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Calif Rainstorm, Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm Update

Posted by feww on February 10, 2010

Southern California Buffeted by another Major Rainstorm

Another powerful rainstorm buffeted Southern California yesterday afternoon local time triggering flash-flood warnings and more evacuations in the Sierra Madre area.

The storm was accompanied by lightening, thunder storms,  snow and hail and in both the Cajon Pass and the Grapevine. “The snow level was expected to drop below 4,000 feet this evening.” LA Times reported.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash-flood warning for foothill areas scorthched in the Station fire. NWS was reported as saying that “trained weather spotters had recorded very heavy rainfall and hail around La Cañada Flintridge.”

More mudslide in the foothill communities are expected.

National Weather Service Radar Mosaic Loop. Pacific Southwest Sector

Click image to enlarge.

Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm Update

  • The second blizzard in less than a week has struck the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.
  • Snowfall intensity is increasing
  • Up to 41cm (16 inches) of snow expected in the region.
  • Federal government offices are closed Wednesday, the third day this week.
  • No bus services in the Washington DC area.
  • Only limited Metrorail system (underground) trains will operate on Wednesday.
  • Airlines in th eregion have grounded all flight for 24 hours.
  • Philadelphia region is set to break its record for winter snow of  166.4cm (65.5) which was set in winter 1995-96. The region has so far received 143cm (56.2 inches) and is expecting up to  46cm (18 inches) by Wednesday night.
  • The storm pushed into New York metropolitan area, prompting the Mayor to  close the schools on Wednesday.
  • As of posting, public schools in all major cities along the Eastern Seaboard including Baltimore and Maryland to Boston and Philadelphia have also closed.
  • Metro Area Winter Storm Warning for Wednesday [map]

National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Mosaic. Northeast sector.

Click image to enlarge.

Image of the Day:

Knock, Knock! Who is there?

It’s Mud, Mudslide making a forceful entry! A resident carts away mud out of a home on Manistee Drive, one of the streets hardest hit by Saturday’s early-morning mudslides. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / February 8, 2010). Image may be subject to copyright.

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