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2010 Disaster Calendar [JULY]

U.S., the world, stake the future on high-energy strategies. Energy models’ simulations show all such strategies ending in collapse. EDRO

2010: Year One of Human-Enhanced Disasters

  • In the next few years, YOU or someone close to you will likely have experienced a man-made, or human-enhanced ‘natural disaster.’
  • “About 99.98 percent of human effort goes to debilitate the ecosystems. In other words, for every single step taken to restore the natural life support services, humans take 6,400 steps in the opposite direction, destroying the planet’s ability to maintain life.” EDRO

2010 Disaster Calendar

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[Note: This listing is by no means exhaustive.]

July 2010

  • Day 182 [July 1, 2010 ]
  • Day 183 [July 2, 2010 ]
    • Lahore, Pakistan. At least [41] people were killed and up to [200] others injured when a shrine was bombed in Lahore, Pakistan, officials say.
    • New Mexico, USA. Gov. Bill Richardson has declared San Miguel County a disaster area after recent flash flooding that occurred near the village of Bernal, reports say.
    • Texas, USA. President B.O. has declared 25 counties in South Texas as disaster areas in response to hurricane Alex, a report said.  “The counties include Starr, Cameron, Willacy and Hidalgo, extending north through San Antonio.”
  • Day 184 [July 3, 2010 ]
    • Mexico and Central America. High winds, heavy rain and flooding by Hurricane ALEX caused substantial damage to NE Mexico and parts of Nicaragua and El Salvador, and claimed at  least 28 lives, reports say.
  • Day 185 [July 4, 2010]
  • Day 186 [July 5, 2010]
    • Minnesota, USA. President B.O. has declared seven Minnesota counties as major disaster areas. The counties which suffered severe storm damage were:  Faribault, Freeborn, Olmsted, Otter Tail, Polk, Steele, and Wadena, a report said.
  • Day 187 [July 6, 2010]
    • Maine, USA. President B. O. has declared two Maine counties of Hancock and York as major disaster areas in response to damages caused by severe storms and flooding between March 12 to April 1, a report said.
    • Romania. Death toll in Romanian military plane crash rose to 12, a report said.
    • Afghanistan.  The number of foreign troops killed in Mr Obama’s Afghanistan war  so far this year reached 335, as 4 more more troops were killed today in south of the country, AFP said.
  • Day 188 [July 7, 2010]
    • Iraq. At least 36 pilgrims have been killed and 138 others wounded in Baghdad explosions, a report said.
    • Mexico. Mexico’s death toll from Hurricane Alex rose to at least 12, AP said. “Tens of thousands of people remain without running water more than a week after Hurricane Alex unleashed severe flooding in northeastern Mexico, the Nuevo Leon state governor said Tuesday.”
    • East Coast, USA. Philadelphia has so far reported five heat-related deaths for 2010, however, Health Commissioner Donald F. Schwarz said the figure was almost certainly an “underestimate” and that this heat wave’s duration was a growing concern, a report said. Meantime, the heat related death toll in Maryland reached 5, according to a report.
    • Iowa, USA. Governor Chet Culver has declared Lee County a disaster area after the recent rains that caused damage in the region June 1 through June 23, a report said.
  • Day 189 [July 8, 2010]
    • Afghanistan. UK death toll in Afghanistan may top 400 as Sangin pull-out announced
    • India. Flooding kills at least 50 people in India’s states of Assam and Kerala. “Floods  triggered by heavy monsoon rains have killed more than 50 people and displaced almost half a million more in India’s south and northeast, say government officials,” a report said.
      • “More than 50 people have been killed and almost half a million displaced following heavy monsoon rains in the south and north east of India. The north eastern region of Assam has been worst hit, with 13 of its 27 districts affected by the flooding, as rivers such as the Brahmaputra burst their banks. Troops from the country’s National Disaster Response Force have been using boats to take stranded villagers to safer areas. Around 700 government relief camps have been set up to house over 400,000 people in the region and distribute aid and medical supplies, according to another report.
  • Day 190 [July 9, 2010]
  • Day 191 [July 10, 2010]
    • Central America. Death Toll from hurricane Alex reached 20, a report said.
    • India. The death toll from Punjab floods reached 22  as thousands of acres of agricultural land were submerged under floodwater, a report said.
    • China. The official death toll in the latest round of flooding in south China reached at least 50, with 15 others reported as missing, a report said.
    • Montana, USA. President B.O. has  declared the State of Montana a major disaster area following severe storms and flooding which began June 15 and is still ongoing, a report said.
  • Day 192 [July 11, 2010]
    • Pakistan. The death toll from multiple bombing that devastated a busy market town in NW Pakistan rose to 106, according to officials.
    • Obama’s Afghanistan Massacre. At least 11 police officers and a government official whose car was hit by a remote-controlled bomb were killed in northern Afghanistan, officials were reported as saying.
    • Maryland, USA.Heat-related deaths in  Maryland reached ten, a report said.
    • Colombia.  The death toll  from the Colombian mine blast on June 16 rose to 73, a report said.
  • Day 193 [July 12, 2010]
    • Democratic Republic of Congo. The death toll from the fuel truck explosion in the DRC  has risen to 271, a local official said. “We’re at 271 dead since the start of the catastrophe,” the infrastructure minister for Sud Kivu province told reporters.
    • Uganda. Death toll from bombing in Uganda rose to 74, with up to 80 others injured, reports say.
    • South Africa. The circumcision death toll in the Eastern Cape has risen to 41, a report said.
