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2010 Disaster Calendar [JUNE]

U.S., the world, stake the future on high-energy strategies. Energy models’ simulations show all such strategies ending in collapse. EDRO

2010: Year One of Human-Enhanced Disasters

  • In the next few years, YOU or someone close to you will likely have experienced a man-made, or human-enhanced ‘natural disaster.’
  • “About 99.98 percent of human effort goes to debilitate the ecosystems. In other words, for every single step taken to restore the natural life support services, humans take 6,400 steps in the opposite direction, destroying the planet’s ability to maintain life.” EDRO

2010 Disaster Calendar

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[Note: This listing is by no means exhaustive.]

June 2010

  • Day 152 [June 1, 2010]
    • Mediterranean Sea. Israeli soldiers attacked a flotilla of boats on a humanitarian mission, murdering at least 10 aid workers and injuring up to 30 others. The vessels were carrying medical supplies to the blockaded Gaza. Most of the victims killed are believed to have been Turkish nationals.
  • Day 153 [June 2, 2010]
    • Philippines. Heavy rain has triggered flooding in the Maguindanao area of the Philippines, displacing about 50,000 people, officials said.
  • Day 154 [June 3, 2010]
    • UK. Twelve people have been killed and 25 others injured by a gunman who went on a killing rampage with a hunting rifle in Britain’s west Cumbria. The gunman, Derrick Bird, 52, was described as a self-employed taxi driver.
    • Bangladesh. A large fire in Bangladeshi housing-block has killed more than 100 people and left many others injured, reports say.
    • Somalia. Fighting in Somalia leaves 31 dead
  • Day 155 [June 4, 2010]
  • Day 156 [June 5, 2010]
    • Poland. Parts of Warsaw, capital of Poland, were submerged in floodwaters. In the ” suburb of Piaseczno, water rose high enough in some places to nearly immerse cars. Firefighters used boats to navigate streets as they helped evacuate residents.” AP reported. According to the same report, “Sandomierz, a town in the country’s south that was among the worst-hit places last month, was bracing Friday for new floods.”  Landslides caused by torrential rains have also “destroyed houses in some areas, including in Klodne, in southern Poland, where people have been trying to salvage belongings after their homes collapsed.”
    • China. The death toll from landslides in south China reached 125, a report said. The landslides in the mountainous regions were caused by heavy rains which triggered flooding in many areas, a report said.
    • Australia. Flash flooding and tornado struck Sydney and other parts of Australia, causing substantial damage, according to reports.
  • Day 157 [June 6, 2010]
    • Guatemala. “The number of Guatemalans going hungry is set to rise as the Central American nation faces more food shortages after devastating floods washed away crops, aid agencies say.” AlertNet said.
      Storm Agatha pummeled Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, killing at least 200 people and leaving about 240,000 homeless, or severely affected. “Strong winds and torrential rains in Guatemala, which recorded the highest rainfall in over 60 years, triggered landslides and severe flooding, washing away fields of maize, banana, sugar cane and coffee.”
    • Kenya. “Torrential rains and floods have displaced at least 314 households countrywide this week. A total 12,395 households (74,370persons) have been displaced and 143,580 people affected by floods since March 2010,” a report by the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) said. At least 94 people have been killed by floods in Kenya since March 2010.
    • BangladeshBangladesh fire death toll at 120, set to rise
    • Afghanistan.  Foreign troop death toll in Afghanistan has reached 230 so far this year. At least two-thirds of the dead, 143 victims of Obama war,  were Americans, icasualties said.
    • Oman. Cyclone Phet claimed 16 lives in Oman and left dozens more people injured.
    • China. The death toll from flooding and landslides in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south China, has climbed to 51 with 2 people reported as missing, officials said.  “Heavy rain and subsequent floods and landslides had hit 42 counties in nine cities in Guangxi, cutting off a total of 113 roads, a report said.
  • Day 158 [June 7, 2010]
  • Day 159 [June 8, 2010]
    • Yemen. A cruise missile armed with cluster bomblets was used in a December attack in the Abyan area in south Yemen, which killed 55, Amnesty International said. The order to use the weapon was issued by President Obama, reports say.
    • USA. About Two Dozen People were Killed or Injured in Two Separate Gas Explosions in West Virginia and Texas. See also third explosion.
    • Central Europe. A second wave of flooding in Central Europe has caused up to a billion dollar worth of damage, especially in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Tens of thousands of people have evacuated their homes fearing more floods.
  • Day 160 [June 9, 2010]
    • Afghanistan and Pakistan. Up to 30 NATO troops have been killed over the past 24 hours in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In the latest incident, 4 NATO personnel were killed when their helicopter was shot down in Helmand province,  southern Afghanistan, NATO said.  The credit for the bloodbaths in both countries goes to none other than Mr Obama.
