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Landslide Consumes Homes

Posted by feww on July 20, 2009

Landslide undermines a house in Nachterstedt, Germany

A large landslide undermined a house and caused a second one to partially collapse, slipping down some 100m into a large crater next to Lake Concordia,  Nachterstedt, Germany. Three people who lived in the houses are missing, presumed swept away into the lake.

landslide germany
House slipped into a large crater in Nachterstedt, Germany. Everything must have happened within a few seconds, a local official said. (Getty Images). Image may be subject to copyright.

The landslide which struck without warning, buried the debris in a massive crater next to the lake.  The lake was reportedly formed in what was  a disused opencast coalmine.

The threat of further landslides hampered the search and rescue team.

“It is too dangerous to search for the missing persons, the hillside is still moving,” local fire department spokesman said.

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40th Anniversary of Moon Landing and Taking Off [Again!]

Posted by feww on July 20, 2009

submitted by ‘Cosmonaut  Air Moonbrush’

40 years ago two NASA astronauts landed on the moon and THEN blasted off back into the space without a moon crew

For the skeptics who don’t believe a word of NASA claims, see image below

Original Caption: LRO image of Apollo 11 landing site. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University. Apollo 11 lunar module, Eagle.
Image width: 282 meters (about 925 ft.)
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Apollo 11 guidance computer

The NASA achievement becomes even more interesting when you learn that Apollo 11 guidance computer had a grand old memory of 36kB (some sources say the memory was 72kB).

This Display and Keyboard unit, or DSKY, was the interface for the Apollo computers. The ‘Verb’ and ‘Noun’ buttons are on the lower left-hand side of the unit.

Buzz Aldrin Lightyear

This image is a screenshot from a copyrighted film. For copyright details see: Buzz Lightyear

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From NASA website:

On Jul 17, 2009 3:14 PM Chad Barth wrote:

Where are the Moon Buggies (LRVs) at? I believe they were about 7 square meters, so they should theoretically show up in the 15-17 images as at least a couple pixels. I wonder where they were located when the crews departed.

Great pictures, I’ve been waiting a long time to see these!

NASA Moderator: Buggies should be visible in some later images. This is just a taste of what’s to come.

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