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Typhoon LUPIT Update – 17 Oct 2009

Posted by feww on October 17, 2009

LUPIT has intensified to typhoon strength moving toward central and northern Luzon, Philippines

Previous Entry:

Typhoon Data Summary

At 2:00 AM local time, Saturday October 17, typhoon LUPIT [locally known as “RAMIL”] was located about 850 km east of VIRAC, CATANDUANES (14.6°N; 133.2°E) with maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h and gusts of up to 150 km/h moving WNW at about 20/km/h, Philippines PAGASA reported.

FEWW Forecast:

Moderators believe LUPIT has the potential of becoming the most destructive typhoon yet to strike Philippines in 2009.

FEWW Previous Forecast

MTSAT IR Image. Updated
at 30 mins intervals. Click image to enlarge.

Satellite Loops/Animation/Images

Other Satellite Images:

rgb lupit 17 10 09
MTSAT – RGB Still Image. Time/Date as inset. Click image to  enlarge and update.

avn - typh LUPIT 17-10-2009-
MTSAT – AVN Enhancement – Still Image. Time/Date as inset. Click image to  enlarge and update.

LUPIT Projected path JTWC
Cyclone LUPIT Projected track. Solid centers represent wind forces stronger than 117km/h. Source: JTWC.

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5 Responses to “Typhoon LUPIT Update – 17 Oct 2009”

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  2. […] Typhoon LUPIT Update – 17 Oct 2009 […]

  3. feww said

    >>>>> UPDATE
    Super Typhoon LUPIT: The Sauntering Storm

  4. feww said

    Data from JMA and JTWC – UPDATE Issued at 06:45 UTC, 18 October 2009

    Intensity: Very Strong
    Center position: N17°20′ (17.3°), E133°35′ (133.6°)
    Direction and speed of movement: ENE 10km/h (6kt)
    Central pressure: 940hPa
    Maximum sustained winds: 213 km/h (115 kt)
    Maximum wind gust speed: 260 km/h (140 kt)
    Area of 50kt winds or more: 240km (130NM)
    Area of 30kt winds or more: SW500km (270NM); NE410km (220NM)

  5. edro said


    Date/ Time: 17 Oct 06:00UTC
    Position: Near 15.6N 132.3E
    Moving at forward speed of about 13km/h
    Max sustained winds: 176 km/h
    Gusts of up to 213km/h

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