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2010 Disaster Calendar [NOVEMBER]

U.S., the world, stake the future on high-energy strategies. Energy models’ simulations show all such strategies ending in collapse. EDRO

2010: Year One of Human-Enhanced Disasters

  • In the next few years, YOU or someone close to you will likely have experienced a man-made, or human-enhanced ‘natural disaster.’
  • “About 99.98 percent of human effort goes to debilitate the ecosystems. In other words, for every single step taken to restore the natural life support services, humans take 6,400 steps in the opposite direction, destroying the planet’s ability to maintain life.” EDRO

2010 Disaster Calendar

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[Note: This listing is by no means exhaustive.]

November 2010

  • Day 305 [November 1, 2010]

    • Yogyakarta city, Central Java, Indonesia. Java’s Mount Merapi volcano erupted again forcing up to 70,000 to evacuate.
    • Baghdad, Iraq. At least 58 people were killed and 75 others wounded wounded after Iraqi forces stormed a church in Baghdad, where gunmen had held about 100 hostages, Interior Ministry officials said on Monday.
  • Day 306 [November 2, 2010]

    • Caribbean island of St Lucia. About 20 people have been killed in the Caribbean island of St Lucia after torrential rains brought   by TS Tomas triggered landslides. The island’s Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency, appealing for international assistance, according to media reports.
    • Vietnam. At least a dozen people have been killed by the latest round of flooding in central Vietnam. More than 500 homes have been destroyed uses were brought down by the floods, which have also damaged about 6,000 hectares of cropland.
    • Riverina, Australia. About $10m worth of crops have been lost in  one area of the Riverina alone following recent flooding, reports say.
    • Malaysia. Malaysian authorities have shut a dozen schools and evacuated at lest 12,000 people as floodwaters continue to rise in two northern states following torrential rain, official media has said.
    • Italy.  “The landslides were triggered by torrential rains over the weekend, causing flooding across large swathes of northern and central Italy,” a report said.
    • North Carolina, USA. NC Gov. Bev Perdue announced that the four counties of Camden, Martin, New Hanover and Washington have received a disaster declaration from FEMA.
    • Chad. Flooding in the African nation of Chad has displaced tens of thousands of people.  UNICEF has warned that a cholera outbreak that has infected about 4,000 people and killed at least 135 across the country, may worsen, reports say.
  • Day 307 [November 3, 2010]

    • Indonesia. Death toll from the ongoing Mount Merapi eruptions that began last week has now reached at least 39, with dozens of others injured. The eruption has also damaged/destroyed about a quarter of a million salak fruit plants, killed 294 cattle and left 8,506 others short of food, a report said.
    • Fremantle, Western Australia. It has been revealed that about 1,000 heads of cattle and sheep that perished on their way to Saudi Arabia in February, were killed possibly as a result of   developing pneumonia due to “infection, heat stress, deck conditions and stress,” a report said.
    • Western Australia (WA). At least 47 patients have died or seriously harmed in WA hospitals this year “as a direct result of care and not their illnesses,” a Department of Health report said. “The Sentinel Event report details serious preventable incidents that lead to patients suffering serious harm or death.”
    • Malaysia. Severe flooding in 2 northern states of Perlis and Kedah in Malaysia has displaced tens of thousands of people, reports say.
    • Hat Yai, Thailand. Hat Yai, the commercial capital of southern Thailand. has been hit by deadly flooding, a report said. At least 38 people have been killed, as  floodwaters submerged parts of the region to a height of 3m (10ft).
    • WEST Cumbria, UK. Flooding in WEST Cumbria has inundated scores of homes across the county, reports say.
    • Serbia. A magnitude 5.3 quake struck central Serbia, killing at least 2 and injuring more than 100 others, reports say.
  • Day 308 [November 4, 2010]

    • Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. Java’s Mt Merapi Volcano erupted again earlier today, blasting hot ash and poisonous volcanic fumes into the air, killing at least 6 more people, reports say. Up to 80,000 people have now abandoned dozens of villages on the slopes of the volcano. The death toll from the continual 9-day eruption has now climbed to at least 44.
    • East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Flooding has killed at least 15 people, in the i slands of East Nusa Tenggara province, located in the eastern portion of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, the disaster agency was reported as saying.
    • Vietnam. Death toll from flash floods in southern central provinces of Vietnam since the beginning of November have climbed to 16, the official Vietnam News Agency reported today. Total death toll since early October has risen to at least 160.
    • Andhra Pradesh, India.  Death toll after a week-long torrential rains and flooding in India’s coastal state of Andhra Pradesh has climbed to at least 25, reports say.
    • Pakistan. Death toll from dengue fever infections across Pakistan has risen to at least 31, with 5,050 confirmed cases reported, Pakistan’s National Health Department (NHD) said.
    • West Bengal, India. Death toll from the ferry disaster in Muriganga river has reached 86, with at least 70 others still missing.
    • Haiti. Death toll from Haiti’s cholera epidemic has climbed to 442, with at least 105 more deaths reported since Saturday, a 40 percent jump in new cases, Haitian health authorities said. Some 2,000 more patients have been hospitalized, raising the total number of cases to about 7,000.
  • Day 309 [November 5, 2010]

    • Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.Death toll from Java’s Mt Merapi volcano’s latest eruption has climbed to about 70 (total death toll is now more than 100), with hundreds of others reported as injured.
    • Costa Rica.  Death toll from the latest round of mudslide triggered by torrential rains in Costa Rica has climbed to at least to 20, with more than 600 people evacuated from their homes, a report said. The authorities have “declared a red alert in the country’s central region and along the Pacific coast.”
    • Cuba. A plane crash in Cuba killed all 68 people onboard, reports say.
    • The Philippines. At least a dozen people have been killed or reported as missing as  flash floods more submerge homes in 140 villages and 23 town in the northern Philippians, reports say. More than 65,000 people have been affected by the flooding across four  provinces of Aurora, Cagayan, Isabelaand and Kalinga.
    • Malaysia. Worsening floods in Malaysia’s e two northern states of Kedah and Perlis has forced the authorities to evacuate more than 50,000 people. The reported death toll varies from 4 to 16 victims, according to media reports.
  • Day 310 [November 6, 2010]

    • Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.Death toll from Java’s Mt Merapi volcano’s ongoing eruptions which began 12 days ago has risen to at least 140, after 20 more people who had earlier  suffered burns from the Friday fireball died from their injuries.  Up to a quarter of a million people have sought shelter in Central Java provinces.
    • Jilin, China. About 2 dozen people were killed and dozens more injured in a blaze at a shopping mall in Jilin, China, reports say.
    • Zhangshu City, E. China.“Nineteen people have been confirmed dead in Friday’s massive vehicle pileups at a fog-shrouded expressway section in east China’s Jiangxi Province, according to local traffic police on Saturday,” a report said.
    • Thailand. Death toll from severe flooding which has affected most parts of Thailand has reached at least 150. The collapse of Thailand may have started.
    • Haiti. Hurricane TOMAS dumped as much as 15 inches of rain over parts of Haiti, killing at least 4 people.Tomas has now killed at least 18 people in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • Day 311 [November 7, 2010] 

    • Haiti. Death toll from the cholera outbreak in Haiti has exceeded 500, Haitian health ministry has said.
    • Haiti. Haiti was spared the worst of TOMAS.  The hurricane claimed only about a dozen lives, affecting an estimated 40,000 people.
    • Mexico.  A mass grave discovered in Mexico contained the remains of 18 kidnapped tourists who disappeared on 30 September, a report said.
    • Kenya. A Kenyan police officer, rumored to be related to Mr B.O.  went on a shooting rampage, killing at least 10 people in Siakago, 145km (90 miles) NE of the capital, Nairobi., officials reported.
    • Costa Rica. Death toll in Costa Rica mudslide has risen to at least 23, officials reported.
    • Thailand.  Death toll in Thailand flooding has climbed to at least 161 since Oct 10 according to the country’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. At least 30 of Thailand’s 76 provinces are currently deluged by flooding.
    • Peshawar, Pakistan. Death toll from the mosque bombing in Darra Adam Khel has climbed to 95, a report said.
  • Day 312 [November 8, 2010] 

