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Flash Floods in NE Turkey Kill 25

Posted by feww on September 9, 2009

Deadly Flash Floods Submerge Parts of Istanbul, Turkey

Flash floods caused by torrential rain in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, kill at least 25 people leaving dozens missing and many more stranded, city officials said.

Istanbul flash floods
People on a flooded road in Istanbul wait to be rescued. Photo: Ibrahim Usta/AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

Seven of the victims were female textile workers  who drowned in a micro-bus taking them to work in Bagcilar, a working-class suburb of Istanbul.

Many other vehicles were swept away with the drivers trapped inside. “TV pictures showed roads near Istanbul’s main airport submerged by deep water.” BBC reported.

“The flooding was caused by two days of torrential rainfall – the worst in 80 years.”

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