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U.S. power plant explosion kills 50*

Posted by feww on February 8, 2010

Nature Defaults on Supplying Man-made Power, Again?

*Up to 50 feared dead  with ‘bodies everywhere’ as Connecticut power plant explodes

The explosion leaves another 250 workers injured, with at least four of them in critical condition.

An aerial view of the Kleen Energy Systems plant, where an explosion may have killed up to 50 people, injuring another 250 others. Photo: AP/Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.

The blast occurred at a gas-fired power station in Middletown, Connecticut. At least 5 people were confirmed dead, but a spokesman at Middletown’s Middlesex hospital, said: “The reports vary from a few, several, to possibly as many as 50 dead.

“They are in the process of search and rescue.”

The shock wave caused by the explosion at the plant, located on the Connecticut River, was felt about 50km (~30 miles) away, according to various reports quoting witnesses, and was initially thought to be an earthquake. One witness said he could see “bodies everywhere,” while others said more victims could be buried in rubble.

The new 620Mw gas-fired power plant in Middletown would have been one of the largest in Connecticut, due to go online on June 1. The college town of Middletown is about 50km (30 miles) south of Connecticut state capital, Hartford.

In Murphy’s law has no time vector! posted on November 12, 2009, Fire-Earth moderators said:

The US, EU countries, China, Japan and other energy dinosaurs WILL experience similar disruptions…

And the Moderators amended Murphy’s Law:

If more things can go wrong they will go wrong about now!

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  2. […] U.S. power plant explosion kills 50* […]

  3. […] U.S. power plant explosion kills 50* […]

  4. […] U.S. power plant explosion kills 50* […]

  5. […] U.S. power plant explosion kills 50* […]

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