mexico’s swine flu outbreak suggests that the H1N1 virus is about as dangerous as the virus behind a 1957 pandemic that killed 2 million people worldwide.” BBC added.

Do you have to be a professor to come up with that kind of  ‘fast and dirty’ analysis?

“But it’s not nearly as lethal as the bug that caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which caused an estimated 50 million deaths in 1918.”  BBC said, not specifying whether it was their conclusion, or something extra the professor had said, but couldn’t be attributed to him.

Seriously, it takes a lot chutzpah to pluck a virus like A(H1N1) out of the air and place its potential damage somewhere between “the bug that caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic,” and “the virus behind a 1957 pandemic that killed 2 million people.”

That’s an amazing prediction by any standard of imagination, save for commercial marketing of a manufactured product [ahem, pharmaceutical.]

Doesn’t it sound amazing the similarity between the technical description of A(H1N1) virus and that of a commercially manufactured product? Professor Ferguson could be describing a car tire which is designed to give you say, 15,000miles on pavement, but not more than 8k on dirt roads.

We suspect collision between WHO and the professor. Are the two in any way related?

“Prof Ferguson … sits on the World Health Organisation’s emergency committee for the outbreak,” BBC conceded.

And how do we know if we died of A(H1N1), rather than another mutation of the virus?

You don’t. “To put that into context, normal seasonal flu every year probably affects around 10% of the world’s population every year, so we are heading for a flu season which is perhaps three times worse than usual – not allowing for whether this virus is more severe than normal seasonal flu viruses.” Ferguson says.

Pray, where’s all this leading to, prof F.?

“His study suggests swine flu could kill four in every 1,000 infected people.” BBC interjected.

“We really need to be prepared, particularly for the autumn. At the moment, the virus is not spreading fast in the northern hemisphere, because we are outside the normal flu season, but come the autumn it is likely to cause a really major epidemic.

“One of the key decisions which has to be made this week by the world community is how much do we switch over current vaccine production for seasonal flu to make a vaccine against this particular virus? I think those decisions need to be made quickly.” Ferguson said.

FEWW Moderators know if they push the case too hard and fast, the pharmaceuticals could call their bluff-calling hand by switching own cards, as it were. They could release the X(NyNz) ” selectively-targeting” flu virus  mutation [similar to the current one whose victims are 99.5% Mexicans,] and strike another section of the world population with an added vengeance,  in an attempt to clear their image.

You can just about imagine Prof Ferguson and other WHO reps on the TV screen looking at you angrily, screaming “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

If what you are saying is even remotely true, and the threat of a new [more powerful than the seasonal] flu pandemic is imminent, then governments must discharge  their responsibility to the people by taking at least the following two steps:

  1. Dismantle WHO and replace it with an honest, professional and competent organization.
  2. Nationalize pharmaceuticals to eliminate any threat of the laboratory-engineered “designer mutations” of flu and other deadly viral disease pandemics, weapons used for monetary exploitation.

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