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S. Arabia Nets Climate Change Q3 Dividends

Posted by feww on November 27, 2009

Saudi Flood Death Toll Tops 88

Saudi Arabia collects at least 88 dead in oil induced climate change Q3 profits

At least 88 people have died in the heaviest flooding to hit Saudi Arabia in in living memory.

As Muslim pilgrims were casting stones at three concrete walls representing the devil on the third day of the annual hajj, torrential rains inundated  the port city of Jeddah, where 80 mm of rain fell in just a few hours, forcing the closure of the main highway to Mecca, and stranding thousands of pilgrims on their way to the Muslims’ holy city.

[The pilgrims efforts might have been more meaningful had they cast their stones at a mock-up of an oil rig, a giant oil drum and effigy of an oil supertanker.]

Most of the deaths reportedly occurred in the shantytowns around Jeddah and along the main highway to Mecca, an area populated by poor immigrants who provide cheap labor and domestic help to the wealthy Saudis.

Most of the victims died from drowning,  and a few others killed by mudslide,  collapsing houses, falling bridges and in car collisions. About 1,000 others were rescued  after being stranded in the floodwaters, the authorities said.

Streets of Jeddah flooded after 88mm of rain fell in just a few hours. Photo: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

Jeddah Under Water. Source: SahilOnlie. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Super Typhoon NIDA UPDATE

Posted by terres on November 27, 2009

NIDA Weaker, Slower,  But Still a Super Typhoon

  • Date and Time: Nov 26, 2009 at 21:00UTC
  • Position:  Near16.6ºN 139.2ºE
  • Location: About 945 km SSW of Iwo-To Island, Japan
  • Movement:   NNW (325 Degrees)
  • Forward Speed : 11 km/h (6 knots) – very slow
  • Maximum Sustained Winds: 250 km/h  [Category 5 on FEWW and Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale]
  • Maximum  Wind Gusts: 310 km/h  (165knots)
  • Maximum Significant Wave Height: ≥ 13 m (43 feet)
  • Formation: The 37-km eye is filling, structure becoming more asymmetrical, and elongated.  Strong radial outflow.
  • Surprises: Possible

Animation of latest 168 hours : MPEG / WMV

Near real time full disk satellite image.
Right Click Image, then select “View Image” to enlarge.

For more images and satellite links click link below:

Super Typhoon NIDA Boomerangs Away From Philippines

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