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Super Typhoon NIDA Stops for Refueling

Posted by feww on November 28, 2009

STY NIDA Planning to Make the Least Expected Move?

Once again a Super Typhoon in Western Pacific behaves as if guided NOT only by weather conditions, but by a climatic algorithm!

– Latest Image as of Posting

STY NIDA (26W) Update:

  • Date and Time: Nov 28, 2009 at 09:00 UTC
  • Position:  Near19.3ºN 139.3ºE
  • Location: About 660 km SSW of Iwo To Island, Japan
  • Movement:   ENE  (060 Degrees)
  • Forward Speed : 3.7 km/h (2 knots) – Dead slow [almost stationery and noticeably wobbling, JTWC said. ]
  • Maximum Sustained Winds: 270 km/h  [Category 5 on FEWW and Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale] – Strengthened since last update, then weakened somewhat, though still higher at 145 knots.
  • Maximum  Wind Gusts: 325 km/h  (175knots) – strengthened since the last update.
  • Maximum Significant Wave Height: ≥ 11 m (34 feet)
  • Formation: The 37-km eye is filling, structure becoming more asymmetrical, and elongated.  Strong radial outflow.
  • Surprises: Probable

FEWW Comment: If  NIDA continues to move in a generally northerly direction, the STY would slowly weaken due to cooler ocean temperatures, as well as increasing vertical wind shear. If on the other hand the storm’s angle of movement becomes more concave, moving in a generally easterly, even ESEasterly direction (close to 20ºN), NIDA could maintain its current strength, even strengthen further slightly, and stay in the region longer than presently expected.

STY NIDA – MTSAT IR – Still Image – Date/Time: 28 Nov 2009 at 11:00 UTC – Click Image to enlarge.

Animation of latest 168 hours : MPEG / WMV

Near real time full disk satellite image. Right Click Image, then select “View Image” to enlarge.

STY NIDA 5-Day forecast track. Source: JTWC

Previous updates:

Full Disk Animation:

Loops/Animations (MTSAT/NOAA/SSD)

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