    • India. At least 30 people were killed when their bus crashed into a tree in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, according to the police.  More than 20 others were injured.
  • Day 161 [June 10, 2010]
    • Nigeria.  The death toll from lead poisoning  in the northern Nigerian state of Zamfara reached 300 including at least 100 children over the last two months, reports say. “The deaths were due to the lead poisoning while trying to leach gold from the rock deposits, at some illegal gold mining centres in the northern Nigeria.”
    • Darfur, Sudan. About 600 people were killed in Darfur clashes Killed in May, “peacekeepers” said.
    • Bangladesh.  Neemtoli fire death toll rose to 119, a report said.
    • Guatemala. Guatemalan officials have raised the death toll from Tropical Storm Agatha to 172, AP reported. The new figure raises the Central America’s death toll from Agatha to 205. “National disaster agency spokesman David de Leon says 101 people are still missing in the country and 148 were injured.”  Guatemalan authorities said the storm had washed out 24 bridges and damaged 19 others, with 7,000 homes destroyed.  Total cost of damage is said to be about 500 million dollars.
  • Day 162 [June 11, 2010]
    • Kyrgyzstan. At least 17 people have been killed and more than 200 people injured in clashes in Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest city of Osh, officials say, prompting government to declare a state of emergency and send it military units in armored vehicles.
    • Afghanistan. The death toll from the bombing in Afghan wedding party has now risen to 40, with more than 70 other injured, a report said.
    • Illinois, USA. Gov. Pat Quinn has declared Kankakee County a disaster area following storms and tornadoes that left a trail of destruction in central Illinois last week, a report said.
    • Wisconsin, USA. “Fourteen counties in northern and north central Wisconsin have been declared natural disaster areas after heavy snow and freezing conditions seriously damaged crops, a report said.
    • Colorado, USA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated 6 counties including Mesa on the Western Slope as federal disaster areas because of significant grape damage this winter.
    • Gwadar, Baluchistan, Pakistan. The Baluchistan government has declared the the district of Gwadar a disaster area following the devastation caused by TC Phet and rainstorms.  “Hundreds of houses collapsed or were damaged by torrential rains in Gwadar and other areas along the Makran coast, rendering thousands of people homeless. Many areas of Gwadar town remained inundated on Tuesday — five days after torrential rains hit the area. The administration is striving to pump out water from low-lying areas. According to initial estimates, about 5,000 houses were washed away or damaged and about 200,000 people were affected,” a report said.
  • Day 163 [June 12, 2010]
  • Day 164 [June 13, 2010]
    • Kyrgyzstan. The fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbek groups in south Kyrgyzstan has claimed the lives of at least 75 people, and left up to a 1,000 people injured the two cities of Jalalabad and Osh, the Kyrgyz news agency AKI-press quoted the health ministry as saying.
    • China.  Inordinate seasonal flooding in China has killed about 200 people and forced up to 1.5 million to flee to higher grounds. Chinese official said 140,000 houses had collapsed, as the country experienced its 13th torrential storms this season. Direct economic losses are so far estimated at 24 billion yuan ($6.5 billion), which is 4 times higher than the last year’s, officials said.
    • Nebraska, USA. “The town of North Loup, Neb., is being evacuated after a nearby dam on a small reservoir gave way, flooding the community,” a report said.
    • Iowa, USA. Heavy rain and storm  Have triggered flooding  across Iowa, a report said.
    • West Virginia, USA. Heavy flooding has been reported county-wide in Logan and Mingo County, reports say.
    • Illinois, USA. “Gov. Pat Quinn took a tour of Dwight’s tornado ravaged areas and then told the people of Dwight that Livingston County was one of four Illinois counties he would be designating as disaster areas due to the severe storms that blew through Saturday evening.”
  • Day 165 [June 14, 2010]
    • Kyrgyzstan. About 80,000 ethnic Uzbeks have been forced to flee, as death toll from the ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan reached 120, with up to 1,500 others wounded. Russia has sent in paratroopers and soldiers to protect its air base located north of the country, reports say.
    • Philippines. The number of tourists killed in a bus crash in the Philippines rose  to 20, with at least 24 others injured. The victims were reported to be medical students and doctors, a report said.
    • Waziristan, Pakistan. The death toll from the US drone strikes in Waziristan tribal region rose  to 14 with 12 others severely injured in the latest attack.
  • Day 166 [June 15, 2010]
  • Day 167 [June 16, 2010]
  • Day 172 [June 21, 2010]
    • China. About 2 percent of China’s population have so far been impacted by torrential rain, flooding and landslides.   Hundreds, possibly thousands of people have been killed, and many are missing in southern China after days of apocalyptic rain, violent flooding and massive landslides. At least 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, with millions of hectares (acres) of crops spoiled by the deadly deluge.
    • Brazil. At least20 people have been killed in flooding in north-eastern Brazil after more than 35cm (14 inches) of rain fell in less than three days, causing widespread flooding, reports say.