    • Colombia. Death toll from Colombia’s rain and flooding has reached at least 108 , severely affecting up to 1.5 million people. “Authorities in several parts of the country declared an emergency to deal with looming floods, ” a report said. “According to Red Cross rescue director in Colombia, Carlos Ivan Marcos, 21 people are still missing following landslides and floods, 183 are injured, 1,538 houses have been destroyed and 174,000 houses have been damaged”.
  • Day 313 [November 9, 2010]

    • Thailand.  Death toll in Thailand flooding has climbed to at least 181 since Oct 10, officials said.
    • East Godavari, AP, India. Death toll from cyclone JAL has reached at least 54. The cyclone, which hit India’s East Godavari district, also caused large scale damage to crops, reports say.
  • Day 314 [November 10, 2010]

    • Portage, southern Manitoba, Canada. Portage Council has declared Delta Beach a disaster area, after the storm that struck the area  late October, a report said.
    • Montana, USA. Glacier County [as well as the three surrounding counties of Flathead, Pondera and Toole] has been declared a primary natural disaster area  because of severe storms, wind, hail, late spring blizzards and excessive rain since May, a report said.
    • Maryland, USA. The US Department of Agriculture has declared 22 counties in the state of Maryland drought disaster areas, reports say.
    • Thailand. Ten provinces in the North and Northeast of Thailand have been declared disaster areas due to freezing weather, National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said.
    • South Dakota, USA. “Moody County, neighboring Brookings and Lake counties, Union County and the Flandreau Santee Sioux tribal lands have all been declared federal disaster areas in the wake of flash flooding along the Big Sioux River,” a report said.
  • Day 315 [November 11, 2010]

    • Thailand. Reported death toll from nationwide flooding in Thailand has climbed to at least 203, according to a report released today by the country’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department.
    • Java, Indonesia. Death toll from Indonesia’s Mount Merapi eruptions has risen to at least 191, with more than 200 people still reported as missing, according to the officials.
    • Papua New Guinea (PNG). Death toll from cholera outbreak on PNG’s Daru Island has reached at least 22, a report said.
    • Haiti. Death toll from the cholera epidemic in Haiti has reached at least 655 with jabout 10,000 cases of infection disease reported, according to the U.N. sources.
    • Brasilia, Brazil. Death toll from infections caused by the drug-resistant Klebisiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemase (KPC) bacteria has risen to at least 22, health officials in Brasilia have said.
    • Republic of Congo. Polio has killed about 100 people, mostly young adults, in the Republic of Congo and paralysed at least 200 others since early October, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported Thursday.
    • Indonesia. Pneumonia is said to be the second-biggest killer of children in Indonesia, after diarrhea, claiming the lives of 15.5 percent of children under five, health officials say.
    • Nova Scotia, Canada. Days of torrential rain and flooding in the region has caused “incomprehensible” damage to homes and public infra structure, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter said. He has urged the federal government to provide help “repairing water-logged homes, collapsed bridges and washed-out roads.,” a report said. “Dexter has said it could take weeks for provincial officials to fully assess the damage. Many residents have been forced out of their homes and are staying with family and friends.”
    • Sri Lanka.The heaviest rainfall in nearly a quarter of century inundated Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, damaging thousands of homes and killing at least one person, officials reported.
    • NYC, USA. Death toll for WTC responders has climbed to at least 916, with the causes of death still a big mystery to the experts, reports say. Isn’t it time to start asking questions NOW?
  • Day 316 [November 12, 2010]

