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Kilauea crater summit collapses

Posted by feww on July 6, 2009

Kilauea volcano’s Halemaumau crater summit collapses

HVO Geologists last week reported  a collapse of the vent wall had  blocked the Halemaumau crater vent with a large amount of volcanic materials.

The first collapse produced a seismic event equal to a magnitude-2.4 earthquake, shaking the ground at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park’s Thomas A. Jaggar Museum overlook, adjacent to HVO. The collapse also produced what geologists described as “a loud booming sound heard across the (Kilauea) caldera area.” hawaiimagazine .

Later the same day, a segment of the Halemaumau crater floor collapsed, enlarging the vent rim and blocking the glow from the Halemaumau.

Kilauea has been ejecting often large plumes of ash, smoke, steam and other gasses from the vent since March 2008 .

Halemaumau crater vent ash cloud immediately after  first collapse (Source: USGS)

Segment collapsed
A segment of Halemaumau crater floor collapses into vent just under an hour after initial collapse
(Source: USGS)

Evening Glow from Halemaumau crater vent photographed just hours before the collapse (Source: USGS)

Free-hand drawing shows extent of crater floor collapse  (Source:  United States Geological Survey  USGS)

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