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New Zealand H1N1 Mutation Targets Maori

Posted by feww on July 6, 2009

The following information was submitted by Blogger TEAA

More than 50 percent of confirmed H1N1 infections in New Zealand, where ethnicity is known,  are Maori or Pacific Islanders, officials say

Of all confirmed H1N1 cases, 27.2 percent were Maori, 27.8 percent Pacific Islanders, 33.9 percent European, and 11 percent other ethnicities, Health Ministry says.

In 2006 census less than 14.9 percent of the population were Maori, and 7.2 percent Polynesian AND 76.8 “white.”

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One Response to “New Zealand H1N1 Mutation Targets Maori”

  1. Tara said

    Thank you for your insightful post.

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