    • The War Racket in Afghanistan. Mr Obama’s conspiracy against the American people claimed the 14th marine from the 3/5 since Oct. 8, 2010. Second Lt. Robert M. Kelly, 29, was killed by an IED blast in the Sangin Area of Helmand province, a report said.
    • The War Racket in Afghanistan. A sixth Marine from Camp Pendleton was killed in Afghanistan in a week, a report said.
    • Haiti. Death toll in Haiti’s cholera outbreak has risen to 800, an American epidemiologist said.
    • Virginia, USA. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture has designated 59 counties [and the city of Suffolk] in Virginia as primary natural disaster areas because of massive losses for the farmers caused by drought and excessive heat.
    • Texas, USA. Parts of Texas has been declared as disaster areas due to Tropical Storm Hermine, which struck on Tuesday. The declaration covered the following Texas counties: Bastrop, Bell, Burnet, Coryell, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Falls, Johnson, Lampasas, Lee, McLennan, Milam, Parker, Tarrant, Travis, Williamson and Wise, reports say.
    • Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, USA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated several counties in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as a natural disaster areas due to crop losses caused by drought and excessive heat since early summer, reports say.
    • Delaware and Maryland, USA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated 22 counties as natural disaster areas due to crops and animal losses from summer’s drought and excessive heat, reports say. Three counties in Delaware also designated as disaster areas  because they are contiguous
  • Day 317 [November 13, 2010]

    • West and Central Africa. Death toll from weeks of almost non-stop raining in Central and West Africa, which have caused extensive flooding in the regions has reached at least 400, with up to 2 million others affected, reports say.
    • United Kingdom. Many properties in southern England were flooded forcing scores of families out of their homes, reports say. Flooding also caused extensive damage in other parts of the country, as well as in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight. Flooding followed  a week of arctic weather including several inches of snow that fell in some parts of the country. Strong winds with gusts of up to 100MPH fell trees, ripped tiles off roofs and downed power lines… at least one woman was killed after  she was impaled by a branch of a tree that fell on her car.
    • Indonesia. Death toll from Mt Merapi eruptions has climbed to at least 240, with more than 400,000 people fleeing their homes and moving into makeshift shelter, reports say.
    • Thailand. The steadily rising death toll from Thailand’s countrywide flooding has climbed to at least 215, a report said. At least 10 million people have been affected and 4 million acres of crops have been damaged by the floods, officials say.
    • Shanghai, China. The index of air pollution in Shanghai shot to 370, the highest level since the 1990s, state media reported. A rating of 300 indicates “heavily polluted” air.
    • California, USA. Air pollution in California kills more people than car crashes, according to a study.  “California Highway Patrol recorded 2,521 vehicular deaths in the San Joaquin Valley and South Coast Air Basin in 2006, compared to 3,812 deaths attributed to respiratory illness caused by particulate pollution.”
  • Day 318 [November 14, 2010]

    • Victoria, Australia. “Wild weather” struck Melbourne and other parts of Australia’s Victoria state causing flooding and damage to many buildings, reports say.
    • The War Racket, and Obama’s conspiracy against American people. “At least 18 people were killed in a series of attacks across Afghanistan Saturday, including three coalition service members,” a report said.  Reported number of NATO troops killed in Afghanistan has now reached at least 637 this year of whom 437 were Americans.
    • Nicaragua. Death from leptospirosis outbreak in Nicaragua has climbed to 18, with 551 cases of infection reported so far this year, according to the media.
    • The Netherlands.  Torrential rain in southern Netherlands triggered flash flooding in numerous places causing damage to property and roads, reports say.
    • Wisconsin, USA.

Day 319 [November 15, 2010]

    • New Zealand. 14 people were killed on New Zealand’s “deadly roads” in 24 hours, including at least 2 foreigners, according to a local blogger. “At least 1,957 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 14 November 2010” “On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.” The blog reported.
    • New Zealand. Outbreak of a bacterial disease is destroying New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry, which has an estimated turnover of about 1 billion dollars. The pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) bacteria has been found on at least 13 major orchards [500 hectares] in the Bay of Plenty, an area which produces about 80 percent of the country’s crop, a report said.
    • Iraq. The impact of climate change on Iraq agriculture in the form of rising temperature, severe drought and frequent sand storms, has caused a 40 percent drop in crop cover throughout the country. “Baghdad endured 122 dust storms in 2008 and 82 in 2009, up from only three or four a year recorded in the 1970s […] In the former era, the choking tempests lasted no more than 12 hours. Now they can envelop the city for up to 36 hours.” A report said.
    • Colombia. Death toll from torrential rain and flooding in Colombia has risen to 128, with more than 200 people injured. about 1.2 million people have been affected; 20,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged in 550 of the 1,120 municipalities in 28 of Colombia’s 32 provinces, a report said.
    • Belgium. “Heavy rains battered Belgium at the weekend, causing flooding and mudslides that left at least two people dead as scores of others had to be evacuated, sometimes by boat,” a report said.
  • Day 320 [November 16, 2010]

