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Cyclone Aila Kills 70 in Bangladesh, India

Posted by feww on May 26, 2009

Cyclone Aila pummels eastern India and Bangladesh

Strong winds and tidal surges have forced the closure of major ports of Chittagong and Mongla in Bangladesh.

Flooding in coastal  Bangladesh. Image Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

Cyclone Aila has wreaked havoc across eastern India and Bangladesh killing at least 70.

Up to 500,000 people have been moved to safer areas, according to Bangladeshi officials, with another 500,000 stranded in coastal villages.

In West Bengal, rivers have burst embankments, flooding vast areas.

“The situation is very grave, countless families have been displaced, especially in the Sundarbans,” Reuters reported a state minister for the Sundarbans as saying.

The Sundarbans Tiger Reserve,  the world’s biggest tiger reserve, has also been flooded.

Flooding in (Calcutta), has reportedly killed about 10 people.

“The storm destroyed nearly 3,000 thatched and mud houses and toppled a large number of trees in nearly 300 villages across India’s West Bengal state, said Kanti Ganguly, a state minister.” AP reported.

more than 100,000 people were moved from the Indian side of the Sundarbans to safer areas.

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N Korea Nuke Test Confirms ‘GigaTrends’

Posted by feww on May 26, 2009

Submitted by Cindy A., and edited by FEWW

Our world is collapsing around us

‘The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities’

Our world is collapsing around us, thanks to our lifestyles. In  “The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities,” EDRO forecasts that by as early as 2012, the world could experience an irreversible wave of collapse caused by a number of factors including “failing ecosystems, human-enhanced environmental catastrophes; failing infrastructure; food, water and fuel shortages; infectious disease; war, civil conflict …”

EDRO says, after the first phase of collapse is triggered, “massive waves of human migration from the affected areas” moving to less affected cities “create a domino effect that causes the collapse of the remaining population centers.”

A list of about 50 or so mechanisms that comprise the “Dynamics of Collapse” is available here.

The Next Phase of Collapse: Wars initiated by Israel/US for Hegemony Over World’s Resources

The next phase of collapse, EDRO says, is dominated by intensified wars “initiated by Israel/United States,”  which are fought for the control of world’s natural resources.

“The wars for the Israeli/US hegemony over resources are about the survival of the fattest. They are fought by the urge to secure more of other peoples’ resources: More water, more food, more fertile land and more energy to maintain unsustainable lifestyles.” EDRO wrote.

The attempt by the isolated North Korea to intensify its nuclear weapons program must therefore be considered as move in the direction.

More Intense Wars would be initiated by Israel/US in a drive to rule the world

EDRO lists the following factors and phenomenon to provide a clear picture of where the world stands:

  • World’s resources are dwindling (competition for the remaining finite resources is rapidly intensifying).
  • The exponential growth economy and its two leading pathogens, overproduction and overconsumption, together with unsustainable lifestyles and unethical behavior are degrading the world’s remaining resources.
  • Climate change is affecting the availability, or access to resources.
  • Global rates of consumption of water, food and energy are exponentially increasing.
  • The consumption rate has long surpassed the sustainability rate.
  • The world topsoil is falling below the critical level at which point production declines sharply.
  • Two-thirds of ecosystems are collapsing.
  • Deteriorating local resources and food insecurity, economic uncertainty and poverty, political corruption and instability, among other mechanisms of collapse, result in the collapse of cities and population centers.
  • Cities, population centers and settlements are abandoned.
  • Large-scale migrations ensue at regional, national and international levels.
  • Large numbers of migrants put additional terminal strain on the remaining resources.
  • Nations outstrip nature’s carrying capacity.
  • Civil conflict and war break out.

‘Giga Trends’

Referring to ‘Giga Trends,’ the ultra large-scale trends that dictate how our world works (or doesn’t), Edro says, “the most likely scenario,” following the first phase of world’s cities collapse, is “an all-out global war started by Israel and the United States,” which would be fought with nuclear, exotic, biological and conventional weapons.”