    • China.  At least 46 have been killed after a mine explosion in China’s Henan province, media reported.
    • Colombia. The death toll in Colombia mine blast rose to 70, media reported.
  • Day 173 [June 22, 2010]
  • Day 174 [June 23, 2010]
    • Brazil. Death toll from flooding in NE Brazil has risen to at last 55, as of posting, with more than 1,000 people still missing. About 50,000 people are made homeless. Up to a million others have been forced to abandon their homes.
    • China. Flooding and landslides in China have now affected more than 3 percent of the population.  Hundreds, possibly thousands of people have died or reported as missing, reports say.
    • Wisconsin, USA. Governor Jim Doyle has declared a state of emergency after surveying the storm-ravaged areas in southeastern Wisconsin, a report said.  Two tornadoes touched down in Waukesha County destroying  at least 25 homes in the village of Eagle and damaging more than 100 other homes.
    • Missouri, USA. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of Emergency in the counties that suffered damage by flooding, hail, strong winds and tornadoes, reports say.
    • Minnesota, USA. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has declared a state of emergency for seven counties struck by by tornadoes, reports say.
  • Day 175 [June 24, 2010]
  • Day 176 [June 25, 2010]
    • West Virginia, USA. Governor Joe Manchin said President B.O. had finally declared Logan, McDowell, Mingo and Wyoming counties affected by this month’s flooding in southern West Virginia as disaster areas, a report said. “The flooding and mudslides that occurred on June 12th caused damage to homes, businesses, roadways, and infrastructure in those counties.”
    • Montana, USA. Part of the Billings, Montana has been declared a disaster area after a tornado touched down causing substantial damage to property.
  • Day 177 [June 26, 2010]
    • El Salvador. Death Toll in El Salvador Bus-Attack Climbs to 16.  “Fourteen people died in the attack on the bus Sunday night in Mejicanos, a city on the north side of the San Salvador metropolitan area. Another passenger passed away two days later at Rosales Hospital. .
      “The torching of the bus occurred minutes after unidentified individuals opened fire on another bus in northwest San Salvador, near Mejicanos, killing two children and a man.”
    • Obama’s Insane Afghanistan War. Three more American troops were killed in OBAMA’s insane war in Afghanistan during a 24-hour period, bringing the U.S. death toll for June to 49, and the overall NATO toll to 89, and making this the deadliest month in the illegal and unnecessary war, so far.
  • Day 178 [June 27, 2010]
    • China. The official death toll in flood-stricken south China reaches 400; however, the actual number of dead could be a lot higher. The  direct economic losses is now more than $12 billion, officials were reported as saying.
    • Brazil.  The death toll from flooding in northeastern Brazil has risen to at least 57, with many more victims still reported as missing, civil defense officials  were reported as saying.
  • Day 179 [June 28, 2010
    • Central America. At least 10 people have been killed in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua as the tropical storm Alex struck the Central America’s Pacific coast, causing high winds, heavy rainfall and extensive flooding in the region, reports say.
    • Afghanistan. At least 100 foreign soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of June, reports say.
  • Day 180 [June 29, 2010
    • Romania. Death toll from flooding in Romania reached 16, with at least a dozen others reported as missing. Hundreds of building and public infrastructure have been destroyed or damaged, reports say.
    • China.  “China will move 345,000 people, mostly poor villagers, within about two years to make way for a vast scheme to draw on rivers in the south to supply the increasingly dry north, an official newspaper said on Tuesday.” Reuters reported.
    • China.  Landslide buried 107 people in SW China, reports say.
  • Day 181 [June 30, 2010 ]
    • Global Earthquakes. The Blog Moderators forecast more earthquakes, and related disasters, to occur in the 2nd half of 2010 than did in the 1st half of this year.
    • Webster City, Iowa, USA. Mayor Janet Adams declared a state of emergency in Webster City, Iowa, a report said.  “In her declaration, Adams cited the amount of heavy rain and flooding that had occurred in the past several days in Webster City, causing ‘severe damage to public and private property, disruption of utility service, and endangerment of health and safety of the citizens of Webster City within the disaster area.'”


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    Hey. I think I should update you right about now:

    Terrible storms invaded Poland since Wednesday night, the capital city is terribly flooded with just rain water (cars are whole under water in some places). With such huge amount of rain and rivers still full of flood from two weeks ago, ground cannot take any more water. And the second wave of flood is raging in, and we suspect there’s gonna be a third one.

    We’re massively flooded, and I don’t get it, why there’s no news about it around the world? All I can read in US news in some sport superbowl or something.

    Here you have photos: (click blue “nastepne” for next photo),21,0,pokaz.html

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