    • East Delhi, IndiaUp to 70 people were killed and about 120 others injured when a  building collapsed in East Delhi, India, reports say.
    • Shanghai, China. A Shanghai residential tower caught fire killing at least 53 people, reports say.
  • Day 321 [November 17, 2010]

    • Vietnam. A new round of flooding and landslides in central Vietnam have killed at least 11 people, raising the death toll since early October to 178, officials say.  Up to 76cm (30 inches) of rain has pummeled the region since Sunday.
    • Indonesia. “The Merapi death toll has reached 273 people. About 300,000 people are still living in temporary shelters,” a disaster management official said.
    • Shanghai, China. “China’s official Xinhua News Agency says DNA tests on victims from a fire at a high-rise apartment building in Shanghai have confirmed 26 more dead, raising the number of fatalities to 79.” A report said.
  • Day 322 [November 18, 2010]

    • Philippines. Death toll from dengue fever in the Philippines has risen to 724 since the beginning of the year, according to the Health authorities. The reported deaths between January 1 and October 30, 2010, rose by 50 per cent compared with the same period last year [485 fatalities.] A total of 119,789 cases of dengue infections were reported, an increase of more than 141 per cent [49,319 cases] over 2009.
    • Thailand. Flood-related deaths in Thailand has climbed to at least to 229, a report said.

Day 323 [November 19, 2010]

    • Luanda. Death toll of the torrential rain that struck Luanda two days ago.  has climbed to 14, with at least six people still missing, reports say.
    • Colombia. Death toll from heavy rains and mudslide in Colombia has risen to 136, a report said.
    • Thailand.
    • New Zealand.
  • Day 324 [November 20, 2010] 

    • Serbia. IFRC says the 5.4Mw quake that struck the town of Kraljevo on November 3, killing three people, has damaged 16,000 buildings and 1,500 rendered uninhabitable. At least 8,000 people have been affected. 
    • Colombia. Continued torrential rains, mudslides and flooding, which has killed at least 136 people, left 1.2 million others homeless and destroyed livestock and crops, have prompted the government to declare a “State of calamity.”
    • Malaysia. Dengue fever has killed at least 123 in Malaysia, said the country’s Health Ministry, with about 43,000 cases reported since January.
  • Day 325 [November 21, 2010]

    • Indonesia. Death toll from Mount Merapi’s continual eruptions has reached at least 304, Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency reported. At least 81 people have been killed in Central Java and 223 in Yogyakarta, with 203,449 people evacuated.
    • HaitiDeath toll from cholera outbreak in Haiti has reached 1,186, the Haitian Health Ministry said.
    • Cornwall, England.
      At least 100 homes in Cornwall have been deluged with flood water, damaging furniture and destroying possessions. Many families will be homeless for at least six months. More flooding is expected in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Day 326 [November 22, 2010]

