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Deadly Quake Strikes Indonesia – UPDATE

Posted by feww on September 2, 2009


Deadly Earthquake Strikes Java, Indonesia


  • At least 40 people are killed by the powerful quake, with twice as many missing, feared dead.
  • Up to a thousand buildings have been destroyed or damaged.
  • About 350 people injured.
  • The worst hit areas are  Cianjur, about 100km south of the capital Jakarta, city of Tasikmalaya and the town of Sukabumi.

A couple takes pictures of their damaged house after an earthquake in Pangalengan, West Java, September 3, 2009. REUTERS/Supri. Image may be subject to copyright.

More Images: Reuters

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2 Responses to “Deadly Quake Strikes Indonesia – UPDATE”

  1. feww said

    Major Ecological Disaster Underway in Timor Sea

  2. feww said

    Indonesia quake toll at 57, many homes damaged
    Thu Sep 3, 2009, 8:48am EDT
    By Dadang Tri

    CIKANGKARENG, Indonesia (Reuters) – Indonesian villagers continued a frantic search on Thursday for people buried in the rubble, after a powerful quake killed at least 57 and destroyed thousands of homes in the hills of West Java.

    Government agencies said the death toll was likely to rise, given that some affected coastal areas could not be contacted after Wednesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which sent terrified residents rushing out onto the streets of the capital, Jakarta, and in towns and villages closer to the epicenter in West Java.

    In Cikangkareng village about 60 miles south of Jakarta, the quake triggered a landslide that buried more than 40 people, as well as houses and a mosque, under rocks and earth, a Reuters witness said.

    “Many of our young were buried by the landslide. We need food, we don’t have food,” said villager Rohim.

    He warned the death toll could “change significantly” given the scale of damage, with at least 57 people reported dead in West Java.

    The quake injured about 150 people and damaged more than 24,000 houses, schools, offices, mosques and other buildings.

    Indonesia’s main power, oil and gas, steel, and mining companies with operations in West and Central Java island closest to the quake’s epicenter said they had suffered no damage.


    Reuters reporters saw many damaged houses, as well as tents and makeshift shelters on streets and in fields. Troops moved in to guard what was left of the homes and prevent looting.

    Many people in Pangalengan refused to go back inside their houses fearing aftershocks.

    “Nearly 50 percent of the houses here are flattened,” said Endang Taminto, head of disaster relief unit at West Java’s Rotary Club. “People are scattered everywhere, setting up tents using only plastic sheeting. They even sleep out in the tea plantations.”

    Indonesia’s 17,000 islands are scattered along a belt of volcanic and seismic activity known as the Pacific “ring of fire,” one of the most quake-prone places on earth.

    More than 170,000 Indonesians were killed or listed as missing after a 9.15 magnitude earthquake off Indonesia’s Aceh province on Sumatra island triggered a tsunami in December 2004. A total of 230,000 people died in Indian Ocean countries.

    Indonesia’s seismology agency put the magnitude of Wednesday’s quake at 7.3 with the epicenter 142 km (88 miles) southwest of Tasikmalaya, in West Java.

    FELT IN BALI – Read Full Report

    (For a graphic: here)

    © Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved

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