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Haiti: Let Them Eat High Energy Biscuits

Posted by feww on January 19, 2010

Haiti Quake Disaster Update – Day 7

Bill Clinton’s New Assistant to Help Raise [and Divert] Haiti Quake Relief Funds

Can you believe this?

How could G.W. Bush be pathologically capable of doing good?

As the “former tenants of the White House” Join forces eying quake relief  funds that are being raised for Haiti, a news report confirmed yesterday that up to 40,000 high energy biscuits had been distributed among the two or so million starved residents of Port-au-Prince.

A Brief summary of events on Day 7 of Haiti quake :

Looters and scavengers are attacking any place they can find food, clothes, toys or other goods, then fighting over the loot among themselves.

Hungry, frustrated crowds are swarming locations used by the UN, U.S. military and international relief agencies, pleading for food, water and jobs, Reuters reported. “Jordanian peacekeepers kicked Haitians and fired in the air over a crowd clamoring outside the Port-au-Prince airport, witnesses said.”

Let Them Go Back to Africa

As various countries promised more cash the President of the African country of Senegal suggested that African nations should give Haitians the opportunity to resettle in “the land of their ancestors”.

“Africa should offer Haitians the chance to return home. It is their right,” Wade has reportedly said on his website.

Local media in Senegal quoted the officials as saying the West African country was willing to allocate fertile land to Haitians, Reuters reported.

“We haven’t moved for four days, only God knows how long we can survive like this, but there are no jobs and no houses,”  a single mother with four children, sheltering at one improvised camp said, Reuters reported.

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