    • U.S. Southern Plains. Dry weather across the U.S. Southern Plains together with wide temperature swings will impact development of winter wheat crop, a forecastersaid. “With little or no precipitation in the forecast during the next 10 days, there will be additional stress on the winter wheat crop especially in the dry areas of western Kansas, eastern Colorado and southwest Nebraska,” said Mike Palmerino, agricultural meteorologist with Telvent DTN. “Further declines in crop ratings can be expected.”
    • USA. USDA has declared 28 counties across southern Missouri as natural disaster areas because of severe drought. that began last summer, a report said. The counties covered are: Barry, Bates, Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dade, Dallas, Dent, Dunklin, Hickory, Howell, Laclede, Lawrence, Mississippi, New Madrid, Oregon, Pemiscot, Polk, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, St. Clair, Stoddard, Texas, Wayne and Webster. “One north Missouri county, Shelby, has been declared a disaster area because of heavy rainfall, high winds, and flash flooding in the spring.”
    • Tennessee, USA. Gov. Phil Bredesen said that 12 more counties in the state of Tennessee have been declared as natural disaster areas because of drought and excessive heat during the growing season. The counties are : Benton, Bledsoe, Blount, Carroll, Greene, Loudon, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Roane, Warren and Weakley. Thirty-one adjoining counties have also received the designation: Anderson, Bradley, Cannon, Cocke, Coffee, Cumberland, DeKalb, Decatur, Gibson, Grundy, Hamblen, Hamilton, Hawkins, Henderson, Henry, Houston, Humphreys, Knox, Madison, Morgan, Obion, Perry, Polk, Rhea, Sequatchie, Sevier, Stewart, Unicoi, Van Buren, Washington and White.
    • Sorsogon, Philippines. Mt Bulusan ejected a 2-km column of ash and steam into the air,  forcing the evacuation of about 500 families living near the volcano. About 3,000 families (15,000 people) in 18 villages have so far been affected by the eruptions.
  • Day 327 [November 23, 2010]

    • Yeonpyeong island, North-South Korean Border. At least one person was killed and several others were injured in an exchange of fire between the two Korean sides over the disputed island of Yeonpyeong. According to a news report dozens of houses were damaged/destroyed by artillery shells, with the island’s 1,600 residents evacuated.
    • Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A day of mourning has been declared in Cambodia on the final day of the Water Festival after it turned into rivers of blood. At least 350 people were killed in a stampede in the capital Phnom Penh and more than 1,000 others injured.  An eyewitness told BBC that some of the victims were electrocuted. “There were too many people on the bridge and then both ends were pushing.  This caused a sudden panic. The pushing caused those in the middle to fall to the ground, then [get] crushed.
      Cambodian relatives of a stampede victim cry in a hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 23 November 2010 Many of the dead appeared to be teenagers. Panic started and at least 50 people jumped in the river. People tried to climb on to the bridge, grabbing and pulling [electric] cables which came loose and electrical shock caused more deaths.” [It’s believed that the police used water canon against the crowds, which may have exacerbated the situation. ]
  • Day 328 [November 24, 2010]

    • Greymouth, New Zealand.All 29 miners trapped in New Zealand’s Pike River coalmine have been declared dead. According to a New Zeelend Blog, the New Zealand “PM Ordered the Army to Blow Up the Mine, Killing 5 foreigners and 24 NZers!”
    • New Zealand. The five  foreign victims of the mine explosion in New Zealand, two Australians, two Britons and a  South African,” were the 1,963rd to 1,967th foreigners to be killed in New Zealand since January 2000.” As blog recorded.
  • Day 329 [November 25, 2010]

    • Tamil Nadu, India. Up to a 100 people have been killed in Tamil Nadu, India’s seventh most populous state,  as a result of flash floods which have been triggered by the northeast monsoon, reports say.
    • Chile.  Death toll from an earlier collision between a bus and a truck near Santiago reached 20, with at least as many people injured according to reports.
    • Tehran, Iran. Dangerous levels of air pollution prompted the Iranian government to declare a public holiday in the capital, Tehran, reports say.
  • Day 330 [November 26, 2010]

    • Global. Passive smoking kills 603,000 people per year, or 1% of all global premature deaths, a new report said.
    • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. USDA has declared 8 parishes disaster areas due to the ongoing drought [and related pests and diseases] that began in April, reports say. Additionally, Claiborne, Morehouse, Webster, Caddo, East Carroll, Union and West Carroll parishes in Arkansas are secondary disasters areas because they are located next to the primary area. Other counties in Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas have also declared contiguous natural disaster areas.
    • NJ, USA. Sixteen New Jersey counties have been declared as natural disaster areas due to excessive heat and drought during the 2010 growing season, USDA announced.
    • US Virgin Islands. President B.O.  has declared St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands a major disaster area. The territory was inundated by major flooding following tropical storm Tomas earlier this month.
  • Day 331 [November 27, 2010]

