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Ten Climate Change Lies, Myths and Misconceptions

Posted by feww on December 9, 2009

Climate Change Lie #10

Climategate: Courtesy of rent-a-scientist crowd at UK’s East Anglia University (UEA) who dabble on both sides of the fence

The new, fool the uninformed public disinformation go along the following lines:

What Climate Change? Warm weather anywhere? Ice melting? Drought and Deluge? When was the last time there was even heavy rain other than the Monsoon in India? El Niño was a once in a lifetime affair that occurred in the last century!

David Holland, an electrical engineer [graduated when the mains still carried DC current] saying that it was “like David versus Goliath” as he took on the rest of the British scientific community:

“These guys called climate scientists have not done any more physics or chemistry than I did. A lifetime in engineering gives you a very good antenna. It also cures people of any self belief they cannot be wrong. You clear up a lot of messes during a lifetime in engineering. I could be wrong on global warming – I know that – but the guys on the other side don’t believe they can ever be wrong.”

David Holland, the Lech Walesa of climate change denialland, is seeking prosecutions against some of Britain’s “most eminent academics” for allegedly holding back information in breach of disclosure laws. Photo: DAVID ROSE. Source: The Daily Telegraph, UK
. Image may be subject to copyright.

He’s right about one thing: Don’t buy a second-hand car from the British climatologist, economist, Cambridge physicists, Oxford wranglers, UEA hagglers…

Some of our UK-based colleagues had previously expressed their distrust of

  • British “climatologists” (starting with Lord Stern)
  • The University of East Anglia boffins, especially their climatologists and modelers
  • Some of the senior staff at Hadley Climate Research Unit

Sure enough in the time old James Bond tradition, a spy who came in from the cold, a true professional who was not commercially motivated:

  • Guessed that leading British scientists at the University of East Anglia were manipulating climate change data. [Who told him the boffins were on to something?]
  • Managed to hack the email accounts of two dozen scientists (hacker had nothing to do with the Virgin empire) at UEA. [Who told him how to break into the  UEA computer.]
  • Found incriminating evidence that Climate Change was a great hoax. [Who told him where to find exactly what he was looking for on the computer?]
  • Located a Russian server [somehow that was meant to lend more street cred] to host the stolen emails [And NO! Neither the British mega-business, nor the British govt agents played any part in that.]

Singlehandedly, the Lech Walesa—he was an electrical engineer, too—of climate change denialland, shot a big hole through the climate change theory, mortally wounding the discredited myth [sic.] As a UK blogger proudly put it:

Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming!’

Conclusion: Climate Change Lie #10 is all about doing business as usual.

As Warren Buffett, the Sausage from Omaha, put it:

If the world were falling apart I’d still invest in companies.”

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5 Responses to “Ten Climate Change Lies, Myths and Misconceptions”

  1. […] Ten Climate Change Lies, Myths and Misconceptions […]

  2. Disgusted said

    The denialists need to be hit on the head with a 2×4 (quite hard) to wake the hell up. They’re much too stupid to look outside and even notice the changing weather patterns. Those scary pictures of giant ice shelves breaking off must be pixelated “hoaxes”, akin to “stolen emails” taken out of context and media distortions.

    I’m sick to death of listening to their lies when anybody, and I mean ANYBODY with eyes to see can LOOK and see what is happening outside their own windows.

    There is no “debate”, there is just liars and lying going on and it is all coming from the denialist crowd that is scared to death. They’re so scared they’re making shit up, desperately afraid that they will be discovered as the Earth continues to swing wildly from one climate extreme to another.

    This seems to be an American phenomenon mostly, where stupidity and ignorance run rampant and deep. Americans are proud of this idiocy too, slobbering away on their McEverything diets and carbon footprints like they own the entire fucking world and caring about absolutely nothing but their own pathetic little selves.

    There are a LOT of reasons to be absolutely disgusted with my fellow ape-man.

    I realize that this is pure opinion expressed. Your website is doing a great job of documenting the EVIDENCE, so I have nothing here to add in that respect.

    More EVIDENCE won’t change the stupidity being spouted by my fellow ape-man, so I won’t bother to try and add to the Himalayan chain of proof that climate change is real, it’s here to stay for a long time and humans are the cause. The PROOF is everywhere you look, but the ARROGANCE of my fellow ape-man is such that nothing less then a 2×4 upside the head will wake them the hell up.

    • feww said

      The ‘denialists’ are not an independent group of scientists, or intelligent citizens. They’re part and parcel of the system [‘corporment’] whose agenda opposes the laws of nature.

  3. Andy Smith said

    [Comment disallowed. FEWW]

    • feww said

      To allow your comment would be tantamount to implying that Climate Change is still open to debate. It isn’t.
      Furthermore. it’s astonishing that an Aussie, who must have experienced hell on earth in the past couple of years alone, to come up with such meaningless and sad attempt to deny climate change.

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