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Earth undergoing significant geophysical disturbances

Posted by feww on October 8, 2009

More Powerful Quakes Strike Vanuatu, Santa Cruz Islands

FEWW Moderators believe Earth may be undergoing significant geophysical disturbances with cataclysmic consequences for humans

[The disturbances and disasters that spawn from them are enhanced by human activity.]

Powerful earthquake measuring up to 7.3Mw strikes Vanuatu, Santa Cruz Islands, the fifth shock in less than 11 hrs

Since Wednesday, October 07, 2009 at 22:03 UTC, about 11 hours from time of posting, a total of 19 shocks have struck Vanuatu and Santa Cruz Islands Regions. The Mainshock which measured up to 8.2 Mw struck Vanuatu region, followed by 18 additional shocks in the two neighboring regions.

The most powerful of these shocks measured up to 8.1, 7.6 , 7.0 and 7.3 Mw. [Source of initial data: USGS/EHP; maximum quake magnitudes estimated by FEWW.]

10-degree Map Centered at 15°S,165°E

Vanuatu - 2
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Enhanced by FEWW

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14 Responses to “Earth undergoing significant geophysical disturbances”

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  11. terres said

    Dear Jack Sparrow
    Thank you for the information you sent, which I personally found riveting. Unfortunately the comment is unsuitable for broadcasting on this blog.
    Best regards
    TERRES, Blog Moderator

    • Jack Sparrow said

      I don’t know what “riveting” means… I just wanted to share, and I have the evidence of it that it was before these. Scientists are not Gods, there were many people in history who were able to see things before it happened, and scientists failed to forecast them, end of story.

      • K said

        Jack Sparrow:

        “riveting” is actually a good thing….really!
        It means he was fascinated, engrossed, gripping, compelling, intriguing, interesting, spellbinding, enchanting….you get it right?
        Please don’t take Terre’s comment in a negative tone, I myself think that there are external forces at work out there beyond the scope of science or of our understanding, and there are many other forums for that but in this case, it’s more science focused.

  12. Jack Sparrow said

    [Unapproved for publication on this blog. Moderator]

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