    • Ghana. A record 16,200 children under the age of 5 were claimed by pneumonia in Ghana in the last 12 months, representing one fifth of the deaths.
    • Global. About 2 million children under the age of 5 have died from  pneumonia in the last 12 months, with a child dying every 15 seconds.
  • Day 332 [November 28, 2010]

    • British Columbia, Canada. British Columbia’s pine forests are collapsing. More than 50 percent of the pine trees in BC have been consumed [alive] by more than a trillion native pine beetles.  BC winters are overheating by between 1.7ºC along the south coast to 4.5ºC in the north, some 3 to 8 times the earth’s average heating rate of 0.6ºC.
    • Britain. Emissions from vehicles and power plants is reducing life expectancy in the UK by [at the very least] 6 months, the government has warned.
    • China. Indoor air pollution has killed at least 2.2 million Chinese youth in the past year, one million of whom were under the age of 5, according to the state media quoting a new study.
  • Day 333 [November 29, 2010]

    • Arkansas, USA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated all 75 counties in the state of Arkansas as natural disaster areas because of “drought, excessive heat and related insects and diseases,” reports say.
    • China. The number of reported AIDS deaths in China has risen to 68,315 as of October 31, state television reported, quoting figures from the health ministry.
    • Papua New Guinea (PNG). Detah toll from a  cholera outbreak in PNG  is estimated at The epidemic is believed to have  started in Daru, an island close to Australia’s Cape York, according to media reports.
  • Day 334 [November 30, 2010]

    • Georgia, USA. The USDA has designated 151 of 159 counties in the state of Georgia as primary disaster areas following excessive heat and the ongoing drought. Farmers in those counties have reportedly sustained production losses of more than 30 percent.
    • Colombia.  Death toll from extensive flooding and landslides caused by torrential rains in Colombia has reached 162 since March, with at least 19 others reported as missing, the government said.  The extreme weather conditions have also injured about 250 people, and severely impacted 1.4 million Colombians.  “More than 1,700 homes have been destroyed and 233,025 have been damaged by the weather,” a report said.
  • Day 335 [December 1, 2010]

    • Caracas, Venezuela. Extreme weather kills at least 30 people and forces thousands from their homes. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declares a state of emergency in the states of Falcon, Miranda and Vargas. Flooding and landslides triggered by torrential rains has claimed at least 30 lives, reports say. So far, more than 3,000 families have lost their homes, and another 60,000 people have been affected by the deadly floods. “Officials said the storms caused a power outage Monday that stopped operations at the Cardon oil refinery in Falcon, and similar problems shut down some units at the adjacent Amuay refinery.” AP reported.
    • Oahu, Hawaii. The total number of traffic deaths for the year so far has reached 58,  more than 2009 total of 53, a report said.
    • Bang-kok, Thailand. Death toll from the flooding that inundated vast areas of Thailand since Oct 10 has climbed to at least 257, a report said.
    • Pennsylvania, USA. Death toll on Pennsylvania highways during the 5-day Thanksgiving holiday period climbed to at least 17, the highest in 7 years. 

      The state police reported 1,101 crashes during the period, a report said.
    • USA.  The National Safety Council has estimated that at least 441 people would be killed and 42,700 others seriously injured on US roads during the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday period.
  • Day 336 [December 2, 2010]

    • Europe. Arctic weather has killed dozens of people across Europe. Temperatures dropped to -26C (-14.8F) in Poland, where at least 18 people died from exposure. About three dozen others died from the cold in Central, Northern and Western Europe.
    • The Balkans. Hundreds of people in Serbia and Montenegro have been evacuated after heavy rains triggered extensive flooding in many parts of the region
    • Cyprus. Temperatures in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus are more than 5C above the seasonal average. November was reportedly the driest in 110 years, the country’s Meteorological Service was reported as saying. The island is experiencing severe drought.
    • Italy. Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in various parts of Italy, with the country’s Civil Protection Authority warning of more heavy rains and deluge.
    • North Carolina, USA. USDA has
      declared 10 South Carolina counties as natural disaster areas, because of persistent drought.
    • Louisiana, USA. USDA has declared  36 counties in Louisiana as natural disaster areas.
    • USA. “Counties along the Arkansas state line in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas were declared secondary disaster areas,” a report said.



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