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Air New Zealand Plane in Emergency Runway Stop

Posted by feww on February 2, 2010

Air New Zealand Plane Rejects Takeoff at High Speed

The 309 frightened passengers and crew lucky to escape with only emotional injuries

An Air New Zealand flight NZ-90 flying from Japan’s Narita Airport to Auckland, New Zealand, with 296 passengers and 13 crew onboard, rejected takeoff on Sunday.

Two hundred and fifty-seven people were violently killed when Air New Zealand flight TE901, a DC-10 aircraft, crashed into Mt Erebus in Antarctica during a sightseeing flight on November 28, 1979.
The plane took off from Auckland airport at 08:20 on 28 November, on an 11-hour turnaround sightseeing flight. But it crashed into the side of Mt. Erebus at 12:49, killing all aboardThe real cause of the crash is still a mystery/well-guarded secret.

The Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200 rejected takeoff from runway 34L at high speed. The incident occurred Sunday night local time Japan.

Emergency services avoided a possible tragedy by taking prompt action spraying the wheels and overheated brakes to stop the smoking tires from catching fire.

“The airport reported, that all 12 main gear tyres deflated due to the brakes overheat. The runway had to be closed for about 30 minutes.” Aviation Herald said.

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  2. feww said

    Tyres burst as Air NZ aborts takeoff
    Twelve tyres on a packed Air New Zealand international flight burst after a takeoff was urgently aborted.

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