“Without a complete change of direction in human activities, the economy and lifestyles, and based on the elite Zeitgeist, “World Spirit,” the available data and observed trends” including “History of civilization (past experience)”‘ ” Current socioeconomic developments (present trends)”, ” The exponential rate at which the dynamics of collapse are compounded (future events),” EDRO suggests seven “Giga Trends,” with and forecasts “the probability of incidence of each trend.”

The trends are termed End Game Scenarios, each with a probably of occurrence estimated by EDRO. See below:

End Game Scenarios

  • The Champaign Club Scenario. Water, food, shelter, sanitation, education, health and energy continue to be available at increasingly higher prices to anyone who can afford it. [ probability of occurrence: 9%]
  • The Gaza Strip Scenario. Majority of humanity is caged like animals, and kept under permanent military curfew. [ probability of occurrence: 6%]
  • Involuntary Mass ‘Euthanasia’ Scenario. More than 90 percent of world population is annihilated by the world elite via conventional methods such as genocide by starvation, ethnic cleansing, disease and poverty, or using biological and chemical agents including exotic depopulation weapons. [probability of occurrence: 17%]
  • A Sustainable Future Scenario. Humanity rapidly climbs the evolutionary ladder, reverses the exponential growth economy and opts for non-suicidal, sustainable lifestyles. [probability of occurrence: 0.5%]
  • Extraterrestrial Doom Scenario. Life on Earth becomes extinct [in the next seven years] when a large extraterrestrial object (asteroid or bolide) strikes the planet.  [ probability of occurrence: <1 in 4 billion chance]
  • Lifestyle Global War Scenario. A war fought to secure additional resources required for maintaining unsustainable lifestyles.  [ probability of occurrence: 63% ]
  • Large-scale Global Catastrophes. Sudden death (major species extinction) caused by multiple ‘natural’ factors (larges-scale volcanic eruptions, mega earthquakes, deadly pandemics . . .) or by ‘accidental’ factors (military scientists destroying the atmosphere, tests of superweapons backfiring, laboratory-made superbugs escaping . . . ).  [ probability of occurrence: 4%]

giga-trend scenarios
End Game Scenarios [Revised] The probability of lifestyle global war breaking out (before a major ecosystems collapse occurs) is about twice higher than the combined probabilities of all other possible scenarios that may unfold in the near future. [Source: EDRO]

The data provided by EDRO suggests that by far the most likely End Game Scenario would be a global “war fought to secure additional resources required for maintaining unsustainable lifestyles.”

What about the Sixth Great Extinction?

Would human race become extinct like dinosaurs? How would that fit in with the bigger picture? What would be the ultimate cause of human demise?

In The Fate of Energy Dinosaurs the author wrote: “In 2006 global energy consumption reached a staggering total of 507EJ [one exajoule, EJ, is 10 exponential 18 joules, 10^18J] equivalent to the energy released by detonating 25,437 Hiroshima-sized A-bombs each day, 9.3 million bombs throughout the year, or one A-bomb for every 700 people on the planet.] With more than two thirds of the ecosystems driven to the verge of imminent collapse as a result of intense human activity, which demands excessive energy consumption, it would only be a matter of time before total environmental collapse occurs committing the energy dinosaurs and thousands of other species to extinction.”

Can the world be saved? Could humanity secure a future for the  next generations?

NO! The world in its current form cannot be saved! But human race has the option to  save some of the most basic systems that are needed to support life. However, this cannot be achieved unless humans take radical steps to change the system of economy that dominates their lifestyles.

A new, globally enforced energy and resource consumption policy that strictly limits the use of energy and natural resources and localizes the economy must be employed NOW!

Humans live on Mars’ sister, but they haven’t registered yet!

“As of End March 2008, the MSRB-CASF Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN), an index for calculating the full impact of human consumption and activities on the Earth’s life support systems, stood at a terminally high level of 177.43, a rise of about 3.5 percent over the previous year. In other words, the full human impact including the ecological footprint and the damage inflicted on the living environment by his activities in the 12-month period ending March 2008 was 77.43 percent higher than the load which the planet’s ecosystems in their current state can cope with.” —Mars’ Sister!

Nature is an NPO. It has performed wonderfully well for a very, very long time.”

Humans could possibly avoid extinction ONLY if they adopt nature’s “policies!”

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