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Typhoon Melor Arriving in Japan, Leaving Lasting Impression

Posted by feww on October 7, 2009

Typhoon Melor Drenches the Windswept Land of Rising Sun

Wind gusts of up to 60km/h have already been reported in Japan’s Kinki region, about 675km (420 miles) from the center of Typhoon Melor.

Lets hope the overdue large quake which FEWW  forecast for the Tokyo Bay area won’t occur right now, making the typhoon’s impression any deeper.

Typhoon Melor.
MTSAT RGB Image. Date and Time as Inset. To enlarge and update, click on image.

Visible Imagery -1 km Mercator MODIS- AVHRR-

Near Real-Time Animation

Microwave-Based Total Precipitable Water Imagery

Geostationary WVImagery


For additional images and animations, visit Satellite Imagery Links Page.

Typhoon Melor Stats as of 00:50 UTC, 7 October 2009

Intensity: Strong
Center of probability circle: N35°05′(35.1°), E136°20′(136.3°)
Direction and speed of movement: NNE 45km/h (23kt)
Central pressure: 960hPa (720.1mmHg)
Maximum wind speed near the center: 40m/s (75kt= 144km/h)
Maximum wind gust speed: 55m/s (105kt = 198km/h)
Radius of probability circle: 160km (85NM)
Storm warning area Wide:  300km (160NM)
Source: JMA
[Conversions by FEWW]

00:00 UTC, Oct 7, 2009
Melor forecast track 7-10-09

Typhoon Melor 3-day forecast track.
Source: JMA. Image may be subject to copyright.

JMA Typhoon Melor advisory
[Valid as of posting] Typhoon Warning and Advisory regions.
Source: JMA. Image may be subject to copyright.

For the Latest Warnings and Advisories Click Here!

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