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‘Humongous’ storm spreads across the US

Posted by feww on December 24, 2009

Christmas day could bring 2 ft of snow

Winter storm spreading from the north to Texas and from west Colorado to Illinois

“There’s just a humongous storm moving across the center of the country, basically from the Canadian border to Texas and spreading from west Colorado to Illinois.”  —National Weather Service.

Near Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite ImageClick image to enlarge.

At least 10 people have been killed most of them in accidents caused by icy roads throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and New Mexico. Up to 300 flights from Chicago airport have been canceled.

The latest storm closely follows a record snowfall that blanketed the US East Coast last weekend, causing power cuts to at least 100,000 customers in the region. Many in West Virginia and Virginia are still without power, reports said.

The storm system developed in the southwestern US on Tuesday creating large dust storms across the California desert and Arizona.

The system then moved across the country to the Midwest and is currently causing severe blizzards throughout the region covering a large area from Kansas to Minnesota.

“We would recommend that people if at all possible postpone their travel plans just to be on the safe side,” Pat Slattery, a spokesman for the National Weather Service said. “This is not a storm to be messed with.”

Nebraska, and the Upper Mississippi Valley should experience the worst of the snow accumulation, with freezing rain expected across much of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, forecasters said, warning of thunderstorms causing flooding across the Ohio Valley to Texas in the south.

IR Satellite Image. Click image to update.

Weather. Click image to enlarge and update.

Temperature. Click image to enlarge and update.

Predominant Weather.
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