  • Day 194 [July 13, 2010]
    • Manipur, India. Death toll in the suspected Japanese Encephalitis epidemic has risen to 16, reports say.
  • Day 195 [July 14, 2010]
    • The Philippines. Death toll from Typhoon Conson (Basyang), the first major storm of the season,, across the Philippines rose to 23, the civil defense office was reported as saying.
    • China.  The death toll from flooding  and landslides in southwest China’s Yunnan Province reached at least 17 with 28 people reported as  missing,  local authorities reported.
  • Day 196 [July 15, 2010]
    • Obama’s Bloodbath in Afghanistan. U.S. soldier death toll in Afghanistan for July reached 33 as 8 more Americans troops were killed in various attacks, a report said.
      At lest 1,063 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan, a report said.
    • China. “Rainstorms and consequent floods have left 107 people dead and 59 missing in ten provinces and municipalities — mostly along the Yangtze River as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. ” A report said.
  • Day 197 [July 16, 2010]
    • Philippines. The death toll from Typhoon Conson that hit the Philippines this week has risen to 38, with at least 47 others reported missing, the government said.
    • China. The official death toll from south China floods has risen to 135, a report said.
    • India. Death Toll reached at least 37, as more villages were isolated in the India’s states of Punjab and Haryana, a report said.
    • Iran. In the twin bombing in Iran’s southeastern city of Zahedan “some 22 people were killed instantly.” Many of the 160 injured are said to be in serious condition, an official said, AP reported.
    • Nebraska, USA. President B.O. has  issued a federal disaster declaration for 53 of Nebraska’s 93 counties that sustained damage from flooding and storms in June, a report said.
    • Iraq. At least 29 people were killed and dozens injured in a hotel fire at in Iraq’s northern Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah, a report said.
  • Day 198 [July 17, 2010]
  • Day 199 [July 18, 2010]
    • Typhoon Conson, SEA. CONSON Leaves 72 dead with at least 95 others missing in the Philippines and Vietnam.  Typhoon CONSON (Basyang) claimed 68 lives in the Philippines with another 84 people reported missing. Up to 30,000 homes were reportedly destroyed or damaged.
    • Obama’s Doomed War in Afghanistan.  Four more British soldiers were killed in 3 separate explosions in Afghanistan during the last 24 hours, taking death toll to 322, a report said.
    • Japan. At least 15 people have been killed or reported as missing  following heavy rain in western Japan which wreaked havoc  in Gunma, Gifu, Shimane and Hiroshima prefectures (states),  local authorities were reported as saying.
    • India. Death toll from flooding in India rose to at least 250, a report said.
  • Day 200 [July 19, 2010]
    • India. The death toll from train crash in Calcutta, India rose to 61. At least 125 were injured,  a report said.
  • Day 201 [July 20, 2010]
  • Day 202 [July 21, 2010]
    • Kansas, USA. he intense heat and humidity that has palled over central Kansas for more than a week have killed at least 2,000 cattle, a report said.
  • Day 203 [July 22, 2010]
    • China. The death toll from flooding in southern China exceeds many thousands, though the official figure remains at 700, with an unspecified number of people missing.  The official news agency  Xinhua put the death toll since July 1 at 273, with 218 others missing.  “As of 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, about 58 million people in 11 provinces and Chongqing Municipality had been affected by the floods, with 3 million being evacuated and resettled, according to a statement released Wednesday by the ministry. ” The report said. Other damage is as follows:
      • A t least 330,000 homes and more than 4 million hectares of crops have been destroyed.
      • Monetary losses are so far estimated at 58.27 billion yuan (8.53 billion U.S. dollars).
    • Yemen. Death toll rose to 51 in N Yemen clashes, a report said.
  • Day 204 [July 23, 2010]
    • Philippines. The death toll from typhoon Conson that struck the Philippines last week has risen to 111, after 32 more bodies were discovered, various media reported.
    • China.  Tropical storm Chanthu which struck southern China earlier has killed at least3  people [official figure] and destroyed more than 3,000 homes in Guangdong province, according to various reports.
  • Day 205 [July 24, 2010]
    • Balochistan, Pakistan. The death toll in flash floods caused by torrential rains in Balochistan (Pakistan) rose to 60 today, a report said.
    • Obama’s war on Nato soldiers in Afghanistan. NATO casualties in Afghanistan have more than doubled in the first six months of this year compared to 2009, a report said.
  • Day 206 [July 25, 2010]
  • Day 207 [July 26, 2010]
    • Illinois, USA. Ten towns in Cook County have been declared as disaster areas, according to  Cook County Emergency Management, a report said.
      • “It was like a little (Hurricane) Katrina,” Roy Lee Brown, 55, of Bellwood, said. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I got up in the morning, looked out the window and saw nothing but water outside.”
  • Day 208 [July 27, 2010]
  • Day 209 [July 28, 2010]
  • Day 210 [July 29, 2010]
    • China. Death Toll in the plastics plant explosion in Nanjing, China has risen to 13, with a4 others seriously injured including 11 in critical condition.  At least 100 others have been hospitalized, reports say.
  • Day 211 [July 30, 2010]
  • Day 212 [July 31, 2010]
    • The Vulture of Washington [Obama] War on Afghanistan. With one more day to go, three more dead U.S. soldiers push the death toll for July to 63, in what has been America’s deadliest month so far.  The  U.S. fatalities stand at 1,976, with tens of thousand more injured. At least 325 British troops have been killed  since the senseless U.S.-led invasion in 2001.

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