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How Much Oil Pollution Is Too Much?

Posted by feww on September 7, 2009

Major Disaster in Timor Sea

Image of the Day: “The Water is an Orangy Color”

Will the Australian oil spill grow to an even bigger disaster  than Exxon Valdez?

water from Timor sea dispersal area
“The water is an ‘orangy’ color, the birds have gone and marine life is sick and dying.” —Commercial Fisherman, George Hamilton, who visited the dispersal area in Timor sea. Image is a frame grab from a video broadcast by ABCNews (Australia).  Image may be subject to copyright.

The oil spill will continue for many weeks, possibly months before the leak can be stopped.

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One Response to “How Much Oil Pollution Is Too Much?”

  1. feww said

    Another Busy Day for Earthquakes

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