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MIRINAE: Another Cyclone Heading Philippines Way

Posted by feww on October 27, 2009

Typhoon MIRINAE – Update on 31 Oct 2009 – Time: 03:00UTC

TS MIRINAE – UPDATE 31 October 2009

October 29, 2009

Typhoon MIRINAE “In-Touch” with LUPIT

October 28, 2009

UPDATE: Giant Typhoon MIRINAE (23W)

MIRINAE Strengthens to a typhoon force, could develop to a SUPER TYPHOON [P ≥ 65%]

  • Mirinae has significantly increased in organization and intesity over the past 12 hours.

  • Typhoon Location as of 00:00 UTC 28-10-2009:   16.2N,  138.5E

TY 23W
Giant Typhoon MIRINAE (23W) could further strengthen to a Super Typhoon (probability of 65%). MTSAT IR Still Image at 00:00UTC on October 28, 2009. Click image to enlarge and update.

(MTSAT/NOAA/SSD) Guam IR Color Loop. Click image to enlarge and animate.

Basic Information

DOB:   2009-10-27 06:00:00 UTC
AGE:   18 (hours) / 0.75 (days)
Minimum Pressure:   965 (hPa)
Maximum Wind Speed:  130 km/h / 70 (knots)
Max Radius of Storm Wind:  110 (km) /60 (nm)
Diameter of Storm Wind:  220 (km) /120 (nm)
Radius of Gale Wind:  330 (km) / 180 (nm)
Diameter of Gale Wind:  670 (km) /360 (nm)
Distance traveled:  587 (km)
Average Speed: 32.7 (km/h) / 783 (km/d)
Range of Movement: Latitude 1.3, Longitude 5.2
Wind Flux: 1.9500E+02
Accumulated Cyclone Energy:  1.0225E+04
Power Dissipation Index:  5.7488E+05

Source: Digital Typhoon / edited by FEWW

Best Track:


October 27, 2009

Tropical Cyclone MIRINAE (23W)

At 03:00 UTC 27 October 2009, Tropical Storm Mirinae (23W ) was located near 14.3ºN,  144.6ºE, or approximately 75km (40 nm) northeast of Guam, moving West-northwestward (290 degrees) at about 28km (15kt) with max significant wave heights of about 4m (12 feet), JTWC reported.

Max sustained winds: 65 km/h (35 kt)
Maximum wind gusts:  85 km/h (45 kt)

All available models currently forecast 23W to make landfall on the east coast of Luzon near 15.3ºN  moving over south central Luzon.

Tropical Storm 23W – MTSAT IR Still Image timed at 01:30UTC, on Oct 27, 2009. Click image to enlarge and update.

Storm Twentythree Forecast Track and Wind Distribution Graphic Issued Tue Oct 27 13:28 ChST. NWS/ Tiyan Guam.

Storm Twentythree. Another twin-engined super typhoon in the making? Click image to enlarge and update.

Tropical Storm 23W (Twentythree)  5-day projected path. Source: JTWC

MTSAT IR  full disk
MTSAT IR Image. Updated at 30 mins intervals. Click image to enlarge.

FEWW Forecast: Cyclone Mirinae could develop into an intense typhoon rapidly.

Additional Satellite Images:

Source Page: FEWW Satellite Imagery


Loops/Animations (MTSAT/NOAA/SSD)

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  1. feww said

    TS MIRINAE – UPDATE 31 October 2009

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