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State of Emergency in Oklahoma, S. Dakota, Texas

Posted by feww on December 25, 2009

Raging blizzard hits the lower plains

State of Emergency declared in Oklahoma, S. Dakota and Texas after winter storm kills dozens of people

“The storm is spanning two thirds of the country.  Its effects run the gamut from severe thunderstorms in the Gulf Coast to ice in New England to really what is a raging blizzard in the lower plains.The National Weather Service said.

Highlights of Storm Related Events:

  • Oklahoma’s governor Brad Henry declares state of emergency, closes all state highways and interstates.
  • As many as 3 dozen people have been killed in accidents in the Midwest.
  • About 50 vehicles pile up in chain-reaction crash in Oklahoma.
  • About a dozen states in the Midwest are under blizzard warnings.
  • Heavy snow forced the cancellation of at least 80 flights in Oklahoma Thursday, trapping hundreds of passengers and employees at Oklahoma’s main  airport.
  • About 10,000 customers lost power in Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma City received  35cm (14in) of snow by Thursday night, nearly 6 times the record  of 6cm (2.5in) set in 1914.
  • 80kph (50mph) winds pummeled Kansas
  • 105 kph (65mph) helped bury parts of Texas in 1.5m (5ft) snow drifts.
  • Blizzard warnings stretch from Texas to northern Minnesota.
  • The real misery will commence after the snowmelt will cause large scale flooding in the south and the north-east.

Near Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite Image.  Click image to enlarge.

National Weather service reported:

A powerful weather system pushing through the central U.S. will continue to significantly impact travel plans during this holiday season…
The north-central states can expect some of the heavier snowfall, occasionally accompanied by blizzard-like conditions as cold and windy conditions will spread through the region. Even places as far south as Oklahoma and northern Texas have seen snowfall totals in excess of a foot. The swath of precipitation will move toward the north and east, spreading a mixture of rain and snow to much of the Great Lakes by midday on Christmas. For more details, check the web site of the local Weather Forecast Office. Details…

Hazards. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Snow Accumulation.   Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Weather Forecast.  Click Image to enlarge and update.
(24-Hr FE ED).

Predominant Weather. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

IR Satellite Image. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Water Vapor Satellite Image. Click Image to enlarge and update.
(24-Hr FE ED).

Max Temps. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Min Temps.
Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Temp – Real Time Mesoscale Analysis.
Click Image to enlarge and update.
(24-Hr FE ED).

6-Hr Precipitation amount.  (24-Hr FE ED). Click Image to enlarge and update.

12-Hr Probability Precipitation (%).   Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Wind Speed.  Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED).

Wind Gusts.  Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED)

Sky Cover.
Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED)

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Alaska tug grounds, leaks diesel at Prince William Sound

Posted by feww on December 25, 2009

Tugboat meant to help prevent oil spill disasters in Prince William Sound runs aground leaking up to 35,000 gallons of diesel

The Pathfinder, a 136-foot tug with six crew, on its way back to port in Valdez grounded on Bligh Reef and radioed for help at 6:15 pm Wednesday, the Coast Guard said.

The Pathfinder, a 136-foot tug, is surrounded by a spill containment boom Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009. The tug ran aground on Bligh Reef – the same reef as the Exxon Valdez 20 years ago. (AP Photo/Anchorage Daily News, Marc Lester). Image may be subject to copyright.

Two of the tug’s fuel tanks which were damaged contained about 127,000 liters (33,500 gallons) of diesel fuel, or a quarter of their full capacity, AP reported.

The tug is owned by Crowley Maritime Corp., and is part of a system set up supposedly to prevent oil disasters like  Exxon Valdez from occurring, hit Bligh Reef, a submerged navigation hazard. In 1989 the infamous Exxon Valdez ran aground after hitting the same reef, spilling some 42 million liters of crude oil and causing and ecological disaster.

Yet Another BP Pipeline Leak in Alaska

The above news came just a day or so after BP said it had discovered another oil leak in an oil pipeline connected to a well at the Prudhoe Bay oil field, the third leak reported by the company in less than 4 weeks.

On December 2, BP discovered another leak from a pipeline at a different well at Prudhoe Bay, which leaked about 30,000 litters of oil,  Alaska’s environmental officials said.

On November 29, 2009 a ruptured pipe at the Lisburne field leaked about 175,000 liters of oil and water.

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Mayon Volcano Update [25 December 2009]

Posted by feww on December 25, 2009

Mayon Volcano Activity: Intense

Mayon Volcano activity remains at high levels of intensity

Mayon Volcano spews ash as glowing lava cascades down its slope during a mild eruption, December 24, 2009.  Credit: REUTERS/Erik de Castro. Image may be subject to copyright. Click image to enlarge.

During the past 24-hr observation period, the state vulcanologists observed and recorded:

  • 96 ash explosions when visibility permitted.
  • Columns of “light brown to grayish” ash ejected to a height of  2 km.
  • 125  booming and rumbling sounds detected at the Lignon Hill Observatory in Legaspi City.
  • Elevated seismic activity.
  • 871 volcanic earthquakes.
  • 98 rock fall events, “related to detachment of lava fragments at the volcano’s upper slopes.”
  • Pyroclastic flows moved down within 2 km from the crater.
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emission averaged at 2,738 tonnes/day.
  • Volcano hazard warning remains at alert level 4.

The following Bulletin was released by The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) today:

Mayon Volcano Bulletin 12  released on 25 December 2009

Mayon Volcano (13.2576 N, 123.6856 E) continued to show an intense level of activity during the past 24-hour observation period. Ninety-six (96) ash explosions were observed during times of good visibility. These explosions produced light brown to grayish ash columns that reached heights of up to 2 km. One hundred twenty five (125) rumbling and booming sounds from the volcano were heard at the Lignon Hill Observatory in Legaspi City. Seismic activity remained elevated as the seismic network recorded a total of eight hundred seventy one (871) volcanic earthquakes. Ninety eight (98) rock fall events, related to detachment of lava fragments at the volcano’s upper slopes, were also detected. Three of these events were observed to have generated pyroclastic flows that moved down within 2 km from the crater. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emission rate was high and was measured at an average of 2,738 tonnes/day yesterday.

Alert Level 4 remains hoisted over Mayon Volcano, meaning a hazardous eruption is possible within days.  Thus, PHIVOLCS-DOST reiterates that the Extended Danger Zone (EDZ) from the summit of 8-km on the southern sector of the volcano and 7-km on the northern sector should be free from human activity.  Areas just outside of this EDZ should prepare for evacuation in the event hazardous explosive eruptions intensify.  Active river channels and those perennially identified as lahar prone in the southern sector should also be avoided especially during bad weather conditions or when there is heavy and prolonged rainfall.  PHIVOLCS–DOST is closely monitoring Mayon Volcano’s activity and any new significant development will be immediately posted to all concerned.

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