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Haiti Quake Aftermath [Update 16 Jan]

Posted by feww on January 16, 2010

Politics of Corruption Worse than the Earthquake

“We have already collected around 50,000 dead bodies. We anticipate there will be between 100,000 and 200,000 dead in total, although we will never know the exact number,” Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime told Reuters.

In 3  days without a single organized team and with no heavy earth moving equipment?

Does this follow the “If you don’t believe me, go count the bodies for yourself!” line of proof?

NO WAY, Mr Minister!

About 40,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves, Reuters quoted the Secretary of State for Public Safety Aramick Louis as saying.

Well that’s a discount of 20 percent, but isn’t it a massive jump in less than 24 hrs from the very rough figure of 7,000 your president had quoted?

FEWW Moderators estimate that between nil to 50 bodies were buried one day after the quake struck. In the second day between  a few  to 200 bodies, and in the third day up to 700 corpses may have been dumped in mass graves.

Chaos: Worse than Earthquake

A man points a gun at the crowd while standing on the rubble of a store in Port-au-Prince, January 15, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Kena Betancur. Image may be subject to copyright. For more image from Reuters click here.

About 4,500 inmates have escaped an over-crowded Haitian prison. Among the escapees are murderers, rapists and dangerous criminals who are presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Gangs of armed robbers had begun preying on vulnerable survivors “living in makeshift camps on sidewalks and streets strewn with rubble and decomposing bodies, as quake aftershocks rippled through the hilly neighborhoods.” Reuters reported.

More Highlights of Reports of Haiti Quake Aftermath:

“We are sending our police into areas where bandits are starting to operate. Some people are robbing, are stealing. That is wrong … The people in the refugee places, once they do not find food and assistance, they are getting angry and upset. Our message to everyone is to stay calm.” Aramick Louis was quoted as saying.

But, how could they stay calm, when most of the survivors haven’t had much, if anything to eat for more than 80 hours?

No Water

At least eight hospitals and medical clinics in Port-au-Prince had collapsed or were otherwise unable to provide any service due to quake damage.

“We have no supplies. We need surgical gloves, antibiotics, antiseptic, disinfectant. We have nothing. Not even water. We have children out here with dry mouths and no water to give them,” Reuters quoted a doctor with the Pan American Health Organization as saying.

Piles of decomposing bodies that haven’t been buried despite the Ministers’ number games could cause outbreaks of contagious diseases, posing  a serious health threat to the traumatized survivors.

Escaped Haitian Inmates on the Run, Fear of Rampant Crime

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Please help the victims, anyway you can. There are many ways to help the survivors. But donate money only to the organizations that you know and trust.

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