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Haiti EQ Disaster – Update 15 Jan

Posted by feww on January 15, 2010

Seismic Waves from ‘Heaven’ For Aid Organizations

Despite millions of dollars already donated to Haiti survivors, aid is only trickling in!

Most aid organizations, which at any rate only pass on only about FIVE percent of all donations received, run huge cash deficits because of their overheads, especially 6-figure wages to their executives,  and have to pay off their debts before worrying about mundane things like looking after the injured, starved and homeless victims of disasters.

Workers load some of the thousands of bodies that lie in the General Hospital downtown to transport them to a common grave in Port au Prince, January 14, 2009. Credit: REUTERS/UN Photo/Logan Abassi/Handout. More photos and video at: Haiti Quake Images

FEWW initially estimated the EQ casualties, the dead and the seriously injured, to be  20,000. This estimate was based on shakemaps, the time the quake occurred and several other factors. This estimate might prove to be wildly inaccurate, but that’s the best we’ve got right now.

The Red Cross estimates 45,000-50,000 people dead as a result of earthquake.To get such a definitive estimate, “no less than 45,000,” would take days if not weeks of painstaking research. It’s therefore  more likely that their estimate is a political and financially motivated statement. See footnote.

As luck often has it for the aid/charity mafia, however, the Haitian govt has decided the only way to deal with the mounting piles of dead bodies is to unceremoniously bulldoze them into mass graves.

That means no such luxuries as corpse identification, death certificates or even a prayer for the dead. What’s important right now, is to worry about the survivors, especially those still trapped, the injured, the starving and the homeless.

Truck drivers and bulldozer operators would be the only ones who could provide a reliable estimate as to the number of the dead [sic.]

“We have already buried 7,000 in a mass grave,” President Rene Preval said.

It’s not known whether the figure he quoted was an exact number or a rough estimate.

Pat Robertson’s Unparalleled Bigotry

Pat Robertson, the head bigot of American Evangelism, steals the bigotry biscuit, as usual, for making the most egregiously racist and inhuman remark. Robertson was quoted as saying Haiti had been “cursed” because of what he called a “pact with the devil” earlier in its history.

So here’s our question to Mr Robertson:

FEWW believes New York City could be struck by a megaquake (MQ) in the not so distant future.

If the NY MQ were to occur, would you stay faithful to your god and blame the destruction on Bloomberg, his tribe and Mammon?

Haitians react to televangelist Pat Robertson’s ‘devil pact’ remarks

Highlights of News Reports:

  • The survivors are desperate for water, food, medical supplies, lifting equipment and doctors.
  • There’s NO coordinated relief effort, many more trapped in the rubble, which could otherwise be saved, will die.
  • Obama soundbyte: “To the people of Haiti, we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten.”
  • British PM Gordon Brown soundbyte:  ” [Haiti] must become the center of our world’s attention, the world’s compassion and the world’s humanitarian help.”
  • About 1,500 bodies were stacked inside and outside the mortuary by noon local time yesterday,  Reuters reported the director of Port-au-Prince’s general hospital as saying.
  • UNSG  BanKi-moon said it could be days before even an  estimate of the death toll from the quake could be made.

Kudos to Cuban Doctors

  • Cuba’s more than 300 doctors in Haiti stayed on after the earthquake and have continued to treat the injured.

Anger Grows Over Aid Delay

  • Angry survivors have staged protests, blocking roads in Port-au-Prince, reports say.  Two and a half days after the quake tens of thousands of people clamored for water, food and other basic needs. They are desperate for help to dig out their relatives from the ruble.
  • “Please do anything you can, these people have no water, no food, no medicine, nobody is helping us,” Reuters quoted a rescue worker as saying.

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Please help the victims, anyway you can. There are many ways to help the survivors. But donate money only to the organizations that you know and trust.

[If you believe  Pat Robertson’s BS, the victims need your help to break their pact with the devil.]

For More Information Visit Haiti Earthquake Disaster